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News About Hormone Replacement Therapy in West Palm Beach FL

Hormone Replacement Therapy In West Palm Beach FL

Not all opinions about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are favorable. While most people understand that a drop in growth hormone (GH) or testosterone can affect a person’s life, they still remember the uproar back around 2001 and 2002 when a synthetic estrogen drug was proven unsafe for women.

Recent news about hormone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach FL is that HGH and testosterone injections are now available as biosynthetic medications which are as safe as naturally produced GH and testosterone.

HRT is the one treatment program that provides improved health and performance in both mental and physical function. As easy as it seems to manage, you can’t trust chemical balance with anyone other than a licensed physician. It is illegal for hormones to be used in professional athletics or bodybuilding for a competitive edge because the bodies of athletes are usually healthy enough to not require replenishment therapy, meaning their use would be over-use. We do not prescribe medications for them at Kingsberg Medical.

Our facility provides quality medications and rejuvenative therapies including testosterone and HGH. Testosterone medication for women is usually in the form of hormonal cream because the dose output in a cream is significantly lower than the injection amounts. Hormone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach can be available to men or women providing that the blood displays a need for replenishment.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is Safe and Effective

Safe treatment with any medication relies on a few things:

  • Physician dosing
  • Supervision
  • Proper use
  • Real medication

Nobody should attempt any medicine regime without physician authorization including the dose amount set by the doctor. Supervision by the physician is an added measure of safety during therapy.

The medication makes a big difference, too; if the medication is not of high quality, its potency could become weaker and it would not be as effective. If the medicine is a counterfeit, it could be harmful to a person’s health.

Hormone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach FL is incredibly safe, because the medication is bio identical – it is created in a laboratory, but it is a copy of the body’s natural hormones.

In all studies cases of side effects for both testosterone and GH, side effects only appeared if the medicine was administered at too high a dosage; a simple adjustment of the dose by the attending physician would clear up any problems immediately.

Kingsberg Medical provides high quality rejuvenation and hormone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach FL for adults who are clinically deficient (as proven by a blood test).  When levels drop with age, replenishment therapy is just the ticket. Any decline in the quality of health and performance can be reversed with biosynthetic hormone medicines.

Hormone Replenishment Therapy with Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone

The main component which has the most direct effect on the inner body workings is growth hormone. Testosterone is another key player. GH and testosterone have a synergistic relationship, because they both work on sexual function, energy, muscle growth, bone strength, weight, mood stabilization and concentration.

For some, hormone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach FL will include a combined dose of HGH and testosterone. Together, these two have the effect of a one-two punch when needed, but treatment depends on the results of the blood measurements and what the body needs.

A doctor will not offer hormonal therapy in the absence of deficiency, and will not provide it based on symptoms alone. This unsafe practice is too risky, because over use of these medications – providing too much hormone – offsets the balance in the other direction.  Side effects from this type of use is often irreparable.

The average length of time for hormone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach FL is an average of approximately 6 months (some people may be prescribed treatment for 12 months if their deficiency warrants it). While it is certainly an investment of time, recovery from a hormone deficiency occurs at a faster rate than it took the body to reach that state of deterioration.

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Why a Blood Test is Needed for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Chemical makeup is as unique to an individual as their own fingerprints. Genetic factors, environment, lifestyle … all of these add up in a different chemical balance per person. This needs to be taken into consideration when dosing each person with any substance designed to alter the existing balance. Hormone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach FL is only legal when it is used to help a patient achieve a healthy balance in his or her body.

The blood test first proves that the levels are deficient and gives information on how much is needed for optimal replenishment. All of our medications are regulated and require a prescription for use based on this qualifying blood test.

If you are aware that you’ve not been feeling quite right, that you are otherwise healthy, yet something is a little off, you may want to call Kingsberg Medical to find out more information about HRT treatments. Our clinical advisors can fill you in on the details regarding GH and testosterone hormone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach FL easily and discreetly.

If you are satisfied with the information you receive, you can right then and there schedule an appointment for the diagnostic blood testing and physical examination. While the test results are being analyzed, you will be asked to fill out your personal and medical history so that the doctor can have all of your information by the time the test results are back.