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Get Blood Test for HGH Levels IGF-1 in West Palm Beach

Where To Get Blood Test For HGH Levels (IGF-1) In West Palm Beach FL

Hormone replacement therapy for Adult Growth Hormone Disorder (AGHD) is prescribed according to the measured deficiency in the patient’s blood. Growth hormone (GH) cannot be measured directly due to its sporadic release in differing amounts throughout the day. There are manipulation tests that stimulate a specific release that can allow for accurate measurements, but these tests can take a few hours and in some cases be subject to patient health or medication that would impede accuracy.

The most often-used test to measure GH is the measurement of insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1.  This is considered a viable biomarker for the presence of this vital component because its release from the liver is instigated by the release of growth hormone and its total daily release amount is consistent; plus, it remains in the bloodstream more constantly.

For the person looking into treatment for AGHD with HGH injections, the best place to start to get blood test for HGH levels IGF-1 in West Palm Beach, and that is always the medical facility where one is seeking treatment. The reading of test results vary from laboratory to laboratory, and are usually measured against a generic standard range. Since it is up to the physician to accurately dose HGH, it is he or she who should be reading the results of the blood tests, taking in all pertinent patient information including symptoms, current physical condition and previous medical history, lifestyle, gender, age and weight.

Knowing where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in West Palm Beach FL, and that these tests are required by law to determine whether or not a person, qualifies for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). A person is not legally allowed to use any HGH medication unless their blood levels conclude that the person’s measurements are in the category of clinically deficient.

Bio Identical HGH Injections are the only Authorized Treatment for AGHD

Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency causes premature aging in adults and poses risks of more serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease.

Symptoms do not preclude a positive deficiency; that can only be ascertained by knowing where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in West Palm Beach FL and doing so promptly. The symptoms that occur most often with AGHD are:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • No energy
  • Loss of libido
  • Depression
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Brittle bones
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Low immunity
  • Slower healing.

Because other conditions could cause some of these same problems, before a person can be prescribed use of HGH injections, he or she must seek out where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in West Palm Beach FL. HGH is not a medication like an antibiotic or painkiller that fights substances in the body; it is a duplicate compound used to replace the hormones that the body is no longer producing, for whatever reason, to bring them back into balance to allow the body to maintain its homeostasis.

The above symptoms that occur are from the improper function of the body systems that are regulated by growth hormone. Restoring the measures that were once there restores proper functionality.

HGH Injections Provide Life-Changing Benefits

As a person’s psychological and physiological functions suffer poor quality from a growth hormone insufficiency, so does that person’s quality of life. When movement becomes limited because of pain or inflexibility in the joints, or a person’s immune function is so impaired that he or she gets sick all of the time, it will cause a person to live their life around their symptoms, and limit activities he or she used to enjoy regularly.

The physician’s knowledge of what levels each patient needs for optimal function is determined by the results of the patient knowing where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in West Palm Beach FL, and reviewing that information prior to treatment.

Patients often begin by sacrificing personal enjoyment just to be able to continue with necessary activities, and then find they are unable to even keep up with those. Aside from the physical issues already being dealt with, this can be a major blow to the psyche, and a person can fall into depression and isolative habits.

This is a double-whammy, as AGHD can also cause depression, mood swings and feelings of social isolation. It is easy to see the impact all of this could have on a person’s mental outlook and motivation.

Before treatment is offered to anyone, Kingsberg Medical makes arrangements for the patient to determine where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in West Palm Beach FL. Our treatment programs use only the highest purity and best quality HGH medications from legally authorized, world-renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers, like Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sandoz, to name a few. Each patient’s 6-12 month program is fully monitored by our experts to ensure timely recovery and better overall wellness, as well as to maintain safety in use of the medications.

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HGH is the Medicine used to Balance Growth Hormone Levels

Our facility only provides treatment for those who are clinically deficient in growth hormone and will not prescribe HGH to anyone for recreational use, such as bodybuilders or professional athletes. This type of recreational use can prove to be harmful, as overuse of the medication (professional athletes and bodybuilders, by nature, are usually in very good health) can cause irreparable damage.

Our doctors rely on their support staff and patients arranging where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in West Palm Beach FL, and then receiving those results promptly. When read accurately by our physician, this provides the guidelines which he uses to assess his prescription. When the dose matches the deficiency, full chemical balance is restored and the person will receive numerous benefits in the restoration of normal body operation, affecting:

  • Stronger immunity
  • Better blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Leaner muscle mass
  • Stronger bones
  • Enhanced vision and hearing
  • An even temperament and stable moods
  • Weight loss
  • Faster healing after illness or surgery
  • Firmer skin with better tone and texture
  • Healthier hair and nails
  • Improved memory
  • More mental acuity
  • More flexible, healthier joints
  • Restored energy
  • Less fatigue
  • Increased ability for exercise.

Suffering with a growth hormone deficiency is unnecessary, because treatment is easy and easily available with the validated results examinations which come from the person knowing where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in West Palm Beach FL.

Kingsberg Medical’s programs are comprehensive, covering testing, medication, re-testing (if needed) and fully supervised for the full length of the therapeutic program. Call our advisors for more information regarding our top-notch hormone replenishment therapy programs.