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If You Need HGH Therapy in West Palm Beach FL, Check This Out

HGH Therapy In West Palm Beach FL

Getting older is something most people do not look forward to after often seeing their parents and grandparents slow down with age. Retirement becomes a scary prospect if one’s health is a concern. It is only more fully being understood recently how the age-related decline of growth hormone (GH) can cause some of the issues commonly associated with getting older, and that HGH injectable therapy is a way to manage it and maintain good health even in later years. So, if you need HGH therapy in West Palm Beach FL, check this out:

  • Human growth hormone replenishment therapy maintains the structure and function of the heart, liver and kidneys
  • HGH can help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Properly balanced levels maintain the body’s conversion of fat to energy, preventing extra weight gain and increasing energy
  • Loss of memory, vision problems, lack of sexual interest, low immunity and slow healing can all be restored back to normal with hormone replacement therapy.

There is no catch to this; no tricks involved. GH deficiency will affect how well the body functions, but the replacement with HGH therapy in West Palm Beach FL can restore the body to its former state of health.

The Connection Between HGH Therapy and Weight Loss

Patients who receive HGH therapy enjoy one major benefit of treatment: weight loss. When a deficiency is present, the body’s normal handling of fat and sugar conversion is impaired. People generally gain weight around the midsection because the body is storing fat instead of using it for energy.

Another sad fact about a growth hormone deficiency is that the body’s capacity to exercise decreases, eliminating the possibility of reducing the newer weight gain or preventing the adding of more pounds. The decrease of energy that accompanies growth hormone imbalances makes the problem even worse. It becomes an uphill battle to maintain a healthy weight; but HGH therapy in West Palm Beach FL cannot be prescribed solely for weight loss.

Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) is a recognized medical condition where weight gain is just one symptom of many, and a few other effects of this deficiency only contribute to unmanageable weight.

An individual with verified AGHD will suffer other symptoms along with the weight gain. On the plus side, HGH therapy in West Palm Beach FL will not only prevent the body from gaining weight, it will rejuvenate the body process of fat conversion so that existing fat stores will be converted into energy, and the patient will most likely lose weight even without initial changes to dietary and exercise habits.

HGH Therapy Improves Sleep Habits

It is common knowledge how important restful sleep is. The sleep industry is a multi-billion dollar business in products and services like specialty mattresses and pillows, sleeping aids like pills or soothing music and sounds that play in delta-wave enhancing tones, and even specialty sleep-pods. HGH therapy in West Palm Beach FL counteracts the growth hormone deficiency that causes insomnia and other sleep disturbances allowing the adult to fall asleep easily and stay sleeping throughout the night.

The detrimental effect a growth hormone deficiency has on sleep is two-fold; the body’s highest secretion of growth hormone occurs during the deepest stages of sleep, and if a person can’t sleep long enough to reach that stage, the deficiency increases faster, making it even harder to get consistent sleep.

When a person gets the blood tested and finds that he or she qualifies for HGH therapy in West Palm Beach FL, they will be able to resume normal sleep patterns, and learn what it feels like to wake up each morning feeling refreshed.

An easy phone call to Kingsberg Medical can answer any and all questions you may have about growth hormone replacement therapy, including the different brands of medications we provide and the pros and cons of HGH therapy.

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The Best HGH Therapy Medication Brands

Authentic HGH medicine is only manufactured by a small handful of pharmaceutical laboratories that have the skill and technology to process this powerful medicine in an injectable form that is identical to one’s own growth hormone.

Legitimate HGH therapy in West Palm Beach FL from Kingsberg Medical involves the use of well-known brand names like Genotropin, Saizen, Omnitrope, Humatrope and Norditropin. Each one of these brands is administered by the traditional vial and syringe method and by different patented injection devices … all manufactured with patient convenience and ease in mind.

The prescribing physician will help choose which medication is best according to either the patient’s wallet or convenience of time.

These time-tested and effective medications are all legally indicated by US government agencies to use to combat a growth hormone deficiency safely and effectively. One thing is certain: Kingsberg Medical only provides quality, legal medicine to our patients.

Kingsberg Medical offers therapeutic replenishment prescriptions only to people who are candidates based on the measure hormone levels in their blood. We do not prescribe to professional athletes or body builders, or for any other type of recreational use or cosmetic enhancement.

Call us today to find out how you can get HGH therapy in West Palm Beach FL from one of our licensed physicians.