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Low Testosterone Treatment Clinics in Fort Lauderdale FL

Low Testosterone Treatment Clinics in Fort Lauderdale FL

Testosterone therapy has provided new hope for many men and women over thirty-five who have been diagnosed with Low T as a result of the varied symptoms they have encountered. Hope is what helps motivate mankind to achieve great things in life. Keeping hope alive by ensuring that men and women of a certain age are able to live each day to the fullest is part of the mission we provide here at Kingsberg Medical.

This ability often falls by the wayside as people age and discover their bodies acting in unfamiliar ways. The future can look bleak when memory loss, weight gain, broken bones, and diminished libido take center stage. These are not changes that people are ready to embrace, yet they happen when testosterone levels decrease. Kingsberg Medical provides low testosterone treatment clinics in Fort Lauderdale FL that can counteract the changes that nature has decided to inflict on unsuspecting individuals.

Why should anyone be subjected to live a passionless life for three, four, or even more decades? Yet, that is one of the things that a testosterone deficiency would have a person face. Most people know that testosterone is the hormone that brings on a man’s virility but did you also know that it can keep a woman feeling amorous even when menopause rears its unwanted head?

That’s right, a woman can say good bye to vaginal dryness and all of the other changes that get in the way of feeling passionate. Our low testosterone treatment clinics in Fort Lauderdale FL are here to provide hope for a brighter future to all who believe they may be suffering from the effects of hormone deficiency. Having your blood checked for particular types of chemical imbalances such as Low T is required for a diagnosis and treatment plan to be formalized.

Clinics for Low Testosterone Treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL

It is natural to expect that the body will undergo changes as one continues to age. Nothing in life ever stays the same for very long. That does not mean that one has to accept the symptoms of Low T as a necessary part of life. It is possible to reverse the changes that have occurred that are resulting from a decrease in the body’s daily production of testosterone. A deficiency in this essential hormone can have quite a debilitating effect if left to worsen over time without any form of treatment. That is why it is recommended to seek help from our clinics for low testosterone treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL at the first sign that something is wrong.

Other than changes that affect arousal, desire, performance, and pleasure in the bedroom (or anywhere else that the mood strikes), there are a number of other warning signs to be aware of. Has there been a noticeable weight gain that has no real cause? This is not the same as changing one’s diet and overeating. If diet and exercise have stayed regular, but an increase in excess fat and a decrease in lean muscle mass have appeared, then these are significant warning signs that a hormonal imbalance may be at the helm of these changes.

Have you noticed any joint pains, bodily stiffness, or been warned about osteoporosis and decreasing bone density? Low testosterone levels also affect the stability and integrity of the skeletal system. The medical advisors at our Florida clinics for low testosterone treatment also tell people to be aware of any changes in mental awareness and cognitive functions.

Memory and brain performance are other areas that can see a decline with Low T. Is there any unexpected hair loss, mood changes, sleep issues, dry skin, or loss of energy? Finally, have you been diagnosed with diabetes or cardiovascular problems? If any of this sounds familiar, it is time to ask about getting your blood tested for hormone deficiencies.

Male Testosterone Therapy Clinics in Fort Lauderdale FL Work Better than Viagra

The advertisements are everywhere these days, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and even email boxes – get Viagra or Cialis and improve your sex life. This is merely a temporary fix for a problem that is often rooted in a decrease in testosterone production. Popping a pill for four hours of ability is not the solution to a long term problem when it comes to hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

It is merely a short term answer that can create other health-related issues, which is why it is recommended that male testosterone therapy clinics in Fort Lauderdale FL be contacted to review other options that can eliminate the need for Viagra or Cialis and put a man back in the driver’s seat of his own love life. Low T can cause testicular numbness or shrinkage, decreased desire, inability to become aroused, loss of morning erection, decreased performance, weaker erections, erectile dysfunction, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

Being able to perform with stamina and power not only enhances the individual’s pleasure, it is beneficial for one’s partner, as well. Remember the long nights of passionate love-making from years ago? The goal of our low testosterone treatment clinics in Fort Lauderdale FL is to bring these experiences back to normal, everyday life. This can only help to improve a relationship that may have taken a downward turn when sexual issues became present. It is often hard for a man to admit to his partner that he is experiencing difficulties in this area.

If this issue is not discussed openly and honestly, a partner may be concerned that infidelity is occurring. The lack of sexual desire that is due to erectile dysfunction of any type can lead to misplaced allegations. If taken to an extreme, it could end up in a nasty divorce that could have easily been avoided if treatment for Low T was sought out sooner.

South Florida male testosterone therapy clinics can provide the needed testing to determine if this hormonal imbalance is at the root of the problems being experienced, and if so, can provide the proper therapy to reverse the situation. As a result of this treatment, the raging romantic bull inside you can once again enjoy passionate interludes.

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Purpose of a Blood Test for Low Testosterone Levels in Fort Lauderdale FL

Dealing with a hormone deficiency of any type can create havoc with a person’s mood, outlook, and demeanor. It seems as though history has long had a place for jokes pertaining to women and the hormonal changes they go through each month and throughout their lives. Men are not immune to these variances either. The only way of determining the level of any particular hormone is by running a blood test that will measure the specific chemical in question.

One of the problems with the symptoms of Low T is that they mimic those of other conditions, including growth hormone (GH) deficiency. When a blood test for low testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL is run by our physicians, we also measure a number of other panels, including IGF-1, which is the marker that is checked for GH deficiency. It is important to check for conditions such as anemia, leukemia, and high cholesterol, among others, when determining the cause of any changes that a person is noticing in his or her life.

Remember, women can also be diagnosed with testosterone deficiency. Low T is not something to take lightly. If left untreated it can cause further medical problems. The good news is that it is readily treatable, and all current symptoms can be expected to see tremendous improvements. Getting a test for low testosterone blood levels is easy to do and doesn’t take much time at all. A medical advisor at our hormone replacement clinic will pre-schedule this appointment to reduce wait time for the client. We make every step of the diagnosis process as simple as we can.

Discover How to Buy Testosterone Injections in Fort Lauderdale FL

We know that many men do not like visiting a doctor’s office. This can be due to a number of different factors – time constraints, expense, fear of discovering something serious is wrong, machoism, privacy concerns, admitting someone else was right about the need to go to the doctor, or even to have it be a waste of time. We also know that being seen in a hormone replacement clinic by others can damage one’s ego and open up a lot of questions.

In order to eliminate many of these concerns, and make the entire process of how to buy testosterone injections in Fort Lauderdale FL simpler to handle, we have streamlined our approach to treatment. That does not mean that we eliminate crucial steps or take shortcuts. The same stringent guidelines must be followed no matter what type of HRT center a person chooses to use.

Everyone will still be sent for his or her bloodwork to be done, and a questionnaire documenting past and current health-related issues will need to be completed. We have placed this form on the internet for easy access and completion through this website of our low testosterone treatment clinics in Fort Lauderdale FL. Finally, everyone must submit the findings from a physical exam. This can be accomplished by any physician, and many people do choose to have their own family practitioner provide these results.

We recommend speaking with an advisor at our clinic before having this examination performed in order to learn what is needed by our specialists. Once all results have been received at the clinic, the doctor will then review the completed file and determine the best course of action. If it is advised that the individual buy testosterone injections to raise the level of bioavailable testosterone in the body safely to its normal state, we will take care of arranging to have everything needed shipped directly to the client. This eliminates the embarrassment or stress that can accompany standing in line at the pharmacy.   

We Can Provide Best Treatment for Low Testosterone Levels in Fort Lauderdale FL

Sometimes, being able to hang on to any little glimmer of hope can make a tremendous difference in a person’s life. Learning that there is hope to reverse the undesirable symptoms that accompany Low T is something that is changing lives for many individuals here in South Florida and across the country. Our doctors work with people in this predicament in all fifty states. You may have even been recommended to us by a friend or family member living far from your home in Broward County.

There is one goal that fuels the purpose of our specialized clinics and physicians who can provide the best treatment for low testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL, and that is to bring results to those who need them. We want to help you combat the weight gain, fatigue, muscle and bone loss, memory concerns, mood swings, depression, low libido, and every other problem that can be attributed to declining testosterone levels.

This is a fight that we believe in winning. Battling your body because it is changing as a result of aging is not a fight you must be in alone. You have help on your side. Consider our Florida clinics and physicians who specialize in providing the best treatment for low testosterone levels your partners in this mission. We will not stop until you are living the life you desire and deserve. Do not let another minute go by without taking the action that can put passion, vitality, and well-being back into your daily activities. You deserve to feel like yourself again!