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Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is making an unbelievable difference in the lives of many people across the United States. It is clearly evident how this treatment is making a positive impact right here in Florida. Throughout the state, women and men are discovering that a decline in the overall amount of testosterone in their bodies can have an extremely negative impact on overall performance and physical ability. This exceptional hormone does much more than provide a man with the masculine features associated with its output. Although women do not produce as much of this chemical as men, it is still a vital substance required for optimum health and performance. The purpose of testosterone therapy is to replenish the difference between how much of this chemical the body needs and what it is actually producing on a daily basis. As a person ages, his or her body may begin to decrease the secretion of various hormones, with testosterone being one of them. This decline typically happens at some point after a person reaches the age of thirty. Those whose bodies begin to show signs of a reduction in production will often develop symptoms that can range from mildly annoying to severely debilitating. Sexual performance and overall physical strength can also be affected. The chance of a reversal in symptoms is rare without some form of intervention.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

What are the benefits of testosterone therapy for adults who have found themselves dealing with the undesirable effects brought about by a decline in production? The best way to look at this is by examining the effects that a decrease can have on an individual. Has fatigue set in and taken residence seemingly for good? This is a clue that something just is not altogether right. For many people, lethargy and exhaustion are the first visible warning signs that something is amiss. While hormone imbalance is not always the first thought that comes to one’s mind, there is a good chance that this might be the culprit that has zapped energy away from the man or woman who once led an energetic lifestyle. Only a blood test can show for certain if this is the situation requiring treatment. Cognitive acuities should also be examined when asking, what are the benefits of testosterone therapy. This decline in chemical secretion can interfere with decision making and information processing activities. It may take longer to learn something new, and even longer still to try and recall memories that were previously stored away in the brain. Focus and the ability to concentrate can also be affected. Low T has been associated with that “foggy-headed” feeling that many people report as they get older. If walking around in a haze does not sound like an ideal situation, it may be time to look into receiving the necessary testing that can provide both answers and treatment for these problems.

What is Testosterone Therapy?

Precisely what is testosterone therapy and who will it benefit? A person diagnosed as having Low T will be shown to have a body that is dealing with decreased production levels of testosterone to the point where adverse symptoms have started to become evident. Although this does not usually happen until after thirty years of age has been reached, there can be a wide timespan as to when the signs will begin to show. Many people are actually walking around with extremely low levels of testosterone and do not even have an inkling that anything is wrong. In cases such as these, decreased production may be considered a natural part of aging when no effects are present. This hormonal output decline will affect each person in a unique way, and not everyone will need treatment. There is a saying that if nothing seems broken – do not fix it. That is much the same with this situation. Although certain specific hormone levels may decline, if no symptoms are present, if nothing in the body seems to have changed, then no reason is present to start any type of treatment protocol. When asking what is testosterone therapy, and who will benefit from it, one of the things most important to remember is that the goal of any replacement protocol is to fill the gap between what the body is naturally producing and what is required in order to restore balance to an individual’s life. If the balance seems fine, then there is no need to take any kind of action. On the other hand, if certain symptoms are present and persist, then delving further into this subject can have a profound impact on one’s life. A person who finds that fatigue, mental decline, libido concerns, and other issues to still be mentioned are present will benefit from having their levels increased through specialized treatment options.

Indications for Testosterone Therapy

What are the actual indications for testosterone therapy? In addition to regulating sperm production in men, this powerful chemical messenger plays a role in overall sex drive for both genders, helps to maintain bone mass, muscle size and strength, and red blood cell production. It also assists in fat distribution, mental acuity, and cognitive functions. A large number of adults who are diagnosed with Low T report that they often find themselves dealing with depression, mood changes, anger issues, and have a bleak overall outlook for the future. Loss of body hair, changes in overall physique, and reduced quality of life can have an adverse impact on a person’s self-esteem. These indications for testosterone therapy are what can drive a person to contact a doctor for help. When the situation becomes more than one can bear, it is time to take some form of definitive action. Resulting issues can also have a long-term effect on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. It is time to put to rest the vision of sweaty men with bulging biceps and realize that testosterone plays an important role in how the human body will function. A young woman can expect a production of about 300 micrograms of this vital chemical each day. It will help her maintain proper bone density well into the future, keep her muscle mass toned, and provide the energy she needs to fuel her day. Not only will her libido remain at the appropriate level, her body weight will also be kept in check. Just as with women, men will also receive these desirable benefits associated with proper testosterone production.

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Doctors Specializing in Testosterone Therapy

Where can doctors specializing in testosterone therapy be found? Throughout Florida, men and women are asking that question every day. Do they have to travel to major metropolitan area such as Miami or Orlando to find the right expert in this field, or will physicians be available to those residing in Bradenton FL and Winter Park FL, as well? There was a time when people would have to search far and wide to find the right practitioner who could help them get the answers and treatment they needed. That is not the case any longer. The internet has made it possible to research most any topic right from the comfort of one’s own living room. With a click of a few keys and a swipe of the mouse, a wide range of answers can be accessed, although not all will result in legitimate options. Finding the right clinic with doctors specializing in testosterone therapy often takes a bit of due diligence. It is important to understand that there is a vast difference between those individuals who are interested in finding ways to build their muscles for competition purposes and the group of people we are discussing in this article. Low T is a condition that can affect both men and women, robbing them of their passion and vitality at an early age. It can arrive as early as one’s thirties or in any decade of life that will follow. When it does occur, life can lose its enjoyment. The right clinic to deal with this issue is one that specializes in hormone replacement therapy. Kingsberg Medical happens to be one of the country’s premier clinics for this type of treatment. Our doctors have helped thousands of people revitalize their lives through testosterone and human growth hormone replacement as needed by careful review of blood analysis results. It does not matter where an individual lives in the US – we are here to provide the necessary help and support.

Does Insurance Cover Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Does insurance cover testosterone replacement therapy for everyone? Answering this question with one definitive statement is virtually impossible. To begin with, there are many different companies that people can turn to when it comes time to buy a policy. Each of these providers then goes on to offer dozens of different options, with varying levels and amounts of coverage, deductibles, inclusions, and exclusions. On top of all that, what is covered can change at any given moment as the provider determines throughout the year. It would be an impossibility for any doctor’s office to keep up with all of this and provide an answer on a whim. That is why it is always recommended that the answer to the question – does insurance cover testosterone replacement therapy – be provided directly by the company that issued the policy. Since the treatment for Low T is highly affordable, most people will not have to give a second thought to taking action even if they find that they have no coverage for this type of medical care. Our goal is to ensure that people can receive the care that they need without having to make sacrifices in other areas of their lives. Testosterone decline can create serious problems for a person if left untreated. Aside from issues that can surface when the passion leaves a relationship due to low libido or inability to perform, fatigue and mental decline can create a decrease in productivity at work that can put one’s livelihood in serious jeopardy.

How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost?

In Florida, how much does testosterone therapy cost? Are there some parts of the state where the price is higher than in other areas? People often ask if there is a requirement to travel to a larger city in order to get a lower price for this treatment. That is not necessary for anyone to do at any time. First of all, there is no need for anyone to travel any distance during this process. The required blood testing can be done at a local laboratory, and our medical advisors handle all the arrangements. When the time comes to receive treatment, a prescription for the medication will be forwarded directly to one of the licensed US pharmacies that we deal with here at Kingsberg Medical. Those asking how much does testosterone therapy cost will be pleased to learn that this helps to keep the overall price as low as possible. We have also eliminated the need to stand in line at a pharmacy waiting to pick up a prescription. This can often be stressful for many people who want to keep their health status confidential. Instead, our pharmacy will ship the medication direct to any residential or business address provided where an adult will be present to sign for the delivery. This means that a man living in Pinellas Park FL will receive the same expert care and treatment as affordably as a woman living in Melbourne FL. Of course, their medications and prescription strengths will be very different simply because of their genders and the levels of deficiency they each possess.

How Long Does Testosterone Therapy Take to Work?

One of the often-asked aspects of treatment for Low T is how long does testosterone therapy take to work. It is a natural progression to want to know exactly what to expect when entering into any type of medicinal intervention. As with the insurance question above, there is no set answer to this question. Each person will respond to this treatment in his or her own unique way. The majority of people do notice some kind of improvement during the first week they are using their prescription. Most men are provided with an injectable form of testosterone to administer at home on a basis of once a week or once every two weeks, depending upon their particular needs. Women will most likely be prescribed a testosterone cream that is rubbed into a small area of their bodies. This is usually done on a daily basis. As opposed to estrogen replacement that requires rubbing on an entire arm, only a small spot is needed for this treatment, reducing the risk of cross-contamination for another individual. How long does testosterone therapy take to work for a woman as opposed to a man? Again, each person will respond in a unique way. With both genders, reports of increased energy can occur within a matter of days, some even responding that they feel a difference within hours. Others may find that it takes a few days for them to notice any difference. This treatment also provides a cumulative effect over a period of time, especially in the areas of weight loss, increased lean muscle mass, improved bone density, and cognitive acuity. Working closely with professional hormone replacement specialists will provide the best results and support throughout the treatment process and protocol.

Where to Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When searching for where to get testosterone replacement therapy in Florida, it is vital to enter into this process with the right goal. Individuals who feel as though they have lost complete control of how their bodies respond to the passing of time will need to ensure that they are working with a doctor who prescribes testosterone therapy for the purpose of restorative treatment and not for muscle building or athletic purposes. It is illegal to use this medication for those purposes, not to mention dangerous to engage in any type of hormone increase where it is not called for or needed. This can result in any number of negative side effects and even put a person at risk of having his or her own body completely cease its own production of this chemical. Learning where to get testosterone replacement therapy safely and legally is as important as receiving the right type of medication. Engaging in an online search will result in companies that advertise that they have cheap pharmaceuticals for sale, will help build muscles and strength quickly, or improve one’s sex life. Although those dealing with Low T often desire these outcomes, these are not the right websites to turn to for help. It is imperative to find a real medical clinic, such as this one; that focuses on the overall improvement of health and wellness. We are here to provide the necessary testing and treatment for those dealing with hormone deficiencies.

What is the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

What is the cost of testosterone therapy for someone who has been dealing with this problem for a long time as opposed to someone who is just beginning to notice symptoms? Is a higher level of medication required in this instance? Once testosterone production begins its decline, a further decrease of approximately 1% to 2% can occur each year. This can create serious problems for a person as they continue on through life. It will naturally take a higher level of medication to correct a larger deficiency; however, the age of a person will play a role in how the doctor will proceed with the treatment. In those over the age of sixty, especially in the case of men, the treatment may often be prescribed at a lower level in the beginning and gradually increased over a period of time to get the body used to the higher level of testosterone that will become available for use. In this case, answering what is the cost of testosterone therapy is determined by the prescription provided by the doctor. It is an unknown entity until that takes place. Once the doctor has reviewed the completed medical file (consisting of physical exam findings, blood test results, and an in-depth medical history report) a proper diagnosis can be made. This will also include a prescription for the necessary treatment that is being ordered to restore the desired balance, vitality, and well-being. At this time, an accurate cost can be provided to the individual for his or her complete protocol. Maintaining affordability without sacrificing service or quality is the goal for each individual.

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Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Therapy

Beginning doctor prescribed testosterone therapy can change one’s life. It can increase productivity on the job, restore passion in a relationship, improve overall tone and appearance of the body, and increase cognitive abilities and functions. Cardiovascular health and skeletal integrity will also reap great rewards. Kingsberg Medical is a fully licensed hormone replacement clinic with some of this country’s best and most knowledgeable doctors in this field. Our experienced clinical advisors are here to provide expert care and support, guidance and answers throughout the treatment process. There truly is no need to look any further to find the help that is required by the body to restore vitality to one’s life. The ability to receive doctor prescribed testosterone therapy throughout Florida has never been easier. If there is any suspicion of Low T being present, or concerns about any type of decline in hormone production, contact the experts at our clinic today. Do not let another day pass by without taking the action that can improve the overall quality of life.