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Reasons for Hormone Replacement Therapy in Jacksonville FL

Hormone Replacement Therapy In Jacksonville FL

As an adult nears middle age, he or she may begin to notice changes in how the body works and looks. The individual could feel tired all the time, not having the energy for each day. He or she may look in the mirror and notice in the skin around the eyes and mouth, and maybe the development of jowls, and see gray hairs at the temples. Other changes may occurring, also; the beginnings of a potbelly may be noticed, recent trip to the doctor may have revealed high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the memory appears to be spotty.

The majority of people except these signs as expected changes consequences of getting older without being aware that for some these changes could be the result of a drop in human growth hormone that is low enough to cause decline in health. Fortunately, if this is the case, help is available. Our advisors can explain the reasons for hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville FL.

These occurrences of premature aging happen when human growth hormone – the most essential of all of the bodily produced hormones declines to a point where its regulation of cellular metabolism is hampered. A simple blood test can determine if the hormone levels are low enough to require medical intervention with HGH injections.

Lab-created HGH medication is an effective and safe way to treat Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) by refilling the body’s supply of human growth hormone back up to the amount it needs to resume normal body function by rejuvenating cellular metabolism and regeneration.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville FL is a treatment program that can only be authorized by a licensed physician; HGH injections are prescription medication and authorization for use can only be approved after qualifying blood samples are submitted.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy and How Can it Help?

For the most part of the past 40 years, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, was considered a woman’s issue. Synthetic female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) were being used to replace the women’s natural hormones that were no longer being made. It had been the most common and most effective treatment for women suffering with menopause. More specific information related to your actual circumstances can be obtained by asking Kingsberg Medical about hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville FL.

During this time, new strides were being made in the replacement therapy of other hormones such as human growth hormone and testosterone, making HRT no longer just a woman’s treatment. When people ask, what is hormone replacement therapy and how can it help, the answer is that it is a therapeutic program where the patient, as part of a medical treatment program, receives hormones (growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone) to either supplement the lack of naturally occurring hormones or to provide a substitute for hormones which should occur naturally.

Physicians at clinics that provide hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville FL create an individualized prescription for each patient after careful evaluation of the patient’s blood hormone levels and personal and medical history.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

HRT took a serious hit in 2002 when the Women’s Health Initiative determined conclusively that certain programs had life-threatening risks. Their findings were unfortunately real, however, they had to do with specific synthetic estrogen medications. Because of this, people began to distrust the idea of this type of treatment, in general.

Hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville FL is safe, providing the proper medication is being used. The particular synthetic estrogen in question is no longer on the market. Medical science has found a way to make human growth hormone and testosterone injections bio identical. Bio-identical hormones are created using recombinant DNA technology to be molecularly identical to the endogenous hormones the body creates. This means the body accepts them as if they are natural – because they are – and will not fight them as if they were foreign or toxic substances. These are not synthetic hormones.

In the case of bio-identical hormones, side effects are extremely rare and almost always dosage-related. Further studies have shown that there will be side effects in overuse of the hormones, which is why this medication must be prescribed on a patient by patient basis in accordance with their own blood hormone levels. This is also why these medications cannot be prescribed for any type of off-label or recreational use such as for bodybuilding or athletic enhancement. The professionals who administer programs for hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville FL can answer any questions about this treatment.

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What are the Symptoms which Require Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The symptoms often associated with AGHD can include feelings of chronic fatigue and tiredness, low energy, feelings of social isolation, lack of interest in sex, midsection weight gain, a lack of strength and tone in muscles, a feeling of low immune resistance, longer periods of healing and recovery, incapacity for exercise, depression, poor skin quality and thinning hair – essentially, what most people consider to be signs of getting older. Hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville FL can help in many ways, and the only way to find out conclusively is by contacting Kingsberg Medical for a blood test and to schedule an evaluation by our doctors.

Often, there is the question of whether or not a particular symptom is related to low hormone levels or to some other underlying issue. While it is true that many health concerns can stem from any number of causes, when one looks at the lifestyle of the sufferer, signs can often point to fatigue of the glands of the endocrine system and a related deficiency in vitally important hormones.

If these symptoms are caused by AGHD, treatment will reverse them, restoring health and energy and sex drive and an overall feeling of wellness. GH therapy also reduces the risk of more serious conditions such as obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information on reasons for hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville FL, call and speak to a clinical advisor at Kingsberg Medical.