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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL Explained Simply

Hormone Replacement Therapy In Fort Lauderdale FL

Haven’t you find that the simpler the explanation is, the longer it stays with you? Despite the volumes of information that has been published and broadcast about the use of HGH injections, many people still would like to have hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL explained simply and clearly to them.

It is typically getting barraged by misinformation, or too much information, that confuses and frustrates people when they are attempting to understand something and the topic of HGH (human growth hormone) replacement therapy is, frankly, one of the prime examples of that.

This person has one opinion, that person has a different opinion, one media celebrity says one thing, and then another one says something else. So who really has the authority and the credentials to explain to you what hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL is and what it entails?

Hormone replacement medical specialists, that’s who. It is the professional providers of HRT, such as Kingsberg Medical, who have dedicated their careers to helping patients resolve their issues with adult-onset health problems like growth hormone deficiency and testosterone deficiency – and know exactly what they are talking about when people ask them what hormone replacement therapy consists of and what it can do for them.

Straight Talk about Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL

Human beings naturally produce the hormones their bodies need from birth and this natural production typically peaks during a person’s adolescent years. Then the production of certain of their hormones (the body produces well over 200 different hormonal substances) begins to wane before leveling out in early adulthood. But for some individuals, their levels of growth hormone, estrogen and testosterone become too low and unbalanced to support their ongoing vitality and strong health; this is when medical hormone replacement therapy can become a part of their life’s narrative.

Scientists developed bio-identical versions of our human hormones to be used specifically for the purpose of replenishing the hormone supplies of patients whose bodies were just not up to doing the job. It took many years of research and clinical trials to produce the safe and effective biosynthetic treatments that are being routinely prescribed for hormone therapy patients today – people like you who want to have hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL explained simply and honestly to them.

Here is a brief summary of what hormone replacement specialists know now about prescribing injectable treatments to treat testosterone and growth hormone deficiency:

  • Injectable treatments like biosynthetic HGH and testosterone are safe for adults to use; but they must be monitored through intermittent blood testing while being used to increase a patient’s deficient hormone levels.
  • An adult’s health improves and their vitality is replenished when their hormone levels are returned to the proper balance.
  • Using these treatments illegally, which is without having the benefit of a doctor’s testing, diagnosis and prescription for therapy, is not safe for anyone. Also very unsafe is the use of the unregulated and so-called HGH and testosterone enhancing products that people have been obtaining online and through other means.

In other words, the only safe and medically approved way to receive hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL is to receive it from a doctor who specializes in treating adults for hormone deficiency.

Is Fort Lauderdale FL a Good Place to Get Hormone Replacement Therapy?

It’s actually one of the best, now that Kingsberg Medical has made their medically prescribed HRT programs locally available to Fort Lauderdale’s adults who find themselves struggling with testosterone and/or HGH deficiency.

Some people do require both types of treatment and this reinforces the importance of the preliminary diagnostic blood testing that our doctors rely on in order to provide patients with the best form of therapy for their condition.

These are blood tests that are simple to perform and they provide our HRT doctors with invaluable medical insight into a patient’s present endocrine function. So if you have been confused about whether they are necessary or not, this should explain to you why they are.

The use of injectable hormone medications without knowing if, or how much, you might need exhibits a reckless attitude about one’s health – even more reckless than the misinformation that may have inspired such an action. Given that it is now very easy to find a source for medically appropriate hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale, this type of recklessness is very difficult to comprehend and impossible for the doctors and clinicians at Kingsberg Medical to approve of.

HGH therapy and treatment for Low T are not complicated healthcare solution, even though the science behind these treatments might be considered to be very complex by most people’s standards, As in all health care matters, the patient must first and foremost be able to trust in the doctor who is providing their hormone replacement therapy – and if you are a patient of one of Kingsberg Medical’s doctors, you can trust in both their extensive experience and in their irreproachable professional qualifications. 

It is far better to have hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale explained simply than to become overwhelmed by too much information, much of which is inaccurate. If you would like to speak to a Kingsberg Medical representative directly about anything aspect of HRT that might still be unclear to you, you are welcome to contact us at the number listed on this page and we will be happy to oblige you with clear and concise answers you can believe.

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