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Testosterone Therapy In Jacksonville FL: Do You Need It?

Testosterone Therapy In Jacksonville FL

Of all the questions surrounding hormone replacement therapy, most of them appear to revolve around testosterone replacement therapy. Because testosterone is even used in regular conversation about men or male sexuality, it is mistakenly thought to be something only a man would need.

Consider the question of Testosterone therapy in Jacksonville FL: Do you need it? This therapeutic medication is available to both men and women because testosterone is produced in the bodies of both men and women, and they both require it. Yes, it is predominantly found in males – just as estrogen is more of a concern for women – but still, both genders have legitimate need for it (albeit in different amounts) and both genders can be affected by low testosterone (low T).

Like human growth hormone, testosterone plays a role in building of muscles, sexuality, energy and moods. Symptoms of deficiency in either hormone can mimic the other. Often times, a physician who is testing an individual’s growth hormone levels may recommend also the testing of the levels of testosterone. The two hormones have a synergistic relationship with each other, working on some of the same body functions but from different angles.

Because HGH and testosterone have to be prescribed carefully to avoid side effects that can occur with overuse, they can only be prescribed when a blood test validates clinically deficient levels, and they need to be administered in dosages according to those lab results. Extra care must be taken for a woman who needs testosterone replenishment therapy, because even in the state of deficiency, their bodies can only handle so much.

Testosterone medication is available in biosynthetic injections or in the form of a topical gel or cream. The physician who prescribes testosterone therapy in Jacksonville FL will determine which method is best for the patient. Generally speaking, the injections are the most potent and prescribed for more severe deficiencies. Gel and cream medications are very effective and are usually prescribed in cases where much lower doses are needed. Extra care needs to be taken when using these products to prevent transference to other people. This is more of a concern with the testosterone gels because they need to be spread over a larger area of skin.

How Do You Know If You Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

A too low hormone count of testosterone can cause a man or woman to not only experience lack of interest in sex but also have trouble performing sexually (a man could experience erectile dysfunction and a woman may notice vaginal dryness), become depressed, have difficulty concentrating, notice an increase in body fat and weight gain, lose body hair, experience changes in cholesterol and lipid levels and could possibly suffer anemia.

If you are familiar with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (“AGHD”) and its symptoms you may be wondering, about testosterone therapy in Jacksonville FL. Some of the symptoms of low T are similar to the symptoms of AGHD. The only way to determine whether or not the problem is related to growth hormone or low T is by measuring the levels of each in the blood.

A doctor may lean towards the consideration of low T if the sexual dysfunction is severe or if the patient has a low red blood cell count (testosterone increases production and regulation of red blood cells).

Kingsberg Medical provides high-quality testosterone therapy in Jacksonville FL. Our doctors are discrete and extremely careful in their evaluation of each patient through close study of their blood levels, physical condition and medical history.

Testosterone Replacement Jacksonville FL

Low-T is not something that should be treated with just any medication found on the Internet or advertised on late-night TV. Treating a hormonal deficiency is about balancing hormones, and to do that one needs to know the levels one is starting with. Genuine testosterone medication cannot be used without a prescription, and anything sold without a prescription will not be authentic.

Remember, too, the treatment should match the medical condition- testosterone medication will not help a person who is not deficient; too much testosterone in any one system will only cause more damage. Doctors prescribing testosterone therapy in Jacksonville FL are the only ones who can make this determination.

Always make sure to embark on any prescription program with physician authorization. Too much testosterone can cause hypertension, liver disease, skin infections, polycythemia (high red blood cell count), changes in the sexual organs, and aggression that includes risk-taking behavior (sexually and even criminally).

When you check out testosterone therapy in Jacksonville FL for all the related low T issues, then the quality of one’s life in general improves. People find themselves walking a little taller and holding their heads a little higher.

The non-tangible effects that low testosterone can have on a human body cannot be understated. When a person, whether male or female, is suffering from low T levels, it is common to see that an overall low disposition is also present. Yes, testosterone is related to muscles and bones and fat storage, but it is also related to enthusiasm for life, having an agile and active mind, and feelings of well-being and an absence of depression-like symptoms.

Feel free to call the number on this website if you are questioning how to know if you need testosterone replacement therapy. Our clinical advisors will discuss with you all hormone rejuvenation therapies we provide, including testosterone therapy in Jacksonville FL, discuss with you your symptoms, and make arrangements for your blood test at a clinic local to you.

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