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HGH Doctors In Jacksonville FL

As people get on an age, they begin to notice changes in how the body looks and feels. Usually, first noticed is a lack of energy, but if that’s the only thing felt, not many people would recognize it as a sign of a medical condition that requires attention from local HGH doctors in Jacksonville FL who provide quality care.

When people get older, they tend to have more of everything than when they were younger, which usually means more responsibility, more things that have to be done with less time to do them. Added responsibility is enough for most people to explain away not having any energy.

It usually isn’t until they notice a combination of symptoms that people would even question whether or not something is medically wrong with them. It seems like all of a sudden not only do they have no energy or stamina, they’ve lost strength in their muscles, they feel tired in their bones, and they begin to feel more frail, as if they have to not just take care of their health but actively watch out for anything that could make them sick. Then if they do get sick, it takes them longer to recover.

These are all possible signs of a GH (short for growth hormone) deficiency and a sign that HGH doctors in Jacksonville FL should be consulted. They are also common symptoms of other issues, other medical conditions or side effects of medications currently being taken. The only thing that will verify whether or not growth hormone deficiency is the reason for the symptoms is a blood test. When a person’s growth hormone levels are measured in the blood and evaluated to be too low, a physician can provide a prescription for HGH injections.

How Are Hormone Levels Measured?

Kingsberg Medical’s HGH doctors in Jacksonville FL provide quality care and understand the formula of being able to read the results of a person’s blood work and, combined with that person’s medical and personal history, can assess the amount of GH needed to replace the hormones that are not being produced and raise the levels back up so that the body can maintain homeostasis.

A physician has a couple of different options of tests to choose from to measure GH levels. Because growth hormone is released in bursts during different times of day and activity, in differing amounts, and because it does not remain in the blood stream with any constancy they cannot be measured simply by one blood sample.

It is up to the HGH doctors in Jacksonville FL to decide which test is best to measure growth hormone levels, but these measurements must be taken before any prescription can be meted out. There are two similar tests that operate off the same principle of forcing a desired reaction from the pituitary gland of either stimulating or suppressing the production of growth hormone.

These GH stimulation and GH suppression tests involve injecting a substance (like insulin or arginine) into the bloodstream through a vein in the arm and taking multiple blood samples before and after the injection. Both of these tests can be a little time-consuming, and may also not be totally accurate if the patient should have a pre-existing medical condition or be taking a medication that could interfere with the results of these tests.

A common test to measure the presence of growth hormone in the blood stream is by measuring the presence of IGF-1, Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, a hormone that is produced by the liver in tandem with the production of human growth hormone that remains in the blood stream consistently enough to give an accurate reading.

Where to Find the Best Doctors For Low Growth Hormone Levels

The Kingsberg Medical HGH doctors in Jacksonville FL are experienced in the field of bio identical hormone replacement and rejuvenation therapies. The friendly staff at our facility will arrange for the required laboratory blood test and physical exam, and the doctor’s consultation will be held after the blood test results and medical history is reviewed and evaluated.

When hormone levels are balanced, it restores the:

  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Libido
  • Cognition
  • Psychological function

Prescription human growth hormone provided by HGH doctors in Jacksonville FL will result in increased HGH levels, which will provide the following health benefits to a person whose blood is deficient:

  • a reduction in fat accumulation
  • the building of lean muscle mass
  • improved immune function
  • faster recovery and healing time
  • an improvement in sleep patterns
  • better cardiac function
  • lowered blood pressure
  • stabilized mood
  • an improvement in the cholesterol profile
  • enhanced libido.

If HGH doctors in Jacksonville FL suspect a hormonal imbalance, they will arrange for the patient to have their blood levels checked. They will not diagnose a medical condition without the proof of the blood test.

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