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Late-night television commercials and Internet advertisements can make the idea of testosterone injections alluring, but that doesn’t mean they are for everyone. Therapeutic injections can only be prescribed if a blood test verifies that the individual has clinically low levels of the naturally produced hormone.

Testosterone can be highly beneficial for the individual experiencing the side effects that occur when the levels drop below normal. Changes in sleeping patterns, such as insomnia or the inability to sleep through the night can be caused by low-T. A lack of interest in sex, performance issues, and even infertility can be the results of less than ideal testosterone levels. There may be physical changes as well, such as weight gain, flabby muscle tone and weaker bones.

Emotional well-being can also be affected by low-T. Sufferers may notice a decrease in self-confidence and/or motivation. Concentration and focus can be spotty and memory can be impaired.

There are other underlying factors that could cause these symptoms. Other medical conditions, side effects from medications being taken, and other hormonal imbalances are just some of the issues that could result in the symptoms. For this reason, testosterone doctors in Jacksonville FL need to get a sample of the patient’s blood first to verify that it is low-T that is responsible before they can dispense a prescription.

Testosterone Doctors Help Achieve Hormonal Balance

Hormone imbalances can have undesirable impact on daily life. Mood swings, tiredness, low sexual energy, night sweats and fatigue are not hormonal issues that affect only women. Testosterone is a hormone that can decline with age and create health issues in men and women.

Injections or creams cannot be prescribed on the basis of symptomology, as a deficiency in this hormone has symptoms similar to HGH deficiency and other medical conditions.

Testosterone doctors in Jacksonville FL need first to measure the amounts of circulating hormones and diagnose the patient as being deficient before being able to dispense a medication prescription.

Even though testosterone is primarily considered to be a male hormone, it is both present and needed in women’s bodies, too, just not in the same quantities.

A testosterone deficiency and growth hormone deficiency can display in the same set of symptoms like low energy, added weight, depression and sexual dysfunction. In most cases, severe sexual problems are more indicative of low T, but the testosterone doctors in Jacksonville FL still need the verification of the blood test.

Doctor prescribed injections can help revive energy, vitality and endurance, but it is not right for everyone. Only a doctor can decide if it is right for you.

Testosterone Doctors Prescribe Real Treatment for Low T

The term Low T has become a bit of a buzzword with the general public. Advertisers and television personalities are targeting older men with the promise that added testosterone will greatly enhance their sex lives.

It’s not a secret that these injections will have an impact on sexual desire and performance, but it will only make a difference if a person is deficient, and only testosterone doctors in Jacksonville FL can make that determination.

Testosterone medication is not a drug that can be purchased over the counter, which means most of the products advertised to treat Low T are not real medicines. The most commonly available products do not require a prescription, making them questionable as viable treatment options.

Low T is not a fad; it is a real medical condition. Issues related to sex are not the only problems caused by a deficiency. Depression, low energy, weakened bones and muscles, memory loss and sleeping issues are also a part of this deficiency.

Consultation with testosterone doctors in Jacksonville FL will cover many questions regarding the deficiency and treatment.

Kingsberg Medical’s goal is to provide quality treatment in a caring environment. Our therapeutic programs involve the use of only authentic medications with full supervision from our physicians.

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Finding the Best Testosterone Doctors in Florida

The demographic of older adults is larger in Florida than in most states. This type of known information creates a ripe environment for businesses and services that cater to this age group. Since hormone decline occurs naturally with age, there is no shortage of testosterone doctors in Jacksonville FL; the only problem is deciding which one to go to for treatment.

Hormone balance is an exact science; making sure to see a legitimate specialist is a top priority. Testosterone medicine is used as part of a treatment program that involves specific procedures and medical supervision.

The medications that testosterone doctors in Jacksonville FL provide should be legal and only dispensed according to specific regulations, and they will not be advertised on late-night television or on the shelves at nutrition centers.

Real reversal of the symptoms of low testosterone will only come about with a prescribed treatment program that involves proper diagnosing and dosing. Nothing else will replenish a deficiency and restore chemical balance.

For serious inquiries about Low T, consult with the expert advisors at Kingsberg Medical by calling the toll-free number on this page. You have nothing to lose by calling, but you could gain some valuable information about how to take control of your health.