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What is Growth Hormone Deficiency?

What Is Growth Hormone Deficiency

What is growth hormone deficiency? As adults, we have quite a lot to think about every day. The last thing on our minds is dealing with any type of bodily breakdown. But, that is precisely what can happen when certain chemical levels in the body are no longer produced in the amount that we need in order to maintain our daily functions at their current state. Those thinking that their current state is not so good may already be dealing with this decline in the overall daily production of growth hormone – GH. Who has time in their life to be forced to slow down by a body that has run out of steam? Very few hands, if any at all, would be raised as an answer to that question. This has absolutely nothing to do with retirement in Florida, vacations, or just taking it easy every now and then, and everything to do with not having the energy and stamina to do the things one wants to do. See the difference? That being explained, what is growth hormone deficiency? It is the physiological condition that occurs when a person over the age of thirty experiences a decrease in the amount of GH that his or her pituitary gland is producing. Now that we have that definition, what does it mean in terms of changes that one can expect? Imagine waking up in the morning more tired than before bedtime the previous night. Rolling over brings stiffness and joint pains. One glance in the bathroom mirror and horror strikes as more gray hairs, less or thinner hairs, a few more lines and wrinkles, and clearly, a couple of extra pounds are all staring back. Is this an exaggeration? Only partially – all of these things will occur, but probably not over one night.

Signs and Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency

These are merely a few of the expected signs and symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in adults. There are a few more that can be seen, and plenty more that are not evident to the eye, but definitely noticeable and troublesome for the body. Brittle nails and a decrease in lean muscle tissue can be visually identified by looking in the mirror. Especially worrisome is the muscular changes associated with this decline. Not only can this reduce strength, but it can reduce flexibility and the overall structural integrity of the body. Muscles protect the bones, and without this protection, breakage can occur. Speaking of the skeletal system, a decrease in bone density associated with low GH levels can lead to osteoporosis. Yes, these signs and symptoms of growth hormone deficiency are disconcerting, to say the least, and, unfortunately, there is still much more to explain. The brain also houses GH receptors, especially in the areas associated with learning and memory recall. If the supply of this critical chemical is not plentiful, these receptors will not receive adequate signals to carry out their functions. People will have difficulty committing newly learned facts to their memory, and recalling those memories which were previously stored will become increasingly difficult. This can, in turn, lead to dementia in later years. So far we have looked at energy, hair, nails, skin, weight, bones, muscles, and cognitive functions, and that is still just the tip of the GH deficiency iceberg. Although there may not be any icebergs floating in the South Florida waterways, there are plenty of people waking up each morning to the fact that something just is not right.

What are the Symptoms of HGH Deficiency in Adults?

When asking what are the symptoms of HGH deficiency in adults, please be prepared for an onslaught of possible problems. Immune functions are also weakened as a result of this decline in vital chemical production. Not only will most people find themselves getting sick more frequently than in the past, it will also take even longer to get well again. Recuperation time even for injuries is lengthened. Growth hormone plays a strong role in metabolic functions, which is why most people will find that they gain weight – predominantly belly fat, when they are dealing with this condition. The liver also is a key receptor site for GH, and when it receives its supply, it revs up its own production of another vital chemical – Insulin Growth Factor 1. This is crucial because IGF-1 and GH work together to stimulate the body’s regeneration of new cells, critical for the entire body. What are the symptoms of HGH deficiency in adults besides all that has been mentioned already? Yes, there is still more to report, including difficulty with night vision and an overall decline in vision. We haven’t even touched on sexual difficulties; a problem for members of both genders as they all will be faced with a decrease in arousal and desire. Performance can be an issue for men, and women may suffer from vaginal dryness which can make intercourse painful or uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there are no pleasant effects of low growth hormone levels to report. Each issue is seemingly worse than the one before.

What Causes Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults?

What causes growth hormone deficiency in adults? This is the inquiry that does not have a clear cut answer. Some people may find that they are predisposed to this condition because their own parents seemed to age early in life. Many of the signs listed so far can often be mistaken as those associated with aging. It is natural to expect that gray hair and wrinkles will eventually arrive, but if this happens at a very young age, low GH secretion may be to blame. Other individuals will be faced with these changes due to the fact that they just do not take proper care of the body that they have been given. A life of indulgence in unhealthy dining choices can result in reduced signals going to the brain to put out the chemicals that are required to power the body. Other answers to the question of what causes growth hormone deficiency in adults include poor sleep and too little exercise. GH is a chemical that is secreted in pulsatile bursts every 3 to 5 hours. During the day, it responds to increases in physical movement of the high-intensity kind. Couch potatoes, or those who sit down all day on the job and never exercise will have a high chance of developing this condition. The same applies to those who get less than the advised 8 hours of sleep each night. This is when half of the day’s supply of growth hormone is secreted. Stress is another culprit that can interfere with chemical production. Finally, certain illnesses and injuries to the brain can decrease this output.

Is Growth Hormone Deficiency Hereditary?

Since genetics was mentioned briefly, let’s answer the question is growth hormone deficiency hereditary. Although a person can look to how his or her parents aged to get an idea of what might be in store for them down the road, it does not mean that GH decline is passed down from parent to child. On the whole, this condition is individualized. It is more likely lifestyle choices that will affect how much growth hormone is produced. Even if both parents are diagnosed with this issue, their children can take the simple steps of eating well, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of quality sleep to avoid themselves falling into this trap. A predisposition does not mean the same as inheritance, so the overall answer to the question is growth hormone deficiency hereditary is no, it is not. Again, no one answer is set in stone as the end all definitive response, so yes, there may be cases where both parents and their adult children will be diagnosed with this condition. Medical researchers are still not sure if this is based upon genetics alone, or if it is more affected by the common dietary and exercise habits that children learn from their parents. The good news is that members of both generations call all receive treatment that can reverse the undesirable symptoms they are dealing with. No one has to go on dealing with these problems any longer.

Testing for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults

How is testing for growth hormone deficiency in adults handled? Chemical changes such as this are determined by blood analysis. Routine panels that are run as part of a yearly check-up traditionally do not measure hormone levels. There are other specific checks that must be ordered by a doctor. That is why it is crucial to find a hormone replacement specialist to work with. Here in Florida, there are a variety of options available, from local clinics to national centers such as Kingsberg Medical. What sets us apart from the competition is the ease of receiving testing and care. There is no long wait to get an appointment, no long wait sitting in a room full of strangers hoping to be called before someone familiar walks in the door, and no long wait in a tiny cubicle wondering if more than five minutes of time will be allotted for the visit. At Kingsberg Medical, testing for growth hormone deficiency in adults is an easy process. One of our experienced clinical advisors will discuss the situation over the telephone in an in-depth consultation that can take any amount of time that is necessary to provide all the information and answer any questions. At this time, a blood test will be scheduled at a nearby laboratory. We take care of sending all the necessary paperwork directly to the lab, so our clients need only show up at the appointed time. Since a physical examination is also required, this can be accomplished with any local doctor, including one’s own primary care physician. Our advisors will discuss this, as well. Finally, the necessary medical questionnaires can be accessed directly from our website. Everything we do is with the confidentiality and convenience of our clients in mind.

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How Growth Hormone Deficiency Can Be Treated

Learning how growth hormone deficiency can be treated in Florida should not be difficult. In a state with so many Baby Boomers and retirees, our goal is to provide the finest quality care at affordable prices. Every year from now on, more and more seemingly healthy adults will be diagnosed with low GH levels. It is not that this is an epidemic; it is just that the population is continuing to age right before our eyes. Although this decline can occur at any time after thirty years of age, the majority of people will not begin to notice a problem until well into their forties or fifties. We have even had people in their seventies and eighties coming to us for the first time looking for help. Since many members of this generation are delaying retirement, it is often later in life when they start to wonder how growth hormone deficiency can be treated. Retirement is a time that one strives for after decades of hard work. This is when the fruits of labor should be enjoyed. It is hard to do that when fatigue, pain, illness, and other problems derail the situation. From North Miami Beach to Sarasota, older Floridians are rediscovering the freedom that accompanies a body working at its peak level of performance. Of course, this treatment is not just for those who are ready to retire. Busy professionals are improving the quality of their work and increasing their productivity and drive all the time by discovering the rejuvenating effects of HGH therapy. Those is Ocala and Jupiter Florida are also discovering how to improve their overall quality of life.

What is the Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency?

What is the treatment for growth hormone deficiency in adults? HGH – human growth hormone is only available in the form of an injection. Do not be misled by the multitude of products on store shelves and advertised on the internet as being HGH – they are not. What is found in those bottles of pills, drops, and sprays is nothing but a blend of various vitamins and amino acids, no different from any of the other products lining the shelves. It is all in the name and the packaging, and the direct attempt to fool people into believing they are getting real HGH. The real thing is bioidentical human growth hormones, and that can only be prescribed by a doctor. When asking what is the treatment for growth hormone deficiency, do not be fooled by imposters. The “homeopathic” products found for sale as mentioned do not work. Any viable properties that they actually do contain are destroyed by the natural digestive processes in the body. HGH injections are biologically identical to the actual hormone produced by the pituitary gland. In this way, the medication can be immediately accepted and put to work carrying out all the same functions as GH. The actual dosage that is prescribed is individualized based upon examination of the blood test and physical examination results. Each person will be prescribed exactly what their own body needs.

Get the Best Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency

The sure way to get the best treatment for growth hormone deficiency in Florida is to find a hormone replacement specialist, such as the ones here at Kingsberg Medical. We are happy to answer questions and provide guidance to those seeking information about this subject. One word of caution that must always be pointed out – never, ever purchase this or any other prescription medication off of the internet without a prescription. There are illegal websites that are indeed willing to ship their products direct to the consumer from other countries. In many cases, the items sent are not what were ordered. They may be contaminated, expired, ineffective, and downright dangerous. In all instances, they are illegal, as US law requires a prescription at all times. In order to get the best treatment for growth hormone deficiency, always work with a doctor who is a hormone replacement specialist and provides the medication direct from a US pharmacy. We offer only the top brand name HGH injections from pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Sandoz, Eli Lilly, and Merck Serono. These are names that can be trusted to deliver the finest quality medications. In order to keep our prices both competitive and affordable, we offer a variety of injectable styles from each of these companies. This gives our clients the widest range of choices to purchase the product that is best suited for their own needs.

How to Know if You Have Growth Hormone Deficiency

Are you wondering how to know if you have growth hormone deficiency? Are you tired, gaining weight, losing muscle mass and bone density, having trouble sleeping, looking at wrinkles and thinning hair, frustrated with the lack of focus, and depressed? These are just some of the possible signs of low GH levels. Accessing the sitemap at the bottom of this page can lead to a number of other articles that can go into even further detail about the possible symptoms that people can experience with this condition. Be cognizant of the fact that most people will not have all of these signs, but the more there are, and the greater severity present, the higher the chance of a serious decline in this chemical production. Feel free to call us and inquire about how to know if you have growth hormone deficiency. We can help make that determination and provide the finest treatment available in Florida and throughout the US. Yes, it is true that we have a lot to occupy our minds every day. Dealing with body breakdown, slowing down, and getting emotionally down as a result of low GH secretion should not be among them.