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Best Treatment of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency in Jacksonville FL

Best Treatment of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency in Jacksonville

A growth hormone (GH) deficiency in adults is going to be rectified with HGH human growth hormone injections in much the same manner as a vitamin D deficiency is treated with vitamin D supplementation. It is essential when correcting any type of chemical imbalance in the body to use like for like. That means to provide bioidentical supplementation that is the same as the substance that is in question. Although this therapy cannot be purchased directly by walking into store and grabbing it off of a shelf in the same manner as vitamins, minerals, and other types of compounded supplements, it is entirely possible to get the best treatment of human growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL without a lot of fuss. The doctors at Kingsberg Medical have simplified the process to eliminate all the downtime spent waiting in a local clinic to meet with healthcare professionals for testing and treatment. While we do require the same diagnostic protocols to be carried out, such as blood testing and physical examination, we have made it easier for these steps to be completed. In addition, we provide access to the best brands of HGH injections that have already been shown and proven to be safe and effective in raising GH levels for optimum body performance and function. In order to receive the best treatment of human growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL, a person will visit a local laboratory near them to have a sample of blood collected for testing. This is the only way of determining if any of the essential chemical levels in the body have declined to the point where symptoms are becoming noticeable. Once the test results have been received, along with findings from a physical exam and the completion of a health history report that can be done online, the doctor can determine if HGH therapy is warranted and needed. If so, a prescription will be provided, and the client can then work with the clinical advisor to select the best brand of medication for his or her needs.

Best Brands of HGH Injections Available

When our doctors are asked why they have chosen certain specific brands of HGH injections to prescribe to our clients, the first thing they typically mention is quality control. There is a certain level of comfort knowing that medications are being manufactured by well-known pharmaceutical companies such as:

  • Pfizer
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Eli Lilly
  • Sandoz
  • EMD Serono

Most people have heard of at least one of these companies if not all of them. When looking for the best treatment of human growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL, you want to know that the medication being received will not be contaminated with bacterial residue, foreign particles, strange or unknown ingredients, or other types of substances. If this seems far-fetched to you, please be aware that products are being manufactured in other countries at this very moment in conditions that would not be considered sanitary by any means. Some of these places have absolutely no governmental or other type of oversight. It is not just HGH that is produced in this nature. Viagra, antibiotics, and many other types of medication have been found to be replicated in below standard forms and then sold illegally on the black market. Anyone searching for the best brands of HGH injections available needs to use due diligence when ordering their therapy. That is why it is crucial to work with a doctor in the US who specializes in this field of treatment. By ensuring that your prescription is being filled at a licensed and regulated US pharmacy you can avoid receiving anything that would not be considered safe to use. It may seem convenient to just go online and find a website that will sell human growth hormone injections without first having to procure an actual prescription, but considering the fact that 97% of these types of websites have been found to be fraudulent or operating outside of what is considered to be safe pharmaceutical practices, that is not recommended. Our doctors at Kingsberg Medical have chosen the best treatment of human growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL to be one of the following high-quality brands:

  • Genotropin by Pfizer
  • Norditropin by Novo Nordisk
  • Humatrope by Eli Lilly
  • Omnitrope by Sandoz
  • Saizen by EMD Serono

These are the offerings we provide at our clinics to those individuals who have been accurately diagnosed by our specialists as to having a growth hormone deficiency. Each of these top-quality brands is available in an assorted variety of different injectable styles to help meet the lifestyle and budget needs of our clients. To learn more about these options, please contact our clinic for a complimentary consultation.

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