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Fort Lauderdale FL Doctors Specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fort Lauderdale FL Doctors Specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement doctors know that there is no forgone conclusion that one has to settle for aging in any particular manner. Those of us who have seen how our parents and grandparents have stood up to the test of time may be worried, especially if they were inclined to show the signs of wear and tear early in life. That does not mean that we are destined to do the same.

In fact, now that medical science has determined that a deficiency in growth hormone may be to blame for many of the changes that people go through, turning to local doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL for bioidentical treatments may be the answer to this problem.

Why contact these providers directly?

HRT, as it is also known, is a highly focused field of medicine. Those who have decided to engage in the practice of this area are well-versed in how various chemicals in the body interact with one another, and the functions they control. This enables these specialists to examine the symptoms that a person is experiencing and get a clear idea of the changes that may be taking place. This will result in the proper blood tests being ordered that will show who is a candidate for certain types of bioidentical medications.

Florida doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) work closely with those needing this treatment to ensure that the proper benefits and results are being achieved without any adverse reactions or side effects.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Who Needs it?

There are many questions circulating about HRT these days, and most people are uncertain of who would be considered a candidate for this type of treatment. Words and phrases such as bioidentical, biologically identical, menopause, andropause, mid-life crisis, change of life, human growth hormones, testosterone, HGH, and anti-aging can become confusing and quite overwhelming for someone just starting to do research and gather information about this subject.

  • How does a person weed through all of these topics to get a clear understanding of what may be occurring in his or her body, and also what type of treatment might be required?
  • What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and who needs it?

Bioidentical means that the therapy being prescribed by a doctor is virtually the same thing as the naturally occurring chemical that is regularly produced in the body. For example, HGH human growth hormone is going to be identical to growth hormone which is secreted by the anterior portion of the pituitary gland. The benefits of this type of treatment are that the body will immediately recognize this supplementation as being the real thing, enabling it to be put to use right away accomplishing the same functions as the natural chemical.

A person who is prescribed bioidentical treatment by the doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL will reap the effects of this medical protocol without any conversion necessary. In essence, what is being done is the safe and effective raising of the specific hormone level that has decreased to a point where physical breakdown of some sort has been noticed. Adults over the age of thirty will fall into this category when they start to see physical, psychological, or physiological changed occurring.

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Are There Different Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Since there are many different chemicals floating around at various times in the body, it is natural to assume that there are also many types of treatment that can be provided to those in need. The most important thing to remember is that blood testing must be carried out prior to the receipt of any type of HRT.

The analysis of a person’s blood is the only way of determining what type of shortage or decline has taken place. Receiving the wrong type of treatment can result in unwanted side effects and not seeing the results that are desired. The most common types of hormone replacement therapy that most people are familiar with are estrogen and progestin for menopausal women and testosterone for men.

Further down this page we will also discuss the importance of testosterone replacement for women. Another well-tested and documented medical protocol is HGH – human growth hormone therapy. Although this has only been used in adults for the past two decades, the results have been remarkable. Both men and women are reporting incredible benefits being achieved.

Studies have been presented in medical journals nationally and worldwide, with others ongoing all the time. With so many different hormone replacement therapy types, it is essential to turn to a specialist to get the proper testing, diagnosis, and treatment that one’s body requires. That is the only way to guarantee the desired results.

Who Needs Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL?

For most people, the image of burly men in sweaty muscle shirts punching heavy bags in a gym or lifting hundreds of pounds of weights comes to mind when thinking about testosterone treatment. There is actually nothing that could be further from the truth. These are not the people who can benefit most from receiving this bioidentical medication.

In fact, there is a good chance that most people over fifty would be surprised to know that there is probably at least one woman in their circle of friends who is using testosterone hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL right now. Why is that? The body has a natural conversion process that takes the extra testosterone that is floating around unused and transforms it into a form of usable estrogen that is safer than any synthetic estrogen replacement that a doctor can prescribe.

During menopause, a woman may become subjected to a number of unpleasant changes, and although most gynecologists prescribe either estrogen by itself or together with progestin, many women are hesitant to utilize this therapy because of its inherent risks. They are joining the ranks of men that are turning with increased frequency to testosterone treatment from doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL to strengthen muscles and bones, improve memory, aid in weight loss, stop hair loss, and improve sex lives, passion, and pleasure.

Low T, as the condition of this deficiency is known, can affect males and females alike. The biggest difference here is in the form of treatment, as men will typically be prescribed injections while women get the lower dosage creams. 

Why Get Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL?

Why should you consider getting HGH injections? Are you tired, worried about the loss of hair that is noticeable every day, seeing an increase in waist size circumference, forgetting little things, annoyed with sagging skin and wrinkles, and sick of feeling not quite right on a frequent basis? These are reasons that might point to a growth hormone (GH) deficiency.

Although most people naturally equate this condition with adolescents and teenagers who are having a difficult time reaching their normal adult height, the purpose of this particular chemical is actually more widespread than imaginable. Adults who require human growth hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL are often told to be concerned about decreased bone density and osteoporosis, weight gain and obesity, glucose uptake and diabetes, memory loss and dementia, high cholesterol and heart disease, and other potentially serious issues.

GH plays a role in so many functions that it is often referred to as the body’s “master hormone” for all that it does on a daily basis. In order to function properly in the areas of memory, focus, and learning, the brain’s growth hormone receptor cells must receive an ample supply of this chemical every day. A person may have difficulty sleeping, concentrating, and being productive on a regular basis if this shortage is present. HGH human growth hormone replacement therapy is the treatment required to raise the level of this substance back up to where it should be for all of these needs to be fulfilled.

What are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy with HGH for Adults?

Aside from the brain receiving the required signals to function properly, there are a number of other areas that also require this chemical to be in adequate supply. Growth hormone signals the metabolism to convert food into fuel, rather than fat. This provides energy to the body and prevents weight gain. This same crucial chemical signals the liver to secrete another substance – Insulin Growth Factor 1, that joins with GH to stimulate cell reproduction.

It is this process that is responsible for maintaining strong bones and muscles, firm skin, thick hair, and internal organ size. What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for the immune system? The same signals that are needed elsewhere in the body are also required by the immune system for proper functions. A person dealing with this deficiency might find frequent illnesses being a normal part of daily life. There is nothing at all that can be considered normal about getting sick on a regular basis.

In addition, this same situation also causes lengthened recovery times. Heart health, restored intimacy, desire, performance, and passion are also results worth mentioning. From tighter skin to improved sleep, stronger muscles to sharper memory, these are among the many wonderful benefits of hormone replacement therapy that can be expected by most people who receive this treatment following the accurate diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency. It is important to remember that this medication must be prescribed following blood test reviews by doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

We have already talked a bit about the fact that many females dealing with menopause shy away from traditional therapies such as estrogen due to the higher level of risks associated with this treatment. No one wants to increase the chance of developing life-threatening blood clots, stroke, heart attacks, or cancer. That is what makes testosterone and human growth hormone appealing.

These types of risks are not present with these treatments. Getting older is no fun for anyone who values vitality, youthfulness, and a healthy lifestyle and appearance, but it can be extremely frustrating for a woman dealing with all of the undesirable signs of menopause. Engaging in a safe form of hormone replacement therapy for women can put an end to the weight gain, hot flashes, memory concerns, mood swings, decreased bone density, hair loss, mental fog, night sweats, muscle mass decline, headaches, depression, and vaginal dryness that can often accompany this change in life.

It is no wonder that so many women report depression during this time. They no longer enjoy sexual relations due to the pain and discomfort that may be present. Weight gain, wrinkles, hair loss, and sagging skin may cause a woman to feel less attractive than she truly is. Nothing anyone says can change how feelings can affect a person. Women’s hormone replacement therapy does not have to be dangerous in order to be effective. Our doctors can provide safe alternatives that can accomplish wondrous effects.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Although men and women are structurally different, hormones have many of the same interactions in their bodies. While there are some innate differences, most functions are generally the same. For many males, an inability to attain a strong erection can have damaging effects on their mental health. Losing the ability to please one’s partner is not something they can easily and openly discuss. Fear of serious health concerns can induce further stress, only worsening this situation on the whole.

Being able to turn to our specialists in order to receive the proper type of hormone replacement therapy for men is what can make quite a difference in their lives. With the exception of vaginal dryness and night sweats, all of the other symptoms associated with menopause are often present in men dealing with andropause (the male change of life). Yes, even hot flashes plague some men the way they effect women.

Determining whether a man can best be served by testosterone or HGH human growth hormone injections is the function of doctors that specialize in this field of medicine. That previously well-toned physique does not have to be a thing of the past. Male hormone replacement therapy can bring back passionate nights and rejuvenated days. Receiving the proper treatment is what will provide the best results.

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How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

One of the concerns that many people have is how expensive this treatment is going to be. It is the goal of the professional team at Kingsberg Medical to provide the most affordable solutions for each person. There is no need to worry about breaking the bank in order to look and feel one’s best at all times. In fact, many people are needlessly throwing away large sums of money on over-the-counter products, vitamins, supplements, and other treatments in order to accomplish the same things that HRT will do.

In order to determine how much does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost for each individual, the entire testing process must be completed by the doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL before going any further. The dosage needed, along with the type of medication, must be ascertained in order to present a selection of products that will meet those needs. There are products that will range in price from high to low based on the style of injectable that a person desires. The most convenient to use for many people are the injector pens that often come ready to use with a simple click and one-time priming. These products are often a little pricier in regards to their bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost but are still affordable for most people to purchase.