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Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency

Treatment For Growth Hormone Deficiency

Why do adults need treatment for growth hormone deficiency? This frequently asked question is due to the misconception that this particular chemical imbalance happens only to children. The realization that an actual decline in the production of specific substances in the body can occur at any point in one’s life provides answers to many questions that people getting older in Florida are asking their doctors. Although many people will never have to give a second thought to or worry about this condition, the ones that do will benefit from learning all they can in order to maintain a healthy, and properly functioning body as they age. While the biggest hurdle children with this GH deficiency face is the inability to reach full adult height, grown-ups have it much worse. The reason for this is that, at this point, this chemical is no longer used for achieving growth; it is used for many more vital functions. The proper treatment for growth hormone deficiency will enable a person to ensure that the areas in the body that benefit from receiving an adequate supply of GH will continue to do so. This includes tissues, muscles, bones, metabolism, and cognitive abilities. In fact, there are so many different functions that benefit from this chemical it should not be surprising that it is often referred to as the “master hormone.” The people who can benefit from reading this report are those who are dealing with adult onset growth hormone deficiency as confirmed by a laboratory blood test. At Kingsberg Medical, we work with otherwise healthy adults that may be facing hormonal imbalances for the first time in their lives.

What is the Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency?

What is the treatment for growth hormone deficiency for adults residing in Florida? As with men and women throughout the US, there is only one course of action that can counteract the effects of a body that is no longer producing what it so desperately needs, and that is HGH injections. Those letters stand for human growth hormone, which is a biologically identical version of the same chemical that is regularly released into the bloodstream from the somatotropic cells that can be found in the anterior portion of the tiny pituitary gland at the base of the brain. When a medication is called bioidentical, it means that its formulation and makeup is the exact same as what it is replicating, in this case – growth hormone, also known as somatotropin. Those asking what is the treatment for growth hormone deficiency will be pleased to know that this medication has been proven extremely safe and very effective after decades of use and research, both in adolescents and adults. The caveat is that it must be prescribed by a knowledgeable physician that understands the science of raising hormone levels that have decreased, and only after blood test results show a verifiable decline in this production. These doctors are called hormone replacement specialists, and have focused the scope of their practice and their careers on ensuring that the adult population currently entering middle age and beyond can live out their lives with vitality, energy, enthusiasm, and passion. These are just some of the things that a shortage of this chemical messenger can take away, and the proper therapy can bring it all right back.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency Symptoms in Adults

Deciphering the human growth hormone deficiency symptoms in adults can be a little bit confusing because the same signs of low GH levels can also be warnings of other medical conditions. That is why blood analysis is used to pinpoint the problem. Many people also assume that they have to accept these changes as normal occurrences of aging. Even though it is natural to expect to see some wrinkles and gray hairs, that does not mean that it is happening for no reason at all. It is necessary to look at what else is going on in the body that can raise signs that it is something more. Take a look at the possible issues that could arise if low GH secretion is the problem.

  • Fatigue, lack of energy, and decreased stamina
  • Diminished sex drive, performance, and pleasure
  • Weight gain, especially belly fat
  • High cholesterol
  • Slow metabolism
  • Loss of lean muscle mass and tone
  • Gray and/or thinning hair, baldness
  • Osteoporosis, decreased bone density
  • Joint pains and stiffness
  • Mental “foggy” feeling, memory concerns, lack of focus
  • Poor sleep
  • Increased cellulite
  • Wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Decreased internal organ size and functions
  • Difficulty with night vision and reduced eyesight
  • Depression, mood swings, feelings of isolation
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Brittle nails
  • Decreased cardiac output

If a person is experiencing at least a few of the human growth hormone deficiency symptoms in adults listed above, then they owe it to themselves to be tested for this condition. As the production of this crucial chemical continues to decrease with each passing year, the severity of the symptoms will continue to increase. By looking at what can happen, it is clear to see how these types of changes can have adverse effects on nearly all parts of a person’s life. Lack of focus and stamina can interfere with being able to accomplish all the tasks waiting at work every day. Weight gain, joint pains, and low libido can unwittingly put an end to one’s romantic life. Both home and employment areas will begin to see problems.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Adults with Growth Hormone Deficiency

The actual diagnosis and treatment of adults with growth hormone deficiency is not difficult. It is just important to know where to look to accomplish these things. Going to one’s own family physician often turns up very little in the way of answers. These practitioners do not often understand hormone replacement therapy – HRT – as that is not part of the scope of their practice. Since it is a highly specialized branch of medicine, it is wise to find the right type of doctor to make this determination and provide the best care. Blood analysis is crucial because it will show if there is a growth hormone deficiency in the first place, and if so, to what point it has occurred. This will help with the decision of how much medication to prescribe. The diagnosis and treatment of adults with growth hormone deficiency requires a great deal of care. Too high a dose and unwanted side effects could occur, although they will reverse once the doctor lowers the dosage of the medication. If too little is prescribed, then the chances of receiving the desired benefits will be reduced. This could easily leave someone believing that the therapy is not working. Highly trained specialists in this field are the best ones to diagnose and treat low GH levels. It is also important to receive the blood testing as this will also rule out any other medical concerns that could be the cause of the current symptoms. Finding the right type of therapy is crucial to a positive outcome.

Doctors Specializing in Growth Hormone Deficiency

Although local doctors specializing in growth hormone deficiency in Florida can be found in many large cities, and even some smaller ones, many adults choose to turn to Kingsberg Medical for the privacy, expertise, and level of service they can receive. Knowing that the specialist chosen has years of experience in the field of hormone replacement can install a high level of confidence in knowing that the right type of treatment will be prescribed. Few states offer the pleasant year round climate that can be found in the Sunshine State, making it a pity for an individual to have to miss out on any outdoor fun because they simply do not feel up to it. In fact, many people avoid putting on a bathing suit just because their metabolism has stopped functioning properly and they have put on a few extra pounds. Our doctors specializing in growth hormone deficiency want to make it possible for these women and men to head back out to the beach or pool, if that is their goal. Being ashamed or embarrassed by the changes in appearance that are beyond one’s control can have an even worse effect on self-esteem. Depression can set in and really affect body-image and outside interests. Snorkeling the crystal clear waters and serene coral reefs in search of magnificently colored fish is just one of the many benefits of living in Florida. The thrill of being pulled behind a boat on a pair of water skis, or jet skiing across one of the many bays and inlets throughout the state is one more reason to improve vitality, energy, and stamina. That is what our HRT specialists can provide for those diagnosed with low GH levels.

Where Can I Get Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency?

It can be confusing to know where to turn when asking the question where can I get treatment for growth hormone deficiency. The internet can provide excellent information, but it can also lead a person down the wrong path. Just as there are legitimate clinics that focus the scope of their practice on adults dealing with hormonal decline, there are also places that are there to provide sports and bodybuilding enhancement, whether it is safe, legal, or not. Let’s clear up one important factor right now – HGH injections are not to be used for these purposes. Not only will they not accomplish the desired goals in regards to bulked up muscles and increased strength and speed, they are considered illegal in the sports world, not approved for use for these purposes, and dangerous to the bodies of individuals who do not have verifiable deficiencies. Why would people who do not require these medications want to ask where can I get treatment for growth hormone deficiency in the first place? That is a question we continually ask ourselves, too. Yet there are individuals who believe that sports enhancing drugs are going to improve or help their careers, and are not afraid to take risks in the short run that could have damaging effect in the long run. Just think about all of the athletes who have been in the news and had their careers ruined because they took chances when they were younger, only to have their accomplishments stricken from the record books. The overall risks to their health can create even worse problems. Those who are dealing with a real GH deficiency know that our doctors at Kingsberg Medical are here to provide safe and reliable therapy to those who need it throughout Florida and the United States.

Do I Need a Prescription for HGH Deficiency Treatment?

Why do I need a prescription for HGH deficiency treatment? Why does a person need a doctor’s script for antibiotics or other medications? Overuse or misuse of certain types of drugs can have long-lasting damaging health effects. Prescription medications are designed to serve a specific purpose, and when used for those particular reasons they are considered to be safe and effective. It is when people misuse these products that problems can occur. In an effort to protect the well-being of the American population, the government controls which products can be purchased over-the-counter and which ones require doctor authorization. This also protects people from certain doctors who might not have the best interests of anyone other than their own bank account in mind. That is why the answer to do I need a prescription for HGH deficiency treatment is yes. It is to ensure that only those who truly need this medication can receive it. The benefit here is in knowing that if a legitimate specialist is ordering HGH injections for an individual, it is for good reason and will help improve his or her overall quality of life. Just imagine how good it will feel to wake up relaxed and refreshed after a perfect night’s sleep. Climbing out of bed pain and stiffness free will be a wonderful way to start the day. These are just some of the many benefits that our clients look forward to each day as a result of their hormone replacement therapy.

How to Get HGH Injections for Growth Hormone Therapy

What should someone do if they think it is time to learn how to get HGH injections for growth hormone therapy? Arming oneself with information is an excellent starting point. It has always been said that knowledge is power, and accumulating as much information as possible is an excellent way to ensure that the HRT center chosen is legitimate and experienced. This website provides a plethora of facts about growth hormone deficiency, the many symptoms of this condition, the types of treatment available, and the benefits that can be derived once the therapy begins. By accessing the sitemap below, many questions can be answered before speaking with one of our advisors. This will also help people formulate questions that they want to ask for themselves. Learning how to get HGH injections for growth hormone therapy is not difficult when armed with all of this information. Asking questions and feeling comfortable with the answers, as well as with the medical advisor is crucial. If any concern or unease is felt, it is always best to move onto the next clinic. Avoid companies that discuss steroids or bodybuilding. They are clearly not medical based hormone replacement clinics. It is also crucial that blood testing and physical examination be required to ensure that only the proper, safe treatment is being prescribed. If any of these steps are missing, and if a complete medical history report is not required, do not deal with that company. Expert care is achievable when working with a true medical clinic.

Cost of Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Adults

The cost of growth hormone replacement therapy for adults is extremely affordable these days. That is because there are many superior manufacturers of this medication. Our doctors have chosen to prescribe Genotropin by Pfizer, Norditropin by Novo Nordisk, Omnitrope by Sandoz, Humatrope by Eli Lilly, and Saizen by Merck Serono. Most of these companies are probably household names for the majority of people reading this. In an effort to meet the needs of a wide range of people, each of these pharmaceutical companies offers there HGH medications in a myriad of options. What that means for the consumer is a variety of choices that can fit into varied budgets and lifestyle requirements. For example, a person looking to keep the cost of growth hormone replacement therapy for adults as low as possible will often opt for one of the standard syringe and vial formats provided by each of these companies. Another individual who does not mind paying a little bit more for added convenience will often choose to purchase one of the injector pen systems that are now available. Many of these come pre-measured, pre-filled, and ready for immediate use. Our advisors will explain all applicable options once the doctor has determine the necessary dosage based upon review of the completed medical file. It is that easy to get affordable, high-quality HGH treatment to put an end to the undesirable symptoms that are present.

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In order to get the best treatment for growth hormone deficiency in Florida, or anywhere else in the country, for that matter, simply make the right phone call today. Kingsberg Medical is a nationally based HRT center that has helped thousands of people across the US restore homeostasis – balance – to their bodies and their lives. People are sleeping better at night, waking up refreshed in the morning, and maintaining high energy levels throughout the day. Our clients are accomplishing more at work than they ever thought possible. Their bodies are getting thinner and toning up form and strong. They are improving their cognitive functions and memory, strengthening their bones, and losing unwanted pounds. On top of all this, they are reporting better sex lives and fewer colds. If you are ready to get the best treatment for growth hormone deficiency, then isn’t it time to take action? Stop watching the world go by from the couch or easy chair. This is no way to live. There is too much waiting to be done to allow another day to pass by without taking action. One call can answer all questions and help to provide peace of mind that the future will be a positive place to be. After all, isn’t that the type of tomorrow everyone wants?