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Doctors in West Palm Beach Who Treat Low Testosterone Levels

Doctors in West Palm Beach Who Treat Low Testosterone Levels

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) doctors know that if you ask any man dealing with Low T what is the biggest problem that he is facing as a result of declining testosterone levels, the responses may vary greatly. Comments such as decreased sex drive, lack of energy, poor memory and mental functions, reduced lean muscle mass, joint pains and stiffness resulting from a decline in bone density, weight gain, hair loss, and depression are often mentioned. Kingsberg Medical’s doctors in West Palm Beach who treat low testosterone levels provide superior benefits to those men (and women) who are diagnosed with Low T following detailed blood testing. The analysis of various blood panels is the only way an HRT specialist can diagnose a drop in hormone production, even though all the signs may point to that condition. There are many different medical maladies and hormone deficiencies that have similar symptoms and it is essential to rule out other health issues and verify the right concern in order to provide the best type of treatment. Bioidentical testosterone therapy is essentially a way of raising the amount of this chemical in the body back to its optimum state with a scientifically produced supplementation that is identical in structure to the naturally occurring hormone in the body. When prescribed and used under the care and supervision of experienced doctors in West Palm Beach who treat low testosterone levels, this treatment can reverse the unwanted symptoms that have affected how a person can go through life. The decline in drive, productivity, and happiness that often accompanies this condition can be replaced by improved performance, passion, and enjoyment.

The Symptoms Low Testosterone Doctors Look For

Although most people automatically assume it is only men who require treatment for Low T to counteract their symptoms, women are now also receiving or in need of this therapy, as well. While many of the symptoms low testosterone doctors look for in the body as a result of this hormonal imbalance are gender neutral, there are some in particular that can be associated with only males or females. These are the ones that pertain to sexuality in as much as men often find that erectile dysfunction is an issue and women experience vaginal dryness that leads to painful intercourse. Everyone may notice difficulty with focus and memory, hair loss, weight gain, a decline in lean muscle tone and mass, poor sleep patterns, and decreased bone density. Mood changes, depression, anger, frustration, and social isolation are all possible. A decrease in energy is often one of the first things our doctors in West Palm Beach who treat low testosterone levels hear about. This can run the gamut from getting tired mid-afternoon to having difficulty sleeping and spending every day walking around in a fog from increased fatigue. Some people worry about falling asleep at the wheel of their car. This also affects stamina and endurance in all areas of physical performance. A person will no longer be able to exercise with the intensity he or she had in the past. Men may find that they cannot maintain an erection as long as they did in their younger days. While we are on this subject, erectile dysfunction is typically a warning sign that many men may notice when these levels decline. They typically contact our doctors in West Palm Beach who treat low testosterone levels with concerns about decreased desire, difficulties achieving arousal, loss of the morning erection, and even an inability to achieve climax. Although these issues affect only men, women also have certain warning signs along the same lines, especially during menopause, when the drop in testosterone production in a woman’s body is more pronounced. Vaginal dryness, a decrease in desire, painful intercourse, and a reduction in the sensation of pleasure all go together when female Low T is present. These are the reasons why it is crucial to get the proper help for this condition as soon as there are suspicions that something is amiss.  

Find Doctors Who Treat Low Testosterone

Before a person ventures out into the arena of trying to find doctors who treat low testosterone, the first step in this process is obviously going to be identifying that there is some type of problem in the body. Considering the long list of possible symptoms, it is awfully hard to miss that something has changed. It is easy to overlook some of these concerns in the beginning, especially when there are underlying issues such as business stress, loss or health issues with a loved one, relationship problems, or other outside stressors adding to the situation. It is easy to blame lack of sleep on work-related issues that never seem to leave the mind. The sooner that a person realizes that he or she needs to seek help, the sooner that he or she can contact our doctors in West Palm Beach who treat low testosterone levels. Kingsberg Medical is a national hormone replacement therapy clinic helping men and women deal with the changes that take place in their bodies when certain chemical levels decline in natural production. One of the biggest differences between us and local HRT centers is the fact that we will speak with our clients by phone, rather than by conducting expensive office visits. This saves an individual quite a bit of time and money throughout the course of the treatment period. It also provides for a higher level of confidentiality since there is no risk of being seen entering or exiting a clinic or pharmacy. Our doctors in West Palm Beach who treat low testosterone levels are happy to provide complimentary consultations to anyone looking to learn more about how hormone replacement therapy can help in his or her life.

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