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Lab Test for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Jacksonville FL

Lab Test For Growth Hormone Deficiency In Jacksonville FL

The symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency are many and can be vague, because they can also be symptoms of other health issues or side effects from medications. If a hormone deficiency is suspected, it can only be confirmed by the diagnosis based on the results of a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL.

Without that validation, no prescription medication can be given. Symptoms of AGHD (Adult Growth Hormone Disorder) run the gamut from physical to mental and everywhere in between.

An adult sufferer could experience:

  • energy loss
  • fatigue
  • loss of muscle mass
  • joint pain
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • desire to withdraw socially
  • vision and hearing problem
  • brittle bones and osteoporosis
  • memory loss
  • lack of immune function
  • slow healing
  • cognitive problems

If the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL displays levels that are too low for optimal body function, the doctor can prescribe HGH injections to reverse the symptoms and stop the progression of them.

For an adult with this type of hormonal decline, HGH therapy:

  • Reduces fat accumulation
  • Reduces osteoporosis
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Improves libido and sexual performance
  • Improves mood
  • Promotes better sleep patterns
  • Improves elasticity in skin
  • Improves quality and growth of hair
  • Increases immune system function
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Improves recovery and healing
  • Promotes leaner muscle mass
  • Strengthens brittle bones
  • Improves vision and hearing

GH is not a medicine that attacks foreign toxins or infections in the body; it fixes what is broken. These benefits are something to be achieved only by those who were missing them. The body is a truly wonderful machine; HGH therapy allows it to continue with its own maintenance and upkeep.

Because too much GH can also be a problem, Kingsberg Medical physicians will not authorize use of HGH unless the patient has been verified to be deficient. It is against our policy to mete out medication to those who are not in a situation of physical need; therefore, we will not prescribe medicines to bodybuilders and professional athletes whose desire for use is unnecessary and recreational.

Is HGH An Anti-Aging Drug?

Because of the renewal to skin quality, people tend to call HGH an anti-aging treatment. Technically speaking, this is not the case. There is nothing that will prevent the body from aging; this therapy prevents it from aging prematurely and gives it back its ability to maintain overall health well into the advanced years – providing the signs of decline and deterioration were caused by the deficiency.

HGH will not restore the smooth, firm skin of youth to a habitual tanner and sun-worshipper. Constant abuse to the body of any kind will cause damage that nothing can restore (except for by artificial means like cosmetic surgery). Human growth hormone injections will rejuvenate and revive what a deficiency has caused.

Once again, because it is a controlled, prescription medicine, HGH cannot be authorized without a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL, and will only be prescribed in the amount needed to bring the body back into hormonal balance. A deficit has the scales tipped to one extreme that causes specific ailments; no legitimate medical professional would deliberately prescribe medication to tip the scales in the other direction, because that imbalance also creates an environment of poor health.

Authentic bio identical HGH injections were created to allow the body its natural health. A healthy appearance is what gives a person a youthful air about them. Good health begets a positive outlook, and when it shows on the outside, the image is always described as youthful. A person with a continuous frown will develop wrinkles and lines around the mouth and between the brows; nothing will reverse that except smiling more.

HGH injections correct the problems which were caused by a growth hormone deficiency. It is not artificial enhancement of any kind, but a natural restorative treatment.

If you are experiencing symptoms that could indicate AGHD, Kingsberg Medical can help. The first item on your to-do list is to head to one of our local clinics and get a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL to see if you qualify for any of our rejuvenative therapy programs.

We make the process fast and easy, on both your time and your wallet. Our friendly staff is discreet and professional, and always aware that the positive strides that we make in adult health benefits all of us as well.

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Is HGH a Weight Loss Drug?

As the body ages and the decline of growth hormone production becomes more pronounced, many normal functions become disrupted. The metabolism, which was once robust and could allow one to each just about anything and still maintain a trim and attractive figure, becomes quite sluggish when low growth hormone levels prevail. A lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL will help the patient and the physician determine if this is the reason for unexplained weight gain.

Among the reasons for many people seeking to lose weight, we find the most dire cause is high cholesterol and high blood pressure. When these values are elevated, the risk for heart attack and stroke are increased proportionally. Most often, doctors will attempt to control these issues with drugs, however, each of these medications comes with its own array of unwelcomed symptoms.

Often diet and exercise are prescribed to bring down high blood pressure and high cholesterol, however, when one is already suffering, making these changes can often prove to be difficult, if not impossible. We suggest that each person dealing with these problems seek out a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL, and stop struggling against an unseen opponent. Get the help you need to combat these silent killers.

The most compelling reason for many of our clients asking if HGH injections are indicated as a weight loss drug is simply because they want to look and feel better about themselves. It’s hard to have confidence with a potential partner, romantic or otherwise, or in a prospective business venture when the clothes pull and tug or when walking up a flight of stairs for an important meeting leaves you winded and breathless. Studies have shown that snap judgments are offered up on a regular basis when one encounters an overweight person, even if those opinions are not spoken aloud.

Start with a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Jacksonville FL, which can be quickly scheduled by the advisors at Kingsberg Medical. Armed with this important data, you can then make intelligent decisions about what course of action to take.