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Get a Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in Fort Lauderdale FL

Blood Test For Testosterone Levels In Fort Lauderdale FL

Like the rest of us, you probably started to dread tests back in your early school days; but as you got older, you realized that some tests are capable of changing or enhancing your entire life. Don’t you remember the day you passed your written and driving tests and got your driver’s license?

Well, if you get a blood test for testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL, it also can also enhance and change the rest of your life and if you have a few minutes, we would like to briefly explain to you just how it can.

To begin with, the only way that adults in the Fort Lauderdale area can know for sure if they have a deficiency is to have a blood test performed that measures the current levels that are available for their bodies to draw from and utilize in its essential functions. With that test, the best that anyone can do, even a physician, is to make an educated guess based on the symptoms that they have been experiencing.

Treatment cannot, and indeed should never, be prescribed on a guess for the obvious reasons: If your testosterone levels are not actually low, it is not going to be beneficial to you in any way to supplement them; and there is also the possibility that some other factor is responsible for causing your symptoms.

When you have a blood test for testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL performed, your doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment for you without any irresponsible guesswork involved.

Having a Testosterone Deficiency Blood Test in Fort Lauderdale Is Easy

So if having a diagnostic blood test for testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL is the responsible thing to do when you have been experiencing symptoms that strongly suggest the presence of Low T, does it mean that you also have a responsibility to begin using testosterone replacement therapy? You are the only person who will ultimately answer that question.

If you eventually decide that you will live with your symptoms rather than use a prescription hormone replacement program that could eliminate them, that is a legitimate decision because it is yours alone to make. Only you can decide that you will take a reduction in the quality of your lifestyle and possibly in your health instead of getting medical treatment for the condition that is directly responsible for those reductions.

However, most of the adults who have been motivated to have a blood test for testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL are already fairly convinced that they know what the blood test will confirm, and have thought ahead to their next step: Getting treatment. What would be the motivation for even having this test unless a person intends to take corrective action if the results confirm that Low T is the problem?

What Is the Name of the Blood Test Used for Measuring Testosterone Levels?

You know what? It is usually referred to simply as a testosterone blood test, and it is done to measure your body’s total level of this vital hormone. You don’t have to worry about calling it by any other name when you happen to be discussing it.

There is another blood test that measures what are know as your “free” testosterone levels, and your doctor may want you to have both of these blood tests performed in order to pinpoint the exact status of your current situation.

If you have decided that you want to get a blood test for testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL, one of the easiest ways for you to accomplish that is to contact Kingsberg Medical and ask one of our hormone therapy clinical advisors to arrange it for you. Just let us know what date and time would work out best for you and we will take it from there.

It will also be an excellent opportunity for you to get any of your questions regarding the blood test procedure answered, along with anything else on hormone replacement therapy that you would like more information on.

The name you will want to remember in regard to getting your blood test for testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL is ours: Kingsberg Medical. Our doctors have already provided this kind of testing along with prescription testosterone and HGH treatment to many adults living in Fort Lauderdale and any of them can attest to how easy we made it for them. You can expect it to be just as effortless for you whenever you feel that you are ready to proceed.

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Your Testosterone Levels and What Is Normal for You

When a man’s testosterone levels have become unbalanced, it can be one of two problems: They have become too high or too low. While it’s not that common for men of middle age and older to develop excessively high levels (unless they are using testosterone therapy or some form of steroid treatment), it does occur infrequently. Having levels that are too low is far more common among the adult male population.

However, the normal range for adult levels is just that – a range. In general terms, the range for males actually varies from between 270 to 1070 ng/dL, with the average hovering at about 679 ng/dL; and these figures are very helpful in diagnosing testosterone deficiency, but equally important to the diagnosis of any patient is the symptoms that he, or she, has developed over time.

Everyone’s normal is what’s normal for them, and this is why using medically supervised testosterone therapy is so critical to your success in correcting levels that have become too low or high. Kingsberg Medical’s hormone therapy doctors will always want to carefully follow the progress of our Fort Lauderdale patients with a blood test for testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale, so that dosage adjustments can be quickly adjusted whenever it is therapeutically prudent to do so.