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Pointers on Low Testosterone Treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL

Low Testosterone Treatment In Fort Lauderdale FL

Who doesn’t appreciate receiving a few reliable pointers on subjects that are somewhat unfamiliar to them? Part of maturity is realizing that there is always room for accepting advice from others who may have gained more experience and more knowledge of certain subjects than you have; but there is another aspect of maturity that these pointers on low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL are intended to address. 

That aspect of maturing as an adult is developing a testosterone deficiency, one that is severe enough to cause symptoms that can disrupt your life and your health. So let’s talk about those first, because many people are not clear on how Low T symptoms can actually manifest, which is totally understandable since people, being physiologically unique individuals, will often experience them differently and during different times of life.

However, most men especially tend to primarily associate having Low T with sexual dysfunction, which is does contribute to and which will typically improve by getting low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL, but the other symptoms that are inevitably triggered by this hormone disorder are just as important to know about if you want to truly understand what is happening to your body. They include weight gain, muscle loss and moodiness – does this sound familiar to you?

Testosterone deficiency generally does not occur all of a sudden; it is a progressive condition that any adult can remain oblivious to for years. So here is Pointer #1: If your symptoms have been slowly but steadily intensifying, there is a good possibility that your body’s natural supply has been progressively depleting, and this is what medically prescribed low T treatment is meant to correct.

What about the Cost of Low Testosterone Treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL?

Being cost-conscious is simply something that most of us live with everyday because we all have to track what comes in and what goes out when it comes to our finances. Yet we also all make decisions on a daily basis about what we purchase with our finances, which is what these pointers on the cost of getting low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL will apply to.

Perhaps you are have had the impression that using testosterone therapy is too costly for you to afford; but we would like to point out that nothing costs you more than being unhappy with yourself. It can cast a widespread and very unhealthy influence on everything else in your life, including your family and your work. However, when you take the necessary steps to make yourself happier that also influences everything else in your world, only in a much healthier way.

Possibly your health insurance plan covers the cost of using low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL, so our second important pointer for you is to contact your insurance provider and find out before you start worrying about the comprehensive cost of Low T treatment.

In the event that you find out that you will be responsible for covering the cost yourself, call us at Kingsberg Medical and let’s talk about it. We have lots of information with can share with you about how other adults are affording their treatment for Low T. 

Are the Drugs Used for Low Testosterone Treatment Safe?

When looking for low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL, it is always important to ask if it is safe and legal. We’d like address with you is that it is perfectly normal to have concerns about whether using today’s bio identical hormone treatments is safe. Reporting on biologics, bio this, and bio that seems to have overtaken the news media’s healthcare coverage, probably because hey frequently represent the latest scientific breakthroughs in global healthcare.

Yet we’ll point out that the use of biosynthetic testosterone to medically restore the hormonal balance to men (and sometimes women) who have Low T has been in medical practice for quite a long time. As long as patients – and the critical word here is patients because it implies that they are under a doctor’s medical supervision – adhere to their recommended treatment protocols, receiving low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL is extremely safe.

What is unsafe to the point of recklessness is using illegally obtained injectable testosterone, or any other form of it, that has not been prescribed for you … that you have not been tested for needing … or that has not been manufactured or inspected in the US.

So this next pointer is one that no one who values being healthy should ever ignore: Never purchase or use any of these treatments illegally. A legitimate US pharmaceutical source will always require that you have a valid prescription before selling you injectable or other prescription-only forms of testosterone. Always.

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Are Testosterone Injections the Only Treatment for Low T?

When adults in your area ask for pointers about which form of testosterone – injections or topical forms like gels and creams – would be the best one to use for their low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL, the honest answer is that it depends on them. Each form comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages and we will now point out what those are for you.

The advantage of using topical creams is that they can be prescribed and used in higher dosages than gels can. They are also more appropriate to prescribe than injectable testosterone for patients who have a higher risk for developing cardiovascular health issues and have been shown to more positively affect cholesterol profiles than injections do. The biggest disadvantage of creams, however, is that they tend to have a variable absorption rate, meaning that some patients will experience excellent results while other will not. They also must be used twice a day and the patients must be careful about avoiding their transference via their hands or clothing.

Injections are administered once weekly, bi-weekly or once daily, and there is never a problem with transference, so many patients actually find them a lot more convenient to use. The levels that patients are able to achieve are typically better and more consistent; however, a disadvantage for some patients is temporary sensitivity or soreness at the injection site.

We sincerely hope these pointers on getting low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL helped you and we invite you to contact Kingsberg Medical is there is anything else that we can help you with regarding testosterone replacement therapy.