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Testosterone Clinics In Jacksonville FL

Low testosterone, or Low T, is a common hormonal imbalance for men and women over the age of thirty, particularly men. While it shares many of the same symptoms of a human growth hormone deficiency like low energy, inability to concentrate, loss of muscle mass, mood swings and sexual dysfunction, the main indication that the hormone imbalance would be on the testosterone end is usually indicated by how severe the sexual dysfunction is and if the red blood cell count is low.

Thanks to the physicians at Kingsberg Medical, you can find health at testosterone clinics in Jacksonville FL. They will first discuss the symptoms the patient is suffering before ordering any blood tests so that they may have a better idea of which possible condition to eliminate and which to specifically look for.

Before a physician will prescribe any testosterone to a patient, he will have that patient’s blood tested to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. Any type of testosterone imbalance, whether the levels are too low or too high will cause problems for the patient. By measuring the patient’s Testosterone levels the physician knows exactly if the patient needs testosterone supplementation and in how to figure out the amount that is needed without giving the patient so much that the imbalance shifts to the side of excess.

Of the many symptoms of excess of testosterone like hypertension, liver disease, skin infections and acne, physical changes in sexual organs there is also aggression that can push a man towards sexual and criminal sociopathic activity. There are other proven drawbacks to higher than normal testosterone levels: men are more likely to smoke and consume more alcohol and get injured.

Treatment for low T should only be sought after from physicians from testosterone clinic in Jacksonville FL. Correcting hormone imbalances should not be attempted by anyone other than specialists who are trained to do so.

Low T Is A Condition That Affects Both Men And Women

Women’s bodies produce testosterone, too, but not in as high amounts as men’s bodies do. Estrogen therapy was common for women fifteen to thirty years ago until it became evident that there was a high risk of side effects from synthetic estrogen.

Hormone replacement specialists at testosterone clinics in Jacksonville FL need to be especially careful in treating women for low T because their bodies – while they do require testosterone –require significantly less than men’s bodies do, and women are more susceptible to harsher side effects of too much testosterone than men.

Thankfully, scientists were studying the benefits of other HRT regimens for HGH and testosterone and managed to synthesize medications that were safer to use. Doctors also began to realize that testosterone replacement for women was proving to be more effective than estrogen therapy because clearly Low T is a condition that affects both men and women.

It cannot be stressed enough that hormone replacement therapy of any kind is about achieving and maintaining chemical balance without tipping the scales in the other extreme direction. This is what makes the measuring blood tests scheduled through the testosterone clinics in Jacksonville FL so necessary. The physicians need to know whether or not the person is deficient enough to need treatment and as a point of reference to help determine the amounts needed.

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Testosterone Injections, Gels and Creams – Which is Best?

Kingsberg Medical offers high quality testosterone therapy in the forms of injections, topical creams and gels. Injections are the doctor’s first choice at our testosterone clinics in Jacksonville FL because they are the most effective and natural, however, when smaller doses are needed, the gels and creams may be the better option.

The one problem with gels and cream is the possibility of transference upon skin to skin contact. A person using either must make sure that treated skin must not touch another person (especially children and women) or bed linens and clothing. Creams are preferable to gels because they don’t need to be put on as large a patch of skin as gels do to get the medication delivered, and because of the ingredient of alcohol, gels can possibly cause a bit of a rash.

With the help of the doctors from testosterone clinics in Jacksonville FL, the appropriate medication to prescribe will be decided according to the needs and convenience of the patient.

If hormone replacement therapy seems like it would be helpful to you and the quality of your health, make a full list of your symptoms and speak to a Kingsberg Medical clinical advisor. You will be scheduled for the necessary blood work and physical examination right away. You can fill out the medical history form online (be sure to include any current medical conditions or medications being taken) while waiting for the lab results. The doctor will be in contact with you for a confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss his findings and recommendations.

Hormone replenishment therapy is the one treatment program that provides improved health and performance in both psychological and physiological function. It is true that both women and men are finding health at testosterone clinics in Jacksonville FL.

As easy as it seems to manage, don’t trust your chemical balance with anyone other than a licensed physician. It is illegal for hormones to be used in the professional sporting venues for a competitive edge because the bodies of athletes are usually healthy enough to not require replenishment therapy, meaning their use would be over-use. Kingsberg Medical will not provide treatment for bodybuilders or professional athletes.