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What is HGH?

What Is HGH

The question becoming routine table conversation these days is what is HGH? There was a time, not too long ago, when this subject rarely came up because nobody knew about the amazing benefits of human growth hormone therapy. Back then, Florida residents had to suffer from problems that were typically blamed on aging much in the same way Americans across the US dealt with the situation. Thankfully, that has all changed. Doctors are beginning to see the light, so to speak, in regards to what happens as the human body ages. Many of the so-called breakdowns that we see on a regular basis are actually caused by chemical declines in the body known as hormone deficiencies. The most common one being discussed and heralded today is somatotropin – growth hormone (GH) deficiency. It is this condition that is behind the question what is HGH. When a chemical messenger such as this begins to decrease in production, any of the functions that it controls or signals will see a reduction in performance or ability. Providing the necessary boost, by way of biologically identical supplementation will fill in the gap, allowing for rejuvenation to occur. In this case, the process involves using somatropin – or in other words, HGH human growth hormone injections that are prescribed following complete blood testing. This bioidentical medication allows the body to incorporate this therapy naturally as soon as it is introduced via subcutaneous methods. It goes immediately to work sending the same signals as GH to all the various receptor cells that await this message.

How Does HGH Work?

How does HGH work to reverse the changes that have already taken place? The best way to show this process is by discussing the signs of this deficiency one at a time, and then what human growth hormone injections will accomplish.

  • Let’s start with the muscular system of the body. Lean muscle tissue requires specific cells for different areas of its makeup. Because the majority of the cells in the body die off at one time or another, and require replacement, a steady new supply is always necessary. The signals to regenerate come from two particular chemicals – growth hormone and Insulin Growth Factor 1. IGF-1, as it is also called, is secreted as part of a direct response to the amount of GH that is received by the liver. If the supply is low, the liver will reduce the amount of IGF-1 it produces, resulting in a decrease in cell regeneration. Lean muscle mass is then reduced. HGH therapy increases the amount of GH going to the liver, in turn increasing the actual secretion of Insulin Growth Factor 1. Cells reproduce, and lean muscle mass is increased. Flexibility and structural support are improved.

The next area we will look at in regards to how does HGH work is the skeletal system.

  • A process called bone remodeling occurs throughout the course of one’s lifetime. This is where old bone cells are reabsorbed, and new ones are required to take their place. Just as with the muscles above, if a growth hormone deficiency is present, the body will not supply enough new cells to maintain the integrity of the skeletal system. This contributes to the development of osteoporosis when bone density decreases. Introducing bioidentical HGH into the body allows for the bones to become stronger as new cells are produced. This decreases the risk of fractures in later years. Joint pains and stiffness are reduced as a result of receiving this medically necessary treatment.

What is HGH Therapy?

What is HGH therapy used for in addition to the above-mentioned concerns? Another serious area of concern is fatigue. This will actually include some other areas that are commingled into this topic.

  • In order for a person to have energy, they require a few basic things – sleep and nutrition. It is often said that eight hours of sleep a night is ideal. Why is that? Half of all GH that the body produces is secreted during the period of slow-wave sleep. If there is not enough of this taking place at night, the level of growth hormone delivered into the bloodstream for immediate use will decrease. This crucial chemical provides energy for the body. Those with this deficiency often report difficulties with insomnia or poor sleep, adding to the problem. Weight gain, decreased concentration, automobile accidents, on the job injuries, and more are attributed to lack of adequate rest at night. People receiving HGH injections report improved sleep within a few weeks after starting their treatment.

Now let’s discuss the other vital component of nutrition, and how it plays a role in what is HGH therapy used for by someone with this decline.

  • When food is consumed, the metabolism processes it and converts it into fuel. These proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats) are utilized to maintain endurance and stamina throughout the day. Growth hormone sends signals to the metabolism to fulfill these obligations. When those signals are reduced, food that is consumed is not always converted into fuel. Instead, it becomes stored fat. Less fuel = less energy = weight gain. HGH injections kick-start the metabolic processes allowing for both the channeling of food into fuel, as well as the conversion of stored fat into fuel ready to be burned. A person will have more energy, increased stamina, and begin to lose weight without any dietary changes.

What is HGH Treatment?

What is HGH treatment used for in terms of physical appearance? Many people have heard about the restorative powers of this bioidentical therapy. Let’s go ahead and examine that is more detail one symptom at a time.

  • The hair is one of the first outward areas to show signs of aging. The question here is actually what is causing these changes. Hair color is created when pigment cells produce melanin in the follicle. When cellular reproduction is decreased during GH deficiency, pigment cells that die are not replaced, and hair turns to grey. Living cells also divide and grow inside the bulb to build the hair shaft. When a shortage of new cells is present, thinning hair can be seen. In some cases, new hairs will not be formed to replace those which have fallen out. HGH treatment has been shown to help thicken hair. In many cases, regrowth in areas where there has been a loss has been seen. Many people even report a return of their natural color after approximately 6 months of injections.

When examining what is HGH treatment beneficial for, in terms of outward appearance, the next thing that comes to mind is the body’s largest organ – the skin.

  • The structure of the skin consists of many different layers of cells, including one of the most crucial – collagen. This is the substance that keeps wrinkles and sagging far away. As cellular regeneration declines, the production of collagen also begins to decrease. In addition to the dreaded crow’s feet, unwanted fine lines, unacceptable wrinkles, and undesirable sagging that naturally occur, the skin will become thinner over an extended period of time. HGH injections supply the boost needed to increase collagen production, firming, tightening, and thickening the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Where Growth Hormone is Produced

It is interesting to learn where growth hormone is produced. The tiny little pituitary gland, the body’s own “master gland,” carries quite a load when it comes to maintaining healthfulness and well-being. It is here, in the somatotropic cells in the anterior portion of this gland that the substance known as somatotropin is produced and secreted. Since so many of the crucial chemical messengers in the body interact with one another or signal production of other such hormones, it is essential to stop problems as soon as they occur or are noticed. This is the case in how the amount of GH then controls the amount of Insulin Growth Factor 1 that is secreted by the liver. While it may seem important to some to learn where growth hormone is produced, the most important thing here is learning what can be done to ensure that enough of this crucial chemical is present in the body to maintain adequate functions. We have already seen how lack of sleep can slow the secretion of this substance. Vigorous exercise during the day will increase the pulsatile bursts of GH. Consuming a diet of healthy foods and limiting stress will also go a long way in providing benefits needed by the pituitary gland to carry out its functions. Unfortunately, most people who are already dealing with a deficiency severe enough to cause symptoms will need to do more than just make lifestyle changes. They will need HGH therapy to bridge the gap caused by this chemical decline.

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What Is HGH Deficiency?

It is clear that when asking, what is HGH deficiency, the answer consists of many layers of changes that can occur in the body. So far, we have examined some that have to do with a decrease in cellular regeneration. The appearance of cellulite can often be blamed upon this decline. This can also affect how well the internal organs maintain their size and performance over time. Organ shrinkage is a direct result of low growth hormone levels. Eyesight is also affected by this change as certain areas here also need new cells to maintain their structure and performance. Brittle nails that break and chip are also a result of low GH levels. What is HGH deficiency going to do to a person emotionally? Just reading about all the possible changes that can occur when this condition is present is enough to cause emotional distress. It should be no surprise at this point that many people report feelings of depression, moodiness, unease, isolation, and have a bleak outlook for their future. In fact, some claim they no longer go out with friends or participate in activities that they used to derive pleasure from as a result of these changes. Considering the fact that this hormonal imbalance can actually begin as early as thirty years of age, the future can easily encompass five or six decades. That can be a long time to live in this state of being.

What is Growth Hormone Prescribed For?

Adults in Florida who ask what is growth hormone prescribed for are able to understand the consequences of this deficiency when presented with the information on this page. As disconcerting as the symptoms mentioned so far may be, we have still yet to scratch the surface of what possible problems could occur when the body no longer has the amount of GH that it needs. HGH therapy also has incredible benefits for brain health, as shown in the next paragraph.

  • As hormones are released into the bloodstream, they go in search of their own specific receptor cells to provide their vital input and signals. Growth hormone has these receptors in many places, including the brain. They are especially dense in the areas that control learning and retention capabilities along with memory recall. Not only are concentration and focus affected by this chemical decline, but the ability to process and store new information is also decreased. Perhaps the scariest part of this scenario is the fact that the ability to recall information and memories already stored away is decreased. This brings about fears of the development of dementia in future years. HGH injections provide the required signals to improve cognitive functions across the spectrum.

Asking what is growth hormone prescribed for certainly brings up many crucial issues. Not only is brain health vital, so is overall well-being. That brings us to the next topic:

  • Maintaining a healthy functioning immune system is crucial to keeping the body working properly. Those with GH deficiency often find themselves catching every germ or bug that comes around. Not only is susceptibility to illness a part of this problem, longer than normal recovery times are also noted. This even includes the healing of wounds and injuries. Getting better takes longer than it should. HGH therapy improves overall immune system functions and decreases recuperation times. This can put a person back on their feet and in the middle of all the action sooner rather than later.

What are Benefits and Side Effects of HGH?

What are benefits and side effects of HGH in addition to what has already been mentioned? Are there still other areas that will reap rewards when treatment begins? There are still other things to discuss, and the next one is one of the most important for many people.

  • Another problem that can arise when low growth hormone levels are present is decreased sexual desire and performance. This affects both women and men, and can destroy a relationship. The spectrum can range from lack of desire to decreased arousal to erectile dysfunction in men and even vaginal dryness in women. Females may find intercourse painful as a result of these changes, and both genders often report decreased pleasure. Most people who receive human growth hormone therapy rave about the changes in this area in regards to passion and romance.

There are other positive things to mention when answering the question what are benefits and side effects of HGH. Lower cholesterol levels, improved liver uptake of glucose, stronger heart functions, and improved vitality are all seen across the board for those receiving this treatment. In regards to negative side effects; this will typically only occur in those who try to take this medication when it is not needed, or are receiving a dosage that is too high for their needs. That is why it is crucial to work with an expert in the field of hormone replacement therapy for adults. That is the only way to ensure that the proper treatment is prescribed and received.

What Does HGH Do to Adults?

What does HGH do to adults who are prescribed this medication? For the most part, the many benefits have been covered in each section above. Florida residents report increased energy and stamina, improved performance at work thanks to increased levels of concentration, stronger drive to get the job done, and overall feelings of well-being. In extreme cases, a person with this deficiency may find that joint pains and stiffness can make it difficult to continue with his or her daily routine. Overwhelming fatigue can actually make one bed-ridden if not corrected. Forgetfulness can lead to an inability to care for oneself. Fractures can take away independence. These may seem like extremes, but imagine what will happen over a long period of time if this condition goes undiagnosed and untreated. What does HGH do to adults throughout Florida and the rest of the country? It restores vitality, improves immunity, provides overwhelming benefits to one’s love life, and helps to lower bad LDL cholesterol levels. Human growth hormone injections tighten skin and improve overall hair texture, effectively helping an individual to appear ten to twenty years younger. Those interested in outdoor activities such as tennis, swimming, diving, golf, running, snorkeling, bicycling, surfing, basketball, baseball, soccer, and more will once again be enjoying the great outdoors right here in the Sunshine State. With so much to do, there is no reason to waste away sitting on the couch with a remote in hand.

What Kind of HGH is the Best?

We are often asked what kind of HGH is the best. Many people walking the aisles of health food and vitamin stores see products claiming to be human growth hormones on the shelves. These are often sold in the form of pills, drops, sprays, or even patches. They all have one thing in common – they do not contain any real HGH as that is only available in the form of an injection and requires a doctor’s prescription. Closer examination of these products will often show that they do not contain any real HGH. These are homeopathic or supplemental items made up of a blend of various amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Their properties would be destroyed by the natural digestive processes in the body before they could even do any good. When asking what kind of HGH is the best, it is clear that receiving prescription, bioidentical medication that has been ordered by an expert in the field would be the best option. This would bring immediate and long-lasting benefits without any risk. Products such as these should never be purchased through the black market on websites of companies located in other countries. This is both illegal and dangerous. There are no guarantees in regards to what is being shipped, and the medication could even be confiscated upon entry into this country. Working with a US doctor and receiving human growth hormone injections direct from a licensed US pharmacy is the only way to ensure the proper treatment is being used.

What is the Cost of HGH Replacement Therapy?

What is the cost of HGH replacement therapy? There are a few factors that determine the answer to this question. First of all, a person must be diagnosed by a doctor specializing in hormone replacement. This requires a blood test and physical examination. Once this has all been accomplished, the doctor will determine if the deficiency is present, and if so, to what extent of severity it is. Then, using that information in combination with age, height, weight, gender, and symptom severity, the specialist will be able to determine the best dosage for the individual. Once this has been ascertained, that information will be provided to the clinical advisor who will determine which products will meet the dosing requirements. The next step in determining what is the cost of HGH replacement therapy is the comparison of brands and injectable options. We offer the top quality brands of HGH including Humatrope, Saizen, Norditropin, Genotropin, and Omnitrope. Each of these offers their medication in a number of different delivery styles, ranging from standard vials and syringes to the latest convenient injector pens that operate with a click. Pricing for each brand and delivery system is different, and dosage also plays a role in determining the price. The advisor will discuss all applicable options to help each person make the decision that is best for their own needs. The medication will then be shipped direct from a fully licensed and regulated US pharmacy.

What HGH Can Do For You?

Are you wondering what HGH can do for you? The answer lies in the current state of health and symptoms that each person is experiencing. Upon reading this page, it will become clear how growth hormone deficiency may be affecting you. Make a list of current symptoms and their severity. Once that is done, pick up the phone and call one of our clinical advisors here at Kingsberg Medical to discuss the situation. We are happy to answer any and all questions. Not only are we here for those living in Florida, but we can help anyone, anywhere in the United States. Our goal is to put an end to the sometimes debilitating effects of GH deficiency so that everyone can lead a happy and productive life no matter what his or her age. To learn what HGH can do for you, just pick up the phone and make that call. That is all it takes. Discover what so many others have or are learning already.