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Are There Any HGH Doctors in West Palm Beach FL for Adults?

HGH Doctors In West Palm Beach FL

Everyone is hearing about the amazing benefits of HGH injections when used to treat a growth hormone deficiency. Many people are asking, are there any HGH doctors in West Palm Beach FL for adults? In Florida, it is perhaps the easiest to find such a specialist because of the larger over-50 population and most growth hormone deficiencies begin their onset just after the age of 30.

While medical scientists do not understand the reason production of growth hormone begins to decline with age, it is understood that the decline does occur, and that normal body function can be affected if the drop is low enough.

Should the deficiency reach a point below what is normal for the individual, it becomes important enough to require medically supplemented bio-identical human growth hormone prescribed by HGH doctors in West Palm Beach FL. The scope of problems caused by these low levels includes many symptoms like:

  • Slow healing and recovery
  • Low immune function
  • Wrinkled skin
  • Softer, flabby muscles
  • Weakened bones
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Lack of sexual interest
  • Impaired hearing and eyesight
  • Thinning hair
  • Osteoporosis

Fortunately, one easy treatment program is all that is needed to take care of these symptoms. Injectable HGH therapy restores the body back to the age when it was producing optimal levels of growth hormone, causing body function to resume at its normal operational standard.

How Do HGH Doctors Know if a Person is Growth Hormone Deficient?

A doctor can assume a person has a hormone imbalance by the list of symptoms the patient is complaining about. The symptoms for Adult Growth Hormone Disorder (AGHD) are very common to a deficiency – and a host of other medical conditions. HGH doctors in West Palm Beach FL need to analyze the blood of the patient to see if the levels are too low.

The symptoms mentioned above are many signs of possible AGHD, and there are more:

  • Mental fogginess
  • Lack of mental acuity
  • Depression
  • Joint pain
  • Midsection gaining of weight
  • Slower growing and thinning hair.

The list of symptoms is rather generic, so HGH doctors in West Palm Beach FL need to have a way to verify that the patient is deficient to pinpoint whether or not the problem is chemical. 

If hormone balances are off, prescribed human growth hormone therapy is just the answer. One of the best things about this therapy is that re-balancing the hormones is not only likely to eliminate all of these symptoms, but it simultaneously reverses any damage that has been caused.   

Kingsberg Medical can help you regain the state of wellness that you had up to twenty years ago. It is not necessary to suffer common symptoms of aging if they are a direct result of a hormone deficiency.

How Much Do HGH Doctors Charge for HGH Injections?

We all understand the value of our health. It is something too valuable to put a price tag on, but that doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t be concerned about the cost of HGH treatment. What is the cost of therapy prescribe by HGH doctors in West Palm Beach FL? This is not a question that can be answered immediately.

The treatment for a growth hormone deficiency depends on how bad the deficiency is. A doctor’s prescription for replenishment cannot be planned until he knows how much replacement the patient needs to achieve balance. He can only figure this out after he has the results of the patient’s lab work and all medical background information on the patient.

Reputable HGH doctors in West Palm Beach FL will not quote a price to anyone until the prescription is written; that is when he will have all of the pertinent details he needs to give a total.

However one feels about the cost of HGH therapy: far less money will be paid in treating the medical deficiency than spending a fortune indefinitely on goods and services that merely alleviate the symptoms. HGH injection therapy takes care of the root cause; when that is done, the symptoms just disappear.

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Will HGH Doctors Prescribe Medicine for Anti-Aging?

HGH is commonly mistaken for an anti-aging medicine. HGH does not stop aging; it allows people to retain a good quality of health even as they age. Some signs that are often associated with getting older can be caused by a growth hormone deficiency that develops as a person ages. Getting older does not cause the symptoms … the decline in growth hormone with advanced age causes the symptoms. The aging that is complained about is really premature aging – the natural decline occurs in everyone, but each person’s own genetics and environmental influences may contribute to the decline that is already occurring.

A prescription from HGH doctors in West Palm Beach FL refills the supply of growth hormone the system needs to maintain homeostasis (normal, consistent function). Cellular metabolism is regulated by growth hormone, and regeneration of the cells before they die off is necessary to nearly every part of the body. Deficiency-caused decline in cellular regeneration causes more cells to die off than are produced. Outward signs of this are a haggard appearance in wrinkling, sagging skin and thinning hair. The composition of the body changes, too, when fat is deposited around the middle, and the muscles lose their tone.

Even skin and hair can be restored to their former glory with the help of HGH doctors in West Palm Beach FL. Growth hormone is truly a miraculous hormone, with all of the body function it controls.