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How to Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL

How to Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL

Who needs help with testosterone treatments? All those of you who are wondering what has happened to my body and my energy, that’s who! Any middle aged or over adult who has ever been envious of another person’s body, energy, life, appearance, or sex life and wished they knew the secret, can finally get the answer to this mystery.

Why do some people naturally seem to hold up better than others to the test of time? Is it something in the water, the food they eat, their career or lifestyle choices, or is it all in their genes? Among the many mysteries that we wonder about each day, we have the issue of early aging as opposed to those who do manage to remain young in appearance and attitude seemingly forever.

By discovering how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL, it may be possible to witness this concept first-hand yourself. Through medical research, scientists have discovered that changing hormone levels may be responsible for many of the age-related breakdowns that were previously attributed to the mere act of getting older. The doctors at Kingsberg Medical’s hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinics have been using treatments such as testosterone and HGH human growth hormone to replenish dwindling chemical levels in people who are diagnosed with these deficiencies following blood testing procedures.

It is the analysis gleaned from these tests that will show if conditions such as Low T and GH deficiency are the reason for numerous changes that have taken place in the body. A phone call to our clinics to learn about getting testosterone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL can put the wheels in motion for a diagnosis and treatment plan to be enacted. This can result in renewed vigor and vitality in all areas of life. There is much to learn about this subject, and we will cover some of the areas of testosterone therapy in this article.

There Are a Multitude of Health Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The jealousy that we sometimes feel when looking at another individual who is in seemingly good health, appears years younger than his or her true age, and raves about daily accomplishments and activities is a normal part of life. It is not that we want to trade places with that person (ok, maybe we do), it is just that we want to look and feel the same way – the way we did in our earlier days. This is possible if the cause of any unwanted changes turns out to be declining hormone levels that make it necessary to ask how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL.

When we bring those very same chemicals that have decreased back up to their ideal states, it is possible to reverse any symptoms that have appeared as a result of the deficiency. Instead of looking outward at what other people have in the way of vitality, passion, and appearance, we can then look inward and witness this transformation in and for ourselves. Just think what a pleasant change that would bring to daily life and activities.

Knowing that it is possible to move with freedom from stiffness and pain, think clearly, and love passionately can actually be transformational in nature. Among the many health benefits of testosterone replacement therapy that can be expected we find stronger bones that reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. Since low levels of testosterone have been shown to increase waistline circumference due to excess fat storage, we find a reduction in weight and a lowering of the risk of obesity. This has increased benefits for cardiac health, as well.

We know that sex releases positive endorphins that can help the body, and those whose sex lives have waned or disappeared completely due to physical changes due to low testosterone can look forward to returning to passionate nights of romance. Many people with Low T suffer with memory loss and decreased cognitive performance, all which can be improved through the use of testosterone treatment.

Stronger, better-developed muscles, possible hair regrowth, better sleep, and increased energy are among the many testosterone replacement therapy health benefits that we see every day at our hormone replacement clinic in South Florida. If this sounds like what you have been searching for all this time, then you have finally come to the right place to get the help and answers that you need.

Why is the Best Form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Injections?

As buyers, we are used to being able to purchase things we want in a number of different ways. For example, over-the-counter medications are often available as gel tabs, pills, capsules, caplets, tablets, chewables, and liquids. This allows people to choose the delivery style that they like best. Although testosterone is available in a number of different treatments methods, there are particular ones that seem to work best, not to mention having the least possible side effects.

When we discuss the best form of testosterone replacement therapy, it is important to separate this into two different categories – males and females. Since the dosage that a woman needs is so much less than that of a man, the best form of delivering this medication into her system is through a cream. Testosterone cream requires only a tiny application area, reducing the risk of cross-contamination to another individual immensely.

This will not work for men, who typically require a much greater dosage. In fact, if a man was to use a gel with a higher dosage, the application area would have to be larger, increasing the risk of others inadvertently being exposed to this medication through skin to skin contact. When searching the internet for how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL, it is essential to understand these different products and speak with an experienced advisor who can help determine the best form of testosterone for your individual needs.

Among the other items we find testosterone patches that often cause skin irritation for those who have used them. Pills can cause liver toxicity, and are rarely recommended as an option. Testosterone that is applied to the gums has a bitter taste, and can create irritation, pain, and tenderness. When searching for the best form of replacement testosterone therapy for men, the number one answer of choice is the injectable version. Not only is this the most effective way of treating Low T, but it is also an inexpensive option that provides high quality and superior results.

How to Administer Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Injections

There are two options for receiving testosterone injections that people should understand when searching for how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL. The first requires weekly or bi-weekly visits to a hormone replacement clinic or doctor’s office to receive the shots from a trained professional. Anyone who is sitting there thinking that this can get expensive and time-consuming is right.

Although the shot only takes a few seconds to administer, there will often be some time spent in the waiting room first. The other option entails at-home treatments that the person will give to himself. Since these injections are extremely easy to do, many men are now opting for this easier and less expensive method of treatment. Administering low testosterone replacement therapy injections is simple once you have all of the facts and instructions. Not only do we provide written directions for use, there are also links to superior online videos that we provide.

In addition, one of our advisors is always available to help people over the phone with their first (and more, if necessary) injections. This support is just part of the excellent service we provide. The best place to administer this medication is into the outer middle third of the thigh, as the intramuscular method is the quickest way of getting the medication into the bloodstream. The needle goes in at a 90 degree angle, and most people do not feel any noticeable pain upon insertion. 

Injections for low testosterone replacement therapy are easy to learn how to do, and the benefits that will be achieved by this treatment will certainly make the entire experience worthwhile.

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How Long Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Take to Work?

When an individual has been diagnosed with Low T, it is natural to want to know what to expect, and when to expect it. After all, the entire purpose of this treatment is to reverse the symptoms that have already appeared. Perhaps one of the most crucial pieces of information for a man is how quickly he can expect to see changes in libido and performance. Within three weeks of getting started with this therapy, a noticeable change in libido should be present, although it could take up to six months for full results in regards to erection strength and duration.

How long does testosterone replacement therapy take to work in regards to weight loss and physical appearance? A person may finally start to notice some changes in weight loss and increased lean muscle mass by week twelve to sixteen. All of these benefits will continue throughout the course of treatment. The same three week time frame mentioned earlier is also when it is possible to start to see benefits in mood, quality of life, and inflammation beginning to appear.

Within a few days of beginning this treatment, insulin sensitivity may improve, but the effects on glycemic control will take a few months longer. As testosterone replacement therapy works on the body, increased energy, vitality, physical movement, strength, and a positive outlook for the future will help to better one’s life. These are the benefits that a person wants to get when he or she seeks the help of our specialists. Bioidentical hormone treatments are essentially providing the body with the exact substance it is lacking in.

This allows for immediate usage of the medication as if it was the naturally produced chemical in the body. By learning how to get testosterone replacement therapy in Fort Lauderdale FL from doctors who specialize in this field of medicine, a person can stop wishing that he or she looked and felt as good as someone else because this will actually be a reality in everyday life.