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Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in West Palm Beach FL

Blood Test For Testosterone Levels In West Palm Beach FL

Prescribing replacement hormones requires knowing the unique amount that an individual’s body is deficient, and prescribing only as much as needed. This is achieved by measuring the person’s testosterone level with a blood test. To get a valid blood test for testosterone levels in West Palm Beach FL, the patient must go to a doctor’s office or laboratory for the tests to be conducted by medical staff members.

This information is given specifically because there are a few companies giving out prescriptions on a blood test that the patient takes at home and mails back in. This does not qualify as a valid blood test.

Chemically re-balancing hormones is an exact science, needing to be managed a certain way without cutting any corners that would result in under-dosing, over-dosing, or the use of ineffective or illegal medications. Hormonal imbalances affect so many aspects of bodily function. In cases of treatment for low testosterone levels, the prescription involves the use of a substitute hormone to replace the natural hormones that are unavailable.

When a person calls Kingsberg Medical for information about Low T treatment, the first thing the advisor does is schedules the patient for the blood test for testosterone levels in West Palm Beach FL. Treatment cannot begin unless it is proven that the patient qualifies with clinically low, blood-measured levels of this important hormone.

Where Can You Get a Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in West Palm Beach FL?

As previously mentioned, testosterone treatment is replenishment therapy with the prescription being reliant on the result of blood measurements. Testosterone levels that are off balance, whether too low or too high, cause significant health problems. In treating a deficiency, the doctor needs to know how low and individual’s levels are to ensure that his prescribed dose is only enough to cover the deficiency without going over what balances the patient’s chemistry. The blood test for testosterone levels in West Palm Beach FL is what gives the physician the measurements he needs to accurately prescribe the correct amount.

The best place to get the blood test is through the medical facility or the physician’s office where treatment is being sought. There are laboratories that are set up where an individual can go and order tests on his or her own, but each lab varies in how they read results, usually following a generic range classification.

By having testing conducted by the treatment facility, the approach to reading a patient’s results and the prescription based off the results takes into account all personal medical information of the patient, including symptoms. It is this personalized treatment that provides the most beneficial results, because body chemistry is different from person to person. Any medical regimen that affects chemical balance needs to reflect each patient as unique.

As part of determining candidacy for treatment as well as contributing to a correct prescription, Kingsberg Medical arranges for each prospective patient’s blood test for testosterone levels in West Palm Beach FL to be done at one of our facilities in a location convenient for the individual. If necessary, at any point during treatment the physician considers it necessary, the patient may be sent back for another blood test to re-measure hormone levels.

Possible Side Effects of Testosterone Therapy

Any medication introduced into the body can run the risk of causing side effects. Testosterone injection therapy uses the bio identical substance; a lab-created hormone that is identical in molecular structure to that made in the body. Even though being considered natural, if the prescription is incorrect, these injections can cause side effects, most often occurring if the dose is too high.

It is the blood test for testosterone levels in West Palm Beach FL that prevents inaccurate dosages. The risk of any side effects at all with its proper use is only about 1%, with problems like:

  • Acne
  • Sleep apnea
  • Dizziness and headaches
  • Enlarged prostate (in men)
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Enhanced characteristics of the opposite gender (enlarged breasts in men and facial hair in women)
  • Mood instability with a heavier impact on aggressive behavior.

The amount of testosterone produced by the male body is a much higher amount than that of a female body. This is yet another reason that hormone replacement therapy needs to be based on individual blood counts.

To prevent the possibility of over-prescribing medication for anyone, man or woman, the blood test for testosterone levels in West Palm Beach FL is vital.

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The Three Best Types of Testosterone Medication

Every prescription medication has its own set of regulations that must be followed for authorized use. The majority rely on certain diagnostic tests and are never prescribed without these procedures. All prescription Low T therapies require that each patient submit to a blood test for testosterone levels in West Palm Beach FL.

To accommodate the need for differing amounts in medication prescribed, Kingsberg Medical offers three different formats: injections, creams and gels. Of the three methods of administration, injections are the most effective, as well as the most hassle-free. The creams and gels are still quite effective and perfect for people who require much smaller amounts for replenishment, particularly women.

The downside to the topical applications of testosterone is the possibility of transference. It can be passed to other people by contact with bed sheets and clothing that a user has had contact with. Patients with children need to take care to limit the possibility of their children coming into contact with the medication. Some patients experience skin sensitivity or rashes from the gel due to its high alcohol content.

A legitimate physician will never prescribe any pill form of testosterone. There is no federally authorized pill, and physicians believe that if it were ingested and have to go through the liver it would cause damage. Injections, gels and creams bypass the liver and go directly into the bloodstream.

The two most important factors in successful hormone replacement therapy is accurate diagnosing and the use of real medicine. Without the blood test for testosterone levels in West Palm Beach FL, there is no way to know how deficient an individual may be, or how much medication would be best for them.