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Testosterone Therapy Benefits

Testosterone Therapy Benefits

Each day, more and more seemingly healthy adults are inquiring about testosterone therapy benefits in Florida. Why is that? If a person is healthy what would be the cause for him or her to seek out this type of treatment? There are actually many ways to define this term, including:

  1. Being free from illness
  2. The state of complete physical, social, and mental well-being
  3. The general condition of the body
  4. The level of metabolic or functional efficiency of a living organism

Many people feel as though they are fine if no illness such as a cold, flu, or virus is present in their body. Others, who may be dealing with some type of chronic condition, also do not view that as being unwell, since it may be something that they have become used to over time. In actuality, each person has his or her own definition of what it means to be in good health, just as he or she will also have individualized thoughts about what can be received in the way of positive testosterone therapy benefits. How is it that a person who appears to be in a state of well-being may be suffering the effects of Low T (the term applied to those who are diagnosed with low levels of testosterone)? This condition does not cause a runny nose or cough. What can occur is a weakening of bones, a decline in lean muscle tissue, the accumulation of excess weight, primarily belly fat, declining cognitive functions, decreased energy, depression, and, of course, low libido functions that can also include erectile dysfunction. Although decreased bone density may not make a person feel sick, it can lead to further problems down the road. These are the things we will delve into in this article as we explore the positive attributes of treatment for both men and women in Florida.

Low Testosterone Therapy Benefits for Men

The obvious top of the list when it comes to low testosterone therapy benefits for men is improvements to their sex drive. This hormone, though present in both genders, is primarily considered to be the male sex hormone. But, in reality, testosterone is so much more than that. It is true that low levels will often prevent a man from producing enough sperm to help conceive a child. The counter point to that is the fact that too much of this chemical can cause the same problem. That is why men trying to conceive a baby with their partner are often advised to wait until after that has been accomplished before receiving this treatment, or they are carefully monitored, by way of blood tests, to ensure that their level is not raised too high. During the middle aged years, a man can start to experience changes in regards to arousal, desire, and performance. This often has nothing to do with his partner, and everything to do with how testosterone production is decreasing. Among the sought after low testosterone therapy benefits for men are the return of the prized morning erection, increased desire for physical relations, stronger feelings of arousal, improved performance thanks to an increase in stamina and energy, and stronger, long-lasting erections. This will also result in heightened feelings of pleasure and more powerful orgasms. Yes, these attributes are welcomed by men dealing with sexual decline. While improvements to one’s sex drive are important, there are still many other positive results that will be achieved by those who require this treatment to restore balance to their bodies. The purpose of this section is to show that turning to other aids, such as Viagra or Cialis, only covers up the problem. Treatment for Low T solves it.

Health Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

As mentioned, there are many health benefits of testosterone therapy that can and should be expected once treatment for a decrease in chemical production begins. Changes to bone density, as previously discussed, can have serious ramifications over time. Bone weakening can lead to osteoporosis, which, in turn, increases the risk of fractures later on in life. This can have a profound effect on an individual’s ability to maintain an independent lifestyle. Considering the fact that only two out of every five people who break a hip are able to return to their previous level of activity, this is a pretty serious situation to consider when looking into receiving this treatment to combat a deficiency. Further health benefits of testosterone therapy can have an even deeper impact on someone’s future path. This is the area of cognitive functioning. Encompassed here, we find focus, clarity, concentration, drive, memory, learning, retention, decision-making, and mental tasks. For those who have always prized their ability to think clearly in any situation, sluggish mental abilities can be of serious concern. Not only can this cause judgment issues when handling day to day tasks such as driving (is there enough time to make the light before it changes?) or paying bills (did the check go in the right envelope?), but it can have serious consequences on the job. Decreased drive, focus, mental abilities, and energy can all affect productivity and performance at work, leading to potentially costly mistakes. Loss of employment can be a concern if Low T continues to go untreated for many years.

Benefits of Testosterone Treatment for Women

Now, what about the benefits of testosterone treatment for women throughout Florida? How do they measure up considering the incredible results that men achieve? While members of the female gender do not have to worry about erectile dysfunction, they often face their own set of challenges in the area of sexuality, especially once menopause arrives on the scene. Vaginal dryness can put quite a damper on a woman’s feelings of pleasure. Once enjoyable, sex now becomes painful. Changing hormone levels can interfere with desire and arousal. Poor sleep, whether due to night sweats or insomnia, can leave a woman feeling tired and cranky during the day. Although the go-to choice of many gynecologists is estrogen therapy, this is often shunned by women who worry about the inherent risks associated with this type of hormone replacement. Among the many benefits of testosterone treatment for women, we find a reduction in all of the symptoms associated with menopause. This includes memory concerns, fatigue, hot flashes, and weight gain. Most women report better sleep and increased energy within the first week or two of receiving testosterone cream. Not only do blood tests often show that this hormone has decreased in those of menopausal age, these analytics provide a safer, more effective method of treatment. Testosterone therapy does not have the same risks as estrogen, making it safe for even those who have had or are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. For those whose bodies are also depleted in estrogen levels, some of the extra testosterone in the body is naturally converted into estrogen. Women dealing with a cancer risk will be prescribed an estrogen blocker to prevent this conversion.

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Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

It is clear that there are numerous benefits of testosterone replacement therapy for both genders. There isn’t a person alive who can honestly say that increasing their energy would be a bad thing. Just to set the record straight, we are speaking about adults over the age of thirty, not two or three year olds that never seem to run out of steam – until they do, and pass out at night from sheer exhaustion. Grown-ups often lament the desire to bottle that energy for sale. It would be phenomenal to have the endurance of a child later on in life. Look around, there are certainly many people who seem to be able to keep going at full steam all the time. Either their bodies are not feeling the effects of a hormonal decline or they have already discovered the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. There was a time, say 100 years ago, when feeling young again was not a concern. The average life expectancy was only 50 years of age. Thanks to medical advances, we can now expect to reach the age of eighty at least, if not surpass it by another two decades. That is why it is no longer unusual to hear people in their seventies searching for that mythical fountain of youth. In many instances, all we have to do is search within our own bodies for the answer. We were given all the tools we need, sometimes they just need a bit of a tune-up, so to speak.

Health Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As we discuss the many health benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, we have to remember that this treatment is only recommended for those whose bodies have decreased the production of this crucial chemical below the point that is needed for optimum functioning. There is never a need to supplement a hormone that is currently at its proper state. Only when levels are low can positive results be seen. That means that all those bodybuilders searching for a way to increase their bulk must look elsewhere. Aside from the fact that it is illegal to use this medication for physical enhancement of any kind in the sports world, it can be dangerous to a person’s health to engage in this activity. The human body has its own built in sensors that will not allow the level of a hormone to get too high. If that occurs, a cessation in natural production will ensue. There are so many wonderful health benefits of testosterone replacement therapy for those who truly need it. As the body begins to change, and change it will in many ways as a result of this treatment, overall mood and demeanor experience an incredible shift. As lean muscle mass is increased, and belly fat is decreased, positive mood changes and outlook become evident. It really doesn’t matter if this is due to increased endorphin messages in the brain, or if the physical changes are causing this improvement in self-esteem and positivity, what matters is that the depression previously felt is beginning to disappear. Emotional well-being can help decrease stress and susceptibility to illness. This is when healthfulness really begins to show.

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

How long does it take to feel the benefits of testosterone therapy for men and women receiving treatment in Florida? From Key Largo to Tallahassee, men and women are seeing positive changes occurring within a week or two of beginning their doctor prescribed protocols. Most men traditionally receive testosterone cypionate injections once a week and women are usually prescribed testosterone cream on a daily basis. The dosage in the cream is much lower than that of the injectables and therefore more suited to the lower needs of a woman. The first two signs that treatment is working can be seen in the ability to fall asleep easier at night, waking up refreshed in the morning, and having an increased amount of energy for use during the day. Those asking how long does it take to feel the benefits of testosterone therapy because they want to see improvements in their love life will often start to see results within a matter of weeks. The visual changes in muscle mass and weight will naturally take a little longer. That is the same for strengthening of the bones. This occurs over a period of a few months. Cognitive improvements can also become evident within the first few weeks of beginning testosterone treatment. This includes improved memory, focus, and retention of newly acquired information. Comments about “coming out of the fog” are frequently relayed to our clinical staff. These positive attributes go a long way in changing the course of one’s life.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Benefits and Risks

As we discuss the various testosterone replacement therapy benefits and risks, it is a fact that this treatment is safe when prescribed by a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement. It is these experienced physicians that can best determine what type of medication to order, and what the proper dosage and duration of care should be to accomplish the desired goal of safely raising hormone levels while bringing about a reversal of any associated symptoms. By working with a specialist, all possible risks are virtually eliminated. Men who are prescribed too high a dose of testosterone, which can occur when the order is from someone other than a specialist, may begin to notice swelling or enlargement of their breast tissue, nipple sensitivity, testicular atrophy, violent mood swings, and higher levels of cholesterol. In order to ensure that proper testosterone replacement therapy benefits and risks are maintained where they need to be for ultimate responsiveness to treatment, contact a doctor who prescribes hormone replacement as the main scope of his or her practice. When handled in this manner, testosterone treatment can change the trajectory of one’s life. Instead of watching the world go by from the quite solitude of one’s couch or rocking chair, engaging in all that life has to offer is a much better course of action. For that to occur, energy is needed. That is precisely what will be present once the body senses the proper amount of testosterone available for use.

Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment

Among the benefits of low testosterone treatment that women desire, we find an end to those symptoms associated with menopause – weight gain, fatigue, low libido, vaginal dryness, night sweats, memory loss, hot flashes, and poor sleep. Men certainly do not have to worry about developing vaginal dryness, but they have enough issues of their own, especially when they continually wake up without their morning erection. As the population continues to age, and the Baby Boomers strive to maintain a consistent quality of life, more people will turn to doctors to receive testing of their hormone levels. This testing will result in the diagnosis that many will welcome – Low T. Thanks to finding out that there is no serious or life-threatening condition behind the onset of symptoms, the forthcoming benefits of low testosterone treatment can restore quality of life and peace of mind to those who had worried or fretted over what could possibly be wrong. Strong bones and muscles can propel one through the rest of his or her life, reducing the risk of serious injury that can be the result of a slip or a fall. Maintaining stable cognitive functions can mean the difference between living independently for the rest of one’s days or having to be placed in an assisted living facility. Testosterone is just one of a number of different hormones that could decrease over time, and blood testing will provide a doctor with a clear look at what is really needed to restore overall vitality.

What Are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

What are the benefits of testosterone therapy that you can expect? The answer to that lies in the symptoms that are present in the body. We have covered the majority of the positive results here in this article. It is recommended that the next step taken should be a consultation with a clinical advisor here at Kingsberg Medical. This is where we can take a personal look at you as an individual, rather than one of many who read this page and take no action. By examining the changes that have occurred, as well as the severity of these symptoms, this will provide the necessary information to proceed with blood analysis. Suffering in silence does no one any good. Not the person dealing with these changes or anyone else around them. The time to ask what are the benefits of testosterone therapy for me is right now. Good health means something different to each person, but having energy, vitality, positive outlook, and clear thinking is important to everyone.