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What is Low Testosterone?

What Is Low Testosterone

What is low testosterone? Low T, as it is often referred by, means that the body is not producing as much testosterone as it needs in order to maintain proper and adequate functioning in a variety of different areas. This is measured in nanograms per deciliter. The big problem with this is that there is no set agreement in the medical community as to what numbers to use for the normal range. Each lab has their own in-house determined set of standards that they go by. Many in the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) field use the standards as set by the Mayo Clinic as a guideline. Although a person may still fall into the “normal” range, if he or she is at the lower end and exhibiting symptoms, most HRT specialists will take this into consideration when determining if a diagnosis of Low T is accurate. What is low testosterone considered to be, in regards to the normal range for a healthy adult man? As also shown by Harvard Health Publications, the normal level is viewed as falling between the 270 ng/dl and 1,070 ng/dl. That clearly leaves quite a large span in which anything falling below 400 ng/dl could affect some men adversely. The normal range for a healthy adult female is 15 ng/dl to 70 ng/dl. After the age of thirty, men can expect a drop in production of testosterone of about 1% each year. While that may not seem like much in the beginning, it can add up over the course of twenty or thirty years, creating problems in many areas.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

What causes low testosterone in seemingly healthy adults? First of all, it is important to understand how certain specific hormones in the body work over the years. During puberty, the brain releases GnRH – gonadotropin-releasing hormone that stimulates the pituitary gland into releasing LH – luteinizing hormone and FSH – follicle-stimulating hormone. These two chemicals messengers will then go to the testes in boys to stimulate the production of testosterone and sperm. In girls, the ovaries will respond by producing estrogen. GH – growth hormone is also secreted from the pituitary gland in increasing amounts to help with body maturation and the reaching of the adult height. Once a person reaches his or her twenties, it is natural for the secretion of some of these substances to level off. Since they all do still have roles to play throughout one’s life, it is crucial that the production does continue. So, what causes low testosterone after the age of thirty? By this time of life, GH and testosterone begin to decrease. Many people never have any issues with this decline. They continue to go about their daily business as if nothing has changed below the surface of their skin. Others begin to show signs often associated with aging, that may actually be attributed to this decline. There are pages on this website devoted to the subject of growth hormone deficiency, so that will not be covered here. In some cases, illness or injury can create a bigger decline than normal. Poor dietary choices and lack of exercise can also lead to further decrease in testosterone production. There are times when we cannot put a finger on the precise cause of why a person may experience a severe drop in the secretion of this vital chemical, but what we do know is that there is help to restore the necessary balance in the body.

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

What are the symptoms of low testosterone that people living in Florida can be on the lookout for in their own lives? Changes in sleep quality and patterns are a common occurrence in those dealing with Low T. This can take the form of insomnia, restlessness, sleep apnea (more on that after), and decreased quantity and quality of sleep. Decreased energy and fatigue are also common. Since testosterone does play a role in the maintenance of bones and muscles, a reduction in bone density and muscle mass and tone can be seen. This can also affect the overall strength and structural integrity of the body. Testosterone also has an effect on brain functions, and decreased memory, focus, and cognitive abilities are often reported by those with this deficiency. What are the symptoms of low testosterone on an emotional level? Depression is often found in people with extremely decreased hormonal production in this area. They often report lacking self-confidence or motivation. Reduced drive can put livelihood and employment in jeopardy. Many people with an extreme deficiency can often isolate themselves from others. Quality of life begins to suffer, and will continue to worsen as the deficiency level continues to grow. Metabolic functions are reduced leading to the accumulation of belly fat. Weight gain can lead to obesity, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease (which is often accompanied by Low T). Sexual health will be covered in the next two sections., as we will look at each gender separately.

Symptoms of Low T in Men

It is often thought that the problems attributed to sexual decline are among the first symptoms of Low T in men that are recognizable. This can happen gradually over a long period of time, or it can come on fairly sudden. Each man will react to this deficiency in his own way. It may begin with an increase in time needed to achieve an erection. Arousal and desire may start to wane. Although a man may still find his partner extremely desirable, his body may not react in the same way. Of course, this can lead to conflict in a relationship, especially if the situation is not openly discussed. Thoughts of infidelity can lead to deeper problems if a man is not forthcoming about the problems he is experiencing. Among the other symptoms of Low T in men in this area, we find the loss of the morning erection. Once a relied upon staple of everyday existence, its absence can have an effect on a man’s self-esteem. For those who can still manage to attain an erection, maintaining it for an extended period of time may become an issue. Orgasms often seem to lose their power, creating a decrease in pleasure. These are all areas of serious concern for most men and need to be addressed. Although there are some who are fine with having no sex life at all, it is crucial to remember that testosterone is also vital for the functions listed in the previous section. These symptoms should serve as a warning sign that blood testing is necessary in order to determine if Low T is an issue that requires treatment.

Women’s Low Testosterone Symptoms

As we examine women’s low testosterone symptoms, we typically focus on a specific time in life – menopause. Until this point, Low T traditionally does not cause any problems. It is also essential to point out that natural aging is not the only thing that can bring about this change. Hysterectomy, cancer, and certain other illnesses and injuries can also cause a woman to start to experience signs of menopause. Some women will even begin to deal with these symptoms years before as part of their pre-menopause changes. There is no way to predict who will or will not be saddled with intense hot flashes, wild mood swings, depressing weight gain, stressful memory concerns, and unbearable night sweats soaking the bed. Long thought to be caused by dropping estrogen levels, blood testing is now showing that these can often be attributed to women’s low testosterone symptoms. On the sexual front, vaginal dryness can have a negative impact on physical relations. This can make sex extremely painful and uncomfortable for a woman. At first, this change may not be clearly understood by either party. When it is realized that this is a concern, it is important to share what is occurring with a partner so that they do not feel as though they are the problem. While there are a number of creams, gels, and oils that can be used to increase pleasure, testosterone treatment will help to reverse the situation. On top of that, most females report that they have never felt more desirous of sex then when their testosterone levels have been safely raised back to their proper state. Increased pleasure and performance certainly do go hand in hand.

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Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

By understanding the signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels, it is easy to determine if testing for this condition is advisable, or if efforts should be put in another direction. It is also important to understand what are considered to be normal changes due to aging, or if the present symptoms can be attributed to hypogonadism, a condition that occurs when the sex glands do not produce enough of their hormones. It is through the use of certain specific blood tests that doctors who specialize in hormone replacement can make these determinations. It is impossible to diagnose a deficiency such as this without blood analysis. When the test results do show Low T as being a problem, treatment can reverse the situation. Once again, the key signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels, other than sexual decline, include decreased energy and stamina, loss of lean muscle mass, insomnia or poor sleep, weight gain, decreased bone density, memory loss, cognitive impairment, poor focus and concentration, and depression and mood changes. Anemia, due to a decrease in red blood cell production is also common. Isolation, poor self-image, and reduced drive and performance in all areas of life are also seen. If it seems as though these issues would have serious consequences as they build up over time, that is certainly true. That is why it is crucial to seek out the help and expertise of a specialist in the HRT field.

Doctors that Treat Low Testosterone Levels

It is not hard to find doctors that treat low testosterone levels in Florida. Unlike many years ago when a person would have to head to a city the size of Miami or Orlando for care, anyone living in any part of the state can now find the help they need simply by conducting a search on his or her cell phone, tablet, or computer. It is crucial to be careful during this search, however, as many of the results that appear online are not what they seem. If a website speaks about bodybuilding and muscle size enhancement, that is not a medical clinic. The use of testosterone for athletics and bodybuilding is illegal and dangerous. Legitimate doctors will not get involved or advertise their treatments for these purposes. Doctors that treat low testosterone levels are medical practitioners that understand the changes that the body will go through if it is not receiving everything it needs to function properly. They will prescribe precisely what is needed to restore balance carefully so that no adverse reactions are experienced. All the necessary medical tests will be ordered before any type of diagnosis is made, and treatment is provided. Clinics can be found both locally, and nationally, such as with us, Kingsberg Medical. We provide a safe and caring environment for men and women to receive the hormone replacement therapy they require.

Where to Get Tested for Low Testosterone

We are often asked where to get tested for low testosterone. If any confusion arises over this, it is because of the difference in types of clinics that are available for hormone deficiency needs. In –house local clinics often require their staff to draw the blood of their clients. They then send these specimens out to a local lab to be tested. The doctor in the location will also conduct a physical examination of the client, even if one has recently visited their own physician for this purpose. Of course, charges will be assessed for all of the above. When the time comes for the results, another office visit will be required and charged. Follow-up appointments, at the discretion of the prescribing doctor, will also be determined. Not only can this get costly, it will require quite a bit of time away from work or family life. At Kingsberg Medical, we make it easy for those wondering where to get tested for low testosterone. Since all of our consultations with our clients are held over the telephone, there is no need to worry about costly office visits that need to be fit into a schedule. Blood testing takes place at a local laboratory, and our advisors pre-arrange an appointment for this to minimize wait time. If a physical exam has been done with another physician over the past few months, those results can be forwarded by that office directly to our clinic. Otherwise, each client is free to choose any doctor for this step. Our advisors can offer recommendations for those who do not have primary care practitioners they can see.

What Do Doctors Prescribe for Low Testosterone Levels?

What do doctors prescribe for low testosterone levels if a diagnosis of Low T is made? This is where there is a difference between men and women. It is clear to see that the production levels vary dramatically between the genders. For that reason, the type of treatment prescribed will also vary. We will discuss women’s needs in the next section. There are three types of testosterone injections that are prescribed for men:

  1. Testosterone cypionate – the longest lasting form of this medication which continues to work in the body for seven days.
  2. Testosterone propionate – the shortest lasting type that acts the fastest and is consumed by the body within a 48 hour time period.
  3. Testosterone enanthate – a treatment that will work for up to four days.

What do doctors prescribe for low testosterone levels if there are different types to choose from? The majority of men will be prescribed testosterone cypionate for their needs. In some instances, a combination approach may be required in the beginning if the condition is so severe that the doctor determines that this is necessary. Also, men who require long-term treatment may need a mixed approach if their receptors have built up a tolerance to their current therapy. Since only an expert can make this determination, it is crucial to find the right specialist to arrange and supervise this course of treatment.

What is the Best Low Testosterone Treatment?

What is the best low testosterone treatment for women? As discussed, the needs of a woman are much lower than those of a man. Injections are rarely prescribed, and when they are, it is often due to the effects of treatment for a condition such as breast cancer. Unlike estrogen therapy which cannot be prescribed to women who have had or are at a greater risk for developing this disease, testosterone is a safe alternative. The majority of women are best served by using a testosterone cream. This can be compounded by a pharmacy in the precise dosage that the doctor orders. Those who require it may also be prescribed a compounded cream containing a blend of testosterone, estrogen, and progestin. When asking our medical advisors what is the best low testosterone treatment, women will discuss any other health concerns they have, and include them on the health history questionnaire that every client completes. This information will help the doctor prescribe the right form of treatment for each person. Unlike estrogen which often requires an entire arm for the application area, testosterone cream only uses a small spot, making it a safer alternative all around. This also reduces the risk of others coming into contact with the treated area. As always, we welcome any questions about this subject. Our knowledgeable and experienced medical advisors and doctors have helped thousands of people throughout the US put an end to their hormone deficiencies.

Cost of Treatment for Low Testosterone

It has probably already come to mind that the cost of treatment for low testosterone will often vary from person to person. With so many options and the individualized dosage requirements, it is impossible to give an actual price for this therapy here. What we can say is that by eliminating the need for lengthy office visits, we can keep our fees lower than most local clinics. We also offer a wide range of treatment options to help meet the needs of different budgets. Finally, because our advisors are not being rushed into another room to meet with another client, they can take the time to help determine an affordable option for each person. In our quest to keep the cost of treatment for low testosterone affordable for our clients, we promise never to sacrifice service or care. In fact, our level of customer service is what has our clients sending us referrals on a continuous basis. We treat people in Florida the same as we treat their relatives and friends in California or Georgia. No matter where in the US someone resides, we are here to help and provide the best hormone replacement therapy possible. Avoid websites that offer “bargains” or “discounts” that seem too good to be true. Purchase all medications safely from a clinic in the US that only works with licensed US pharmacies. That is how to be sure that the treatment being received is safe and legal.

How Do I Know If I Have Low Testosterone?

How do I know if I have low testosterone? If, after reading this article, more information is needed, there are many other pages on this website to read. At the bottom of this page we have a link to our sitemap, which will route directly to a listing of all reports we have published. Of course, our advisors are always happy to take as much time as needed to speak one on one with each person to assess their specific concerns and needs. We can be reached via phone or email (completing the short form on this page) during regular business hours. After hours, please feel free to leave a message that will be returned as soon as we reopen. Instead of sitting there worrying how do I know if I have low testosterone, the time to get real answers is finally here.