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Growth Hormone Deficiency Lab Test in West Palm Beach FL

Lab Test For Growth Hormone Deficiency In West Palm Beach FL

If a person is deficient in growth hormone, they are treated with HGH injections to replace the missing natural compound. Balancing this is a precise science, and requires accurate measurement of a person’s levels before any prescription HGH can be introduced to the bloodstream.

It is the growth hormone deficiency lab test in West Palm Beach FL that is what first acknowledges a person’s need for medical treatment and then guides the physician in his assessment of the exact dose amount of HGH needed that will restore hormonal balance without tipping the scales in the other direction.

A deficiency will slow the rate of cellular metabolism and cell regeneration; this impacts how well most of the body’s physical and mental operations perform. Basically, when cellular function slows, so does the body.

The deficiency will show itself in a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in West Palm Beach FL and with the following symptoms:

  • Lack of energy
  • Constant fatigue requiring naps
  • Sleep issues like insomnia and nighttime disturbances
  • Lack of strong immune function
  • Incapacity to exercise
  • Longer periods of recovery, from injury, exercise and illness
  • Undesirable blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Unexplainable weight gain
  • Lack of lean muscle mass
  • Weaker bones
  • Impaired vision and hearing
  • Loose, dry, wrinkled skin
  • Hair loss
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Slower cognition
  • Poor joint health.

Proper use of HGH injectable medication will reverse these symptoms, erase any damage caused, and restore natural, optimal function.

The lab test for growth hormone deficiency in West Palm Beach FL measures the amount of available growth hormone, letting the physician know if the person’s body is functioning with an adequate supply.

Different Methods of Measuring Growth Hormone in the Blood

Growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland of the brain and released in bursts over the course of the day in varying amounts. It is produced at its most during the deepest stages of sleep and then during periods of exercise or physical exertion.

Because it is not produced in a steady amount and does not remain for too long in the blood, it is impossible to just take one blood sample and know how much GH is there, so physicians needed to find a back door way to get an accurate count.

Two options of lab test for growth hormone deficiency in West Palm Beach FL involve injecting a substance like insulin or arginine into the blood to manipulate either the stimulation or suppression of growth hormone and taking multiple blood samples before and after the introduction of the substance to get an average amount.  Not only are these tests long and involved, they may not be accurate if the patient has a specific preexisting medical condition or is taking a certain medication that would interfere with the body’s reception of the substance.

The test that is least intrusive, most accurate, and favorite of the majority of our specialists is the test that measures Insulin-like growth factor 1. IGF-1 is secreted by the liver as a response to the presence of growth hormone; it remains in the blood constantly, and its secreted amounts are comparable to the amount of GH.

This IGF-1 test is the preferred lab test for growth hormone deficiency in West Palm Beach FL by the physicians at Kingsberg Medical, however there may be certain aspects of a patient’s health condition that may cause the choosing of one of the other tests. Our physicians take the testing of the patient very seriously and will take care to ensure that their readings are accurate.

The Benefits of Properly Dosing Treatment of a Growth Hormone Deficiency

Hormone replacement therapy is exactly what it sounds like: replacement therapy, the use of lab-created hormones to replace what the body is no longer making. It is not a medication that fights anything in or adds any special qualities to the system; it restores optimal function, giving the body back its ability to maintain itself optimally, the way it did before the hormonal decline.

The first thing determined by the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in West Palm Beach FL is whether or not the GH levels are considered low enough to require medical intervention with HGH injections.

Afterwards, these measurements assist the doctor in evaluating what amount needs to be added to bring the measurements back up to where they should be. Blood test results are taken into account with the patient’s sex, age, weight, lifestyle, physical condition, past medical history, and list of any and all medications being taken.

Each patient is treated uniquely. There is no set standard dose schedule for people of the same age, weight or gender. Chemical makeup is as different as fingerprints; no two people have the exact same body chemistry.

Individual chemical differences are what make the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in West Palm Beach FL so necessary for accurate diagnosing. People can share the same set of symptoms, but not the same level of deficiency or the same amount needed for full replenishment.

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How Does One Qualify for Treatment with HGH?

HGH treatment is not the addition of anything new to the body system to enhance normal function; it is the replacement of what should already be there to restore normal system function. This is what these injections are legally indicated for use for, and can only be prescribed for this purpose. It is the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in West Palm Beach FL that determines whether or not a person qualifies for treatment.

Professional athletes and body builders will not be provided medication; the type of treatment they are looking for is extra enhancement above and beyond normal function as a competitive edge in their sport, and with the attention they put on their physical health, a clinical deficiency is unlikely. This type of use is illegal over-use and abuse. Kingsberg Medical does not participate in prescribing HGH for athletic enhancement of any kind; prescribing HGH for this reason is both unethical and unsafe. Kingsberg Medical is a legitimate medical establishment that works to improve the lives of older adults with therapeutic programs designed to maintain overall health as each person ages, while preventing the many age-related diseases of decline.

If the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in West Palm Beach FL indicates that a person’s levels of natural growth hormone have gone down too low to provide optimal body function, a prescription for HGH can be written.