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HGH – Human Growth Hormone


Florida residents are turning to HGH – human growth hormone to improve the quality of life they have in the Sunshine State. Why is that? The reasons are as plentiful as there are people. That is due to the sheer fact that each person will need this bioidentical replacement for personal reasons that will vary based upon the symptoms that are present. Unlike the common cold where sniffles, stuffy noses, and sore throats are the same issue that everyone will deal with, or arthritis which will bring painful joints, AGHD – adult growth hormone deficiency can affect each individual in a different way. It may seem odd that one medical condition could differ to such an extent, but that is only because the effects that this chemical has on the body are so widespread. There is no way to predict which symptoms will show up in which person until they occur. Treatment with HGH – human growth hormone can reverse those unwanted issues, and in many cases, put an end to the problems at hand. As we explore the subject of growth hormone (GH) deficiency, many of the questions surrounding this condition will be answered. This website provides a plethora of information, not just for those living in Florida, but everyone in all fifty states. Kingsberg Medical is a nationally based hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic that provides testing and treatment to adults over the age of thirty. This is the time when certain specific chemicals in the body may begin to decrease their production levels. If this occurs, biologically identical supplementation can be provided to restore homeostasis – balance.

What Does HGH Do?

What does HGH do that makes is desirable for a person to receive? This therapy bridges the gap between what the body is producing and what is needed for optimal performance and functions. It might be helpful to take a few minutes and discuss the various symptoms that can be present when growth hormone deficiency occurs.

Physical changes may include:

  • Hair loss, thinning, greying
  • Weight gain, slow metabolic functions
  • Wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of collagen
  • Cellulite
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Decreased body tone
  • Reduced night vision, increased eyeglass strength
  • Stiffness and loss of flexibility
  • Joint pains
  • Decreased bone density
  • High cholesterol
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Symptoms of menopause
  • Internal organ shrinkage and poor performance
  • Low libido, decreased sexual desire and pleasure
  • Frequent illness, poor immune functions
  • Extended recuperation times

As extensive as that list may seem, that is not the end of the signs that could appear that would signal a decrease in growth hormone production. Before we explain what does HGH do to help these issues improve, let’s finish the list of possible symptoms that can appear.

  • Decreased energy, endurance, and stamina
  • Impaired cognitive functions, including reduced focus and concentration
  • Memory loss, difficulty retaining new information
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Poor outlook on life
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Poor sleep and insomnia
  • Decreased cell reproduction and regeneration

It may be easier to understand now how this condition can look entirely different for each person. There is no telling which of these symptoms will be present. What is known is that as the severity increases, naturally so will the deficiency. Once this chemical slowdown begins, it will usually continue at a rate of about 1 to 2 percent each year. Over an extended period of time, this can have a damaging effect on one’s ability to perform on the job, maintain interpersonal relationships, and enjoy romantic episodes with a spouse or partner.

What is HGH?

Now that the possible effects of growth hormone deficiency are understood, what is HGH and how can it help to reverse these unwanted signs? Somatropin, as this medication is known, is the biologically identical version of the chemical naturally produced by the somatotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland. It is an exact replica of the 191 amino acid, single-chain polypeptide that controls, regulates, or assists with all the functions listed in the previous section. That is the reasoning behind the reference of GH being called the body’s “master hormone.” HGH injections, the only real way of receiving human growth hormone, fill in the gap that is left when production of this compound begins to decrease. The only way to know if this situation is occurring in the body is through blood testing that will show if a deficiency is present. As we examine what is HGH, it is clear that the need to replenish the dwindling supply of this chemical is crucial to present and future well-being. The emotional changes alone can take quite a toll on how a person exists. Depression and feelings of isolation have been in the news too much in recent times. It is certainly understandable to see how a person could get down in life when joint pains, memory loss, inability to concentrate on the job, decreased libido, and other issues take control of daily life. An individual who goes from having a strong and trim physique to being overweight and dealing with wrinkles and sagging skin will certainly not have a lot to be happy about. That is why this treatment is needed as soon as possible.

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Benefits of HGH for Men

Although the majority of symptoms of growth hormone deficiency are the same for members of both sexes, there are some specific benefits of HGH for men worth discussing in a separate paragraph. We just mentioned the possible loss of a strong, trim physique, and this is an issue that bothers many men, especially in South Florida. The outdoor lifestyle and abundant beaches here make it easy to show off one’s body, but what happens when the muscles turn to flab? It is not always as appealing to put on a pair of swim trunks when an abundance of belly fat is hanging over the waistline. This can be exceptionally frustrating for someone who continues to work out and eat a healthy diet, yet still finds their muscle size decreasing and their mid-section growing. Low GH levels can interfere with the best intentions and lifestyle. The benefits of HGH for men include rebuilding lean muscle tissue, as well as whittling down the waistline. Now, let’s move on to the subject everyone really wants to know about – libido and sexual performance. As hormone levels continue to decrease, this may also play havoc with a man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection. It can affect desire, arousal, performance, and pleasure. The good news is that receiving human growth hormone injections can turn all that around and restore the passion that was present in earlier years. There is a reason that jokes are made about retirees in senior living facilities having better sex than their younger counterparts – they have already discovered how great it feels to have their hormone levels restored to their proper state.

Benefits of HGH for Women

Not to be excluded, there are a multitude of benefits of HGH for women in Florida to learn about right now. Menopause was mentioned in the list of symptoms earlier on this page, and this is a time when many females start to tune in to the hormonal changes taking place in their bodies. Night sweats, weight gain, depression, vaginal dryness, mood swings, hot flashes, memory loss, and more can interfere with daily activities. These issues can also put a damper on one’s love life. Now add to the equation thinning hair, wrinkles, age spots, and excess belly fat, and this is a powerful combination of possible symptoms that can really affect how a woman views her worth. Of course, no one should ever compare her abilities and importance based upon these physical changes, yet we see it happen every day. Thankfully, as a result of the many benefits of HGH for women, all of the above can easily be reversed. Not only will it be possible to look ten to twenty years younger within a matter of months, a woman can also expect to feel that way, as well. Fears of developing osteoporosis which can easily increase the risk of fractures in later life will be decreased. The fear of developing some form of dementia is also present for many women, and memory loss concerns will also begin to disappear as a result of this treatment. The ability to lose weight without dieting or increasing exercise is a definite plus for many females who have long struggled with this issue.

Injectable HGH Therapy

How can someone get injectable HGH therapy in Florida? The most important thing to realize here is that this is a true medical treatment. The only people who should ever consider using human growth hormone injections are those who have been diagnosed with this deficiency by a doctor who specializes in the field of HRT. Only these professionals have the knowledge and training to accurately diagnose this condition and provide the proper care. Determining the dosage of HGH requires careful calculations and should only be done by a specialist. As mentioned previously, a diagnostic blood analysis must be performed in order to determine if low GH levels are the cause for the symptoms that have been presented by the individual. A series of blood panels will be used to ensure that there are no other underlying concerns before injectable HGH therapy is prescribed. That is not the only diagnostic step needed at this time. A physical examination will be required of each person seeking this treatment. Due to the sheer fact that so many symptoms are involved, many people have already contacted their own family physician with these concerns, and in numerous cases, a recent exam has already been done. If this is the case, the results can be forwarded by the doctor’s office directly to our hormone replacement clinic. If a recent physical has not taken place, then one can be scheduled or arranged with either a personal physician or at a local clinic. Our advisors can assist with providing information about this detail, if necessary.

Doctors Specializing in Human Growth Hormone

The importance of dealing with doctors specializing in human growth hormone therapy for this issue cannot be stressed enough. Restoring the balance to these crucial chemical levels should only be accomplished by experienced professionals. They are the ones who have the training and background to provide the finest care while reducing the risks of any unwanted side effects that could occur when the wrong treatment is provided. There are reasons why there are so many different types of medical specialties, and that is to provide people with the best possible care at all times. At Kingsberg Medical, our doctors have years of experience helping thousands of people across the US discover how easy it is to feel rejuvenated, while looking years younger at the same time. The ability to find doctors specializing in human growth hormone replacement here in Florida has never been easier. This treatment is increasingly valuable to those Baby Boomers that still have many years of career time ahead of them. Today’s adults are working longer, playing harder, and have no patience for anything that causes them to slow down. That is why the signs of low GH levels can be so incredibly frustrating for them. HRT specialists can put an end to that frustration and provide revitalization that can change the future for the better. There is no reason to worry about slowing down if decreasing growth hormone levels are the problem. Restoring the critical balance is what we do best.

How to Get HGH Prescribed From a Doctor

It is not that difficult to find out how to get HGH prescribed from a doctor when looking in the right place. Many people first visit their own primary care provider, only to find out that there is nothing that her or she can do to help. In some cases, it is simply because this person does not have the necessary experience in this field. Other times, there is a denial due to sheer lack of knowledge on this subject. A large number of physicians were never taught about adult hormone deficiency in medical school so they cannot be blamed for the lack of knowledge they have now. That is why it is always best to find an HRT specialist to handle the testing and treatment of low GH levels. Those asking how to get HGH prescribed from a doctor are now aware of the necessity of blood testing and physical examination. There is still one more crucial step missing, and that is the easiest of all to complete. Our advisors will provide each person with a link to our online health history questionnaire. This form must be completed before the determination of growth hormone deficiency can be made. It will provide the specialist with a clear assessment of any past and present medical concerns. Best of all, it can be filled out from home or work. This provides a level of privacy that is not available when completing these documents in a waiting room surrounded by others.

Blood Test for HGH Levels

The blood test for HGH levels actually measures a number of different things, including red and white blood cells, inflammation, sugar levels, cholesterol, anemia, and more. This will provide the doctor with information needed to make an accurate diagnosis, and ensure that there are no other underlying problems that could stand in the way of receiving human growth hormone injections. During the initial consultation with one of our experienced clinical advisors, locations where one can go to get his or her blood drawn will be discussed. Those living in large, metropolitan areas will often have more than one choice of location and may be able to decide between a lab close to home or work. The actual blood test for HGH levels will be scheduled for early in the morning as it must be done while the individual is fasting. This means nothing to drink or eat after midnight, with the exception of plain water, if needed. An appointment will be made for a blood sample to be drawn, eliminating a lengthy wait at the laboratory. It only takes a matter of days for the results to be sent to our clinic for the doctor’s review, and by that time, the physical examination results should also be received. If there is any difficulty with securing a timely appointment with one’s own physician for this step, our advisors can provide other simple alternatives.

Where to Get HGH

Florida residents searching for where to get HGH do not have to worry about living in a city the size of Miami or Tampa to get the help they need. The same expert care and treatment is available to those in Lakeland and Delray Beach FL. One benefit to working with a national company such as Kingsberg Medical is the financial savings that can be achieved when receiving hormone replacement therapy in this way. That is in addition to the amount of time that will also be saved by avoiding lengthy office visits. Local clinics often schedule initial, secondary, and follow-up visits to monitor their patients in the office. This can eat away at both time and money. There is really no need for all of these appointments to take place in person. One quick visit to a local lab is needed for the blood sample to be taken, and another visit to any physician can accomplish the physical examination. Those learning where to get HGH for the first time are thrilled to learn that the actual consultations can be held by telephone instead of in a clinic. This provides a high level of privacy that many people appreciate. It also allows for an extended period of time to ask questions and gather whatever information is necessary without worrying about another person waiting to be seen in the next room. The ability to pick up the phone and call whenever a question arises is another benefit. There is no need to wait until the next scheduled office appointment as with many local clinics. No time needs to be taken away from work or home life for these “visits.”

Where to Buy Injectable HGH Online

There may be a bit of confusion in regards to where to buy injectable HGH online. There are many companies vying for a piece of the action when it comes to human growth hormone injections, and all of them are not what would be considered legitimate. Florida is no different than any other state when it comes to people being targets of scams. We can make this very clear right now.

  • Avoid any company that does not require a doctor’s prescription.
  • Avoid any company that lists prices and order forms on their website.
  • Avoid any company that talks about steroids and bodybuilding.

Why are these three issues important? HGH therapy is a valid medical treatment that must be prescribed by a doctor following blood testing that will show if a deficiency is present, and to what extent dosage is required to restore balance to the body. The next reason to learn where to buy injectable HGH online safely is that a company that lists its prices is not offering any guidance of medical care. They are strictly a clearing house selling this medication illegally. Finally, human growth hormone injections are not steroids, nor should they be used for bodybuilding or athletic purposes. Both of these uses are illegal and dangerous. Finally, although not mentioned above, avoid the use of any products that claim to be HGH, but are not injectables. This medication cannot be found in any other form, no matter what the manufacturer might claim. Always work with a doctor who prescribes HRT to adults when looking to get this treatment.

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How Much Does HGH Cost?

How much does HGH cost? Are the prices different in Florida than they are in other states? This is part of the difference in working with a local office as opposed to a nationally based hormone replacement center such as Kingsberg Medical. Private clinics across the US can set their own prices based upon what they believe they can charge their clientele. We offer the same exceptional service and fees to all our clients, no matter where they live. The actual amount any individual will pay will be based on a few factors. The first, and probably most important thing, is the dosage that is prescribed by a doctor who specializes in HRT. This will be based upon careful analysis of all test results and medical information that has been provided. The duration of treatment is also part of this equation. The other pieces of information required when asking how much does HGH cost are the brand name and type of injectable chosen. This cannot be decided until the doctor has provided the dosing information as many of the brands offer different products at set doses. Once the clinical advisor receives the prescription from the physician, all applicable options in regards to brands and delivery styles can be provided to the client. The final choice may be based upon budgetary concerns, lifestyle requirements, convenience desires, or any combination of the aforementioned. Our advisors work closely with each person to help them make the decision that is best for his or her needs.

Best Place to Buy HGH Injections

When looking for the best place to buy HGH injections in Florida, look no further than Kingsberg Medical. We are here to provide the best possible care, testing, treatment, and customer service that can be found anywhere. Our commitment to affordable pricing and exceptional care is what has made us a leader in hormone replacement. There are many reasons why a person might need to contact our clinic. No one should ever have to suffer the sometimes debilitating effects that can accompany GH production decline. Lack of sleep and joint pains can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Reduced energy and lack of focus can affect drive and productivity at work. Decreased libido can put a strain on even the best relationship. The best place to buy HGH injections is right here from knowledgeable doctors who can offer the best treatment at affordable prices. Help is as close as the telephone, so make the call to 770-772-4200 today. We are ready to help in any way we can.