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Low Testosterone Treatment In West Palm Beach FL

The most common symptoms of testosterone deficiency are a reduced sex drive, low energy and vitality, loss of lean muscle mass, weight gain, moodiness, sleep disturbances and other sleeping problems, and changes in sexual function. These are all what most people consider to be normal signs of getting older, and even signs of another type of hormone deficiency called Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency and other medical conditions. For this reason, a person cannot get low testosterone treatment in West Palm Beach FL without a valid diagnosis.

Because of the easy confusion with normal aspects of getting older, it has been estimated that about 5% of people with Low T actually get the medical attention to treat it. People do expect their bodies to change with age, but they really don’t know how fast or how slow certain changes should occur. They will not necessarily notice the premature signs as happening too fast, because decline happens gradually, making the symptoms subtle and easily discountable as the result of a hard day at work or a poor night’s sleep. They don’t realize that their stressful day at work and insomnia could be the result of a hormone deficiency.

A person over the age of 40 who is noticing feeling run down more often than not would do well to get hormone levels checked. While sexual dysfunction may be the most common symptom of Low-T, it is not the only one. 40 is not old, but a testosterone deficiency at that age can make an individual feel old.

A physician cannot prescribe low testosterone treatment in West Palm Beach FL based only on a person’s symptoms. A blood test needs to be conducted first do determine just how low the patient’s levels are, and if a prescription for replenishment is required the dosage will exactly reflect the level of deficiency.

The Truth about Low Testosterone

Low testosterone, or Low-T, is medical condition that is both treatable and reversible. There are a few things that are not fully known about the condition and the medication. Here we will try to help clear things up:

  • Testosterone injections are legal. Media stories about illegal substances have nothing to do with its indicated use and focus instead on the abuse and overuse of athletes.
  • Low-T affects both men and women. Women’s bodies produce this hormone, too, just not in the same amounts as a man’s, and a woman can also be deficient enough to require replenishment.
  • It is not just for sexual function and libido. This vital component in the body aids in the production of red blood cells, the distribution and conversion of body fat, the maintenance of muscle and bones, mood stabilization, mental acuity and sexual function.
  • All adults will experience a lessening of production, but not all of them will become clinically deficient.

The licensed physicians who provide low testosterone treatment in West Palm Beach FL from Kingsberg Medical understand that the proper management of these hormone levels will not only reverse symptoms of deficiency but can also prevent the onset of more serious health risks that occur with age such as cardiovascular disease, depression, obesity and osteoporosis.

While there are associations between diabetes and erectile dysfunction, they do not cause Low-T. It is because of the associations between this deficiency and other medical conditions that a person can only be diagnosed as deficient if a blood test reveals clinically low levels. Low-T cannot be diagnosed on symptoms alone, and low testosterone treatment in West Palm Beach FL will not be prescribed without that specific, blood-verified diagnosis.

The Relationship Between Testosterone and Mental Stability

Testosterone plays a role in a person’s mental health. Feelings of anger, stress, sadness and nervousness are maintained by proper levels of this hormone. This is proven in the reverse in cases of imbalance: a person deficient in this hormone will more often experience chronic depression and stress, and a person with too much will have trouble controlling aggression.

It is important to note that this important hormone helps maintain a healthy mood balance, as reported in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1996. Men who received low testosterone treatment in West Palm Beach FL were able to maintain a more positive outlook and deal with stressors better than when their Low-T was not being treated.

Another symptom of Low-T that affects moods is how it affects erythropoiesis, or the production of red blood cells. A deficiency prevents the body from producing the red blood cells that are vital to its source of energy. We know that when one doesn’t have the energy to complete or accomplish a task, stress levels increase, and stress impacts mental and physical well-being.

If a person has normal levels of this hormone, low testosterone treatment in West Palm Beach FL will not be prescribed. As mentioned above, too much testosterone can increase aggression, to the point of causing even sociopathic, criminally aggressive behavior. This has been proven time and again in the cases of athletes who illegally use these injections for performance enhancement and then exhibit uncontrolled aggression.

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Why Should You Choose Kingsberg Medical for Testosterone Therapy?

Ensuring to only consider receiving treatment from a legitimate medical facility is key. Medication from China is not legal in the U.S., and any product sold without a prescription is not authentic testosterone. Clinics that support the use of these types of products are not valid medical establishments. Unfortunately, due to the rise in popularity of Low T treatment, there are many businesses operating under illegal methods.

Kingsberg Medical provides quality treatment only to patients who qualify for low testosterone treatment in West Palm Beach FL under the legal protocols, and does not provide medication for off-label use. It is our interest to provide patients with treatment programs that will give them the best health benefits by focusing on managing the precise balance of hormone levels for the achievement of overall wellness by using only the federally authorized, injectable testosterone cypionate or the controlled creams and gels, all manufactured here in this country and all legally authorized for use.

Once the full scope of the benefits of hormonal balance is grasped, it is easy to understand the importance of selecting the right medical establishment and doctor for treatment. When you choose our clinic, you can be assured of effective low testosterone treatment in West Palm Beach FL. You may be surprised by the results; many patients report that they never fully realized just how bad they had been feeling until they saw how good they were able to feel with treatment.