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Are Testosterone Clinics in West Palm Beach FL for You?

Testosterone Clinics In West Palm Beach FL

The signs of a testosterone deficiency are almost vague in that they can be indicative of other medical conditions or reactions to medications. Treating a deficiency should only be handled by a licensed physician, as he is the only person who can accurately diagnose this condition and prescribe the right medication for it.

The concern of confidentiality and trust is an issue with everyone, particularly when it comes to choosing a doctor. Are testosterone clinics in West Palm Beach FL for you, or are you better off seeing your own primary care physician?

For many, it is a matter of familiarity in wanting to use their own doctor for any medical treatment. This is not uncommon nor is it wrong, however, your own doctor is not always in a position to treat more specialized issues like testosterone deficiency. The services a general practitioner provides are unmatched; it is absolutely necessary for him or her to have a general knowledge in every field of medicine. Primary care physicians are the first line of defense, they have the most responsibility with people since they are the doctors who are seen first.

There are situations that there will be someone more qualified to provide treatment than a general physician; those are the more specific and narrower fields of medicine, the specialty arenas. When a physician’s patient is having heart problems, the doctor will refer his patient to a cardiologist; a patient experiencing seizures or extreme headaches will be sent to a neurologist; and a patient with hormonal imbalances will be referred to an endocrinologist or hormone replacement specialist. The tertiary physicians can be found at legitimate testosterone clinics in West Palm Beach FL, like Kingsberg Medical.

How Can You Choose a Testosterone Clinic That’s Right for You?

Choosing the right clinic will determine how successful your treatment will be. Hormone deficiency is an affliction that affects millions of older adults, and Florida has a large senior population; this makes the state ripe for a larger selection of hormone replacement clinics, some of which may not be completely legitimate.

If you are unsure of which testosterone clinics in West Palm Beach FL to choose, you can call them and ask a few specific questions. The first thing you want to ask about is their physicians; if they are not run by licensed physicians, than the clinic is not a legitimate medical facility. Hormone replacement therapy should only be handled as a medical treatment; it is not the same type of treatment that one would receive at a spa. Legitimate testosterone medication is only available with a doctor’s prescription that is based on the results of a hormone blood test.

Second, ask them about their medications. Ask specific questions about brand names and parent pharmaceutical manufacturers. Find out if their medication is federally approved in the United States. Medications from China are not approved for use in this country.

Find out what their therapeutic programs consist of. Do they provide testing? Are patient’s programs monitored by the physician? Can you count on full support during treatment?

Be careful with businesses that advertise extremely low prices or direct price quotes by some phony testosterone clinics in West Palm Beach FL. There are no substitutes for the federally-authorized testosterone medications, and hormone replacement therapy is unique to each person. The prescription details such as dose amount, strength and form of medication (injection, gel or cream) cannot be determined until after a diagnosis has been made and therefore cost cannot be assessed until then. Patients should not be given a generic prescription; their medication use should be dictated by their own body chemistry. Asking direct questions about their medications will help here, too.

Testosterone Treatment Can Change Your Life for the Better

We’ve all grown up expecting our bodies to change as we get older. We’ve watched our parents and grandparents age right before our eyes, and have since developed a certain level of expectation of what will happen to us and how our bodies will change when we get older.

One thing most of us didn’t know back then was that many of those common signs of getting older had to do with a drop in hormone production. The fatigue and lack of energy, the changes in body composition, mood swings and changes in sex drive could be attributed to a testosterone deficiency. Back then there wasn’t as much known about hormone replacement therapy for anyone other than children who weren’t reaching specific growth milestones.

The studies of body hormones and what they do has come a long way since then, and hormone replacement therapy is an easy, affordable alternative to watching your own body function decline as you get older. Testosterone clinics in West Palm Beach FL make it an easy process to diagnose and treat Low-T safely and legally. People are learning more and more about testosterone and how replenishment therapy can benefit older adults.

If you have noticed that your body is going through certain changes, if you’ve noticed that you are gaining weight faster than you used to, if you are experiencing a loss of energy that you can’t seem to get back, if your motivation is low, or if your sex life is impaired you may want to check out one of the testosterone clinics in West Palm Beach FL to find out if what you are suffering with is Low-T. Low T is a recognized medical condition that affects millions of men in the United States. Fortunately, there is effective treatment for it that is both legal and safe.

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Kingsberg Medical is Provides Testosterone Therapy Programs and Medications

Kingsberg Medical is staffed by licensed physicians and provides legal medication to patients with low testosterone, or Low-T, after conducting all of the federally required testing. Our doctors can be trusted to provide fully-supervised treatment to ensure the desired outcome of better health.

Reputable testosterone clinics in West Palm Beach FL will not be vague in answering any questions you have about their physicians, medicines and therapeutic programs. After the prescription is determined after the initial blood test, the cost will be assessed and you will be informed about everything that is included in your treatment program. 

Call us, and call the other clinics. Ask the same questions about physicians, medications, blood tests, doctor-prescribed testosterone injections and patient support. We are confident that you will be more than happy with the answers our knowledgeable experts can provide, and secure in trusting us to help you reach your full health potential.

Remember, not all testosterone clinics in West Palm Beach FL are the same. You want to make sure that you will get personal and caring treatment from medical personnel who care about helping you reach your goals.