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Our Testosterone Doctors in Fort Lauderdale FL Have Been Busy

Testosterone Doctors In Fort Lauderdale FL

Here is a message for men who have transitioned from feeling like they could conquer the world to often feeling conquered by it: You are definitely not the only man who is experiencing this.

By 2025, just 10 years from now, testosterone deficiency, according to research that was publicized a few years ago by ABC News, as many as 6.5 million American men between the ages of 30 – 79 will be suffering from a deficiency severe enough to produce symptoms. This represents a 38% increase from the population estimates that were compiled back in 2000.

With symptomatic testosterone deficiency, or “Low T”, becoming more prevalent, our testosterone doctors in Fort Lauderdale have been busy prescribing therapeutic replacement programs for men belonging to this age group who live or work in Broward County’s urban center.

If you have been feeling defeated by your classic Low T symptoms such as sexual performance difficulties; increased body fat; and a significant reduction in things like your basic strength, energy and stamina, you don’t have to simply accept this transition in your life – because you do have an alternative that is located right near you.

It’s the one that is available to you from Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone doctors in Fort Lauderdale FL. While this is definitely meaningful to men living in South Florida now, given the ongoing aging of the male population in the US it will become even more meaningful to them in the not-too-distant future.

Testosterone Therapy Is Recharging the Lives of Many Fort Lauderdale Men

Would you enjoy living with someone who is often irritable and has unexplained mood swings; is always feeling exhausted yet can’t sleep restfully through the night; seems somewhat depressed, perhaps because of their steady weight gain and sexual indifference? Not many people would. Yet this might be what living with you is like if your Low T has progressed to a certain point.

Our testosterone doctors in Fort Lauderdale are probably more sympathetic to your symptoms than most people because they have such vast experience in testosterone therapy and have witnessed these types of distressing symptoms in a wide variety of their male patients. However, they can offer you and every other male in Fort Lauderdale who is struggling with Low T a great deal more than just their understanding and sympathy.

Our doctors are extremely skilled at prescribing programs that will effectively and judiciously increase your testosterone supply to what is personally optimal for you, based specifically on your physiological and medical factors.  Certain factors will always be critical to your health; did you know that having optimally balanced hormone levels is a major factor in sustaining your vitality and allowing you to age healthily?

Our testosterone doctors in Fort Lauderdale FL are certainly aware of this – and that is why they are dedicated to providing our adult patients with hormone replacement programs, whether it is for growth hormone or testosterone deficiency, that can provide them with a substantial amount of hormonally-based rejuvenation and help to keep them healthier as they age.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Helps Eliminate Symptoms

Not only will using testosterone therapy eliminate your current symptoms, it will replace them with some extremely significant improvements. How would you like to:

  • Experience such a boost in your energy that it restores your enthusiasm for living
  • Watch the excess fat melt away from your midsection as your lean muscle mass increases
  • Notice real improvements in your vision, your moods and your memory
  • And, of course, witness the return of your sex drive, which just keeps getting better

Our testosterone doctors in Fort Lauderdale FL understand that these are the things that many men want to get back because without them, they simply don’t feel as good about themselves. Feeling strong, vital and self-satisfied (as well as sexually satisfied) are major components of the self-identities of countless men and this is what can make testosterone deficiency such a debilitating disorder.

Not all men will experience the same symptoms and some men will only develop very mild symptoms; but if you are one of the millions of US men whose Low T symptoms have turned into health and lifestyle issues, Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone doctors in Fort Lauderdale FL know that they can offer you a medically substantiated solution.

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Can Testosterone Therapy Plus HGH Therapy Do Even More for You?

Growth hormone (GH) and testosterone are both hormones but they function very differently within your body; yet both of these hormones progressively diminish as people get older. GH is what facilitates your body’s healing and cell renewal processes while testosterone facilitates your virility and physical empowerment; and our HGH and testosterone doctors in Fort Lauderdale FL know that it is quite common for patients to be suffering from both types of deficiency together.

In these cases, it can frequently be clinically beneficial to perform testing for both of these hormone disorders on patients who exhibit the symptoms of both and if they are both present, our doctors may recommend a program that will allow you to supplement both hormone levels simultaneously. 

HGH (human growth hormone) therapy and TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) are extremely compatible in most cases and Kingsberg Medical’s testosterone doctors in Fort Lauderdale FL will be happy to discuss this and any other aspect of dual hormone replacement that might be puzzling our patients.

However, if you would like to have your HRT (hormone replacement therapy) questions answered even sooner than that, you are very welcome to contact us at any time and one of the members of our clinical advisory team will be glad to assist you; they are all very well informed and extremely conversant in every facet of the HRT programs we provide in Fort Lauderdale.