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The Best Low Testosterone Treatment in Jacksonville FL

Low Testosterone Treatment In Jacksonville FL

Hormonal imbalances affect both men and women in adulthood. It is a proven fact that testosterone production declines after puberty, and in some cases, that drop is severe enough to require the attention of a physician.

Getting the best doctor-prescribed low testosterone treatment in Jacksonville FL can reverse the symptoms of low energy, sexual dysfunction, mood instability and problems with weight gain and muscular strength.

The amount of testosterone naturally produced is much higher in the bodies of men than in women, making it of particular importance that restorative medication only be introduced into the body by a trained medical professional for beneficial results without causing side effects.

At Kingsberg Medical, licensed expert physicians will only mete out prescriptions for low testosterone treatment in Jacksonville FL after a blood test has validated a deficiency and only in amounts enough to replenish what is absent. Proper dosage is key to effective treatment, and it is the basis behind hormone replenishment therapy.

When diagnosed and prescribed accurately, symptoms of Low T are reversed. Muscular strength is restored, weight becomes manageable, the libido is enhanced, and mood and mental attitude becomes stable.

Let the qualified experts at Kingsberg Medical help restore physical and emotional vitality back to your life with quality low testosterone treatment injections.

Low Testosterone Treatment Injections Can Improve Confidence

Having self-confidence allows a person to get ahead in life, to be brave during uncertain times, and keeps a person putting that one foot in front of the other and trying for bigger and better things. Low testosterone can interfere with a person’s sense of self.

There are three ways that low testosterone levels can affect a person’s self-confidence. Low T attacks a person’s emotional stability, directly lessening motivation and confidence; it impairs sexual performance and desire which is well-known to hurt self-esteem; and the physical changes that occur when body weight increases due to the deficiency will also cause a person to look upon him or herself poorly.

Low testosterone treatment in Jacksonville FL can increase a person’s feeling of self-worth by allowing the ability to maintain control over a pleasing physique, improving interest, quality, and performance in sex, and helping an individual maintain a more positive outlook.

With a doctor’s prescription for testosterone injections, the patient will begin to notice improvements within a few short months, each day beginning to feel like their old self again.

It would be a shame for something like low-T go undetected and untreated, and possibly cause problems in a relationship or career.

Speak to a doctor about low testosterone treatment in Jacksonville FL if any of these issues seem to be making an appearance. There’s nothing to lose by asking questions. If low T is ruled out as a possible condition, the physician will be able to look for other possible causes; if an imbalance is verified it can be treated easily.

Low Testosterone Treatment Injections Side Effects

Testosterone cypionate injections are indicated for hormone replacement therapy when there is a verified absence or severe deficiency of the body’s own natural hormone.

The blood test that is required to prove deficiency is also used to ascertain proper dosage, to prevent the dose amount from being too high. Too much testosterone can cause male pattern baldness, hirsutism, acne and seborrhea (an inflammatory skin disease), liver problems, and fluid retention. Highly aggressive behavior – including sociopathic and criminal activity – are also recorded side effects of too much of this androgen.

Doctors who prescribe low testosterone treatment in Jacksonville FL take care to ensure that medication dose amounts are assessed by each individual patient’s blood lab results.

Kingsberg Medical physicians monitor all of their patients during the full treatment cycles. This allows them to track the health progress of each patient and make any needed dose adjustments at the first sign of any adverse symptoms.

This quality level of care is what one can expect from the experts at Kingsberg Medical, where low testosterone treatment in Jacksonville FL is a specialty. If low T is suspected, make the call today and schedule an appointment for a blood test at a local clinic. If the results come back positive for testosterone deficiency a prescription can quickly be assessed for treatment to begin within a matter of days.

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Low Testosterone Treatment Drugs

If a doctor has determined a condition of low-T, he has a few different medication options for low testosterone treatment in Jacksonville FL.

The most common treatment medication is Depo-Testosterone (the brand name for testosterone cypionate) injections. Published studies have concluded that this particular form of administration is most effective for men. The injectable medication is not for everyone, especially women whose needs are usually much lower than men’s.

There are two topical medications that are considered to be quite effective, and usually chosen when injections are not recommended. A testosterone cream or gel can be ideal for lower dosage needs.

Gel and cream usage requires extra care to avoid transference to other people from direct contact or contact from clothing and bed sheets. A person using either will be given specific guidelines on how to keep it away from women and children.

Out of the two topical options, creams are generally preferred because they need to be applied to a smaller area of skin than the area a gel needs to cover. Some people may experience a slight contact rash from the gel medications due to a high alcohol content.

The doctor who prescribes the low testosterone treatment in Jacksonville FL will discuss the pros and cons of each treatment option with each patient before making the decision on which one will provide the best results with the least inconvenience.