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Get a Simple Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in Jacksonville FL

Blood Test For Testosterone Levels In Jacksonville FL

Before testosterone can be prescribed as a treatment to anyone, a simple blood test for testosterone levels in Jacksonville FL must be administered to verify that the patient’s body is in a state of deficient need.

Some of the conditions besides deficiency testosterone testing is used to diagnose is:

  • Erectile dysfunction (men)
  • Infertility
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Testicular tumors (men)
  • Hirsutism (women)
  • Early or delayed puberty (boys)

Kingsberg Medical treats adult men and women with testosterone medication for the conditions of low T. The process starts when you get a simple blood test for testosterone levels in Jacksonville FL. We do not provide any form of treatment to professional athletes and body builders or for those seeking cosmetic or performance enhancement alone.

Diagnoses of Low T can be tested two ways:

  • A total testosterone test that measures testosterone that is bound to blood proteins and not bound; and
  • A test for bio available or free testosterone.

The doctors determine which blood test for testosterone levels in Jacksonville FL they want to use and will order it if the patient displays symptoms of a decreased sex drive, midsection weight gain, insulin resistance and signs of coronary artery disease.

The measurement of what levels fall under normal ranges varies from lab to lab, making it important to get a diagnosis from a hormone specialist over a general practitioner without as much training, so that the doctor can decide if your personal hormone levels are normal for you and not for someone else.

Testosterone production natural begins to decline after the age of 30. Other factors that can contribute to its decline are liver disease, alcoholism, and drug use (this includes steroids). The doctor should always be made aware of any medical conditions you may have and have knowledge of any medications you are taking.

Testosterone Needs To Be Kept In Balance

For most people, just the mention of the word testosterone brings to mind masculinity. Testosterone in produced in the male testes, but women’s ovaries produce it, too. It is all a part of the full hormonal chemical balance that regulates the libido and sexual function, builds muscle mass, promotes the production of red blood cells, helps maintain energy and stamina. The only way to determine if Low T is an issue is with a blood test for testosterone levels in Jacksonville FL.

Low T will:

  • decrease the sexual drive
  • cause more aches and pains in joints
  • take away a person’s motivation and initiative
  • rob energy
  • accelerate premature aging

Although athletes and bodybuilders swear by its muscle-building properties, if their testosterone levels are not low, then they are not reaping the benefits of testosterone and instead are putting themselves at risk for the irreversible damage of too much testosterone. High testosterone levels can be the cause of highly aggressive and risky behavior.

Men with high testosterone levels get injured faster, can lose body hair, develop high blood pressure, are at an increased risk for liver disease, and can have a high red blood cell count. The problems that arise from too high T levels are much harder to treat than the symptoms of Low T.

Learning how to get a simple blood test for testosterone levels in Jacksonville FL can determine if the production of testosterone is below normal, normal, or above. Kingsberg Medical treats hormonal deficiencies only.

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Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The benefits that testosterone replacement therapy provides is all about balance and the restoral of normal body function. Yes, to a person suffering sexual dysfunction or weight gain and loss of muscle mass from a deficiency, the benefits sound miraculous; but they are only experienced because the person was deficient and their levels were brought up to normal. Throughout a course of Low T treatment, each individual’s is monitored with a blood test for testosterone levels in Jacksonville FL.

When a person is sick for a long time and gets well, there is an air of excitement that accompanies that feeling of renewed health. It is the same theory with hormone replacement; nobody is given more muscle or strength or sex drive than what their body already had. They are given back what they have lost. Restoral and rejuvenation is what hormone replacement therapy is about.

Attempting to gain ‘added’ benefits by off-label use of hormones sets a person up to wreak more havoc on his or her health. Testosterone injections are not about turning people into super humans; it is about bringing their bodies back up to their full capacity for function and total health. A blood test for testosterone levels in Jacksonville FL will indicate if there is a deficiency which should be restored.

Most men and women had optimal production of testosterone and other hormones during their younger years, about 20 to 25, but after the age of 30, those levels begin to decline. Whether this decline is related to the person’s genetics, or to lifestyle changes, including high stress, lack of nutrition and quality sleep, and getting enough exercise, the results are the same. Low T can create a significant reduction in one’s quality of life and overall health and well-being.

Only a blood test for testosterone levels in Jacksonville FL will provide the data needed by our doctors to determine the nature of difficulties and the cause for symptoms being experienced. Make that call today, and let Kingsberg Medical turn your health around.