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Doctors in Fort Lauderdale Who Treat Low Testosterone Levels

Doctors in Fort Lauderdale Who Treat Low Testosterone Levels

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that every person alive would choose robust health and vitality over illness and lack of energy, yet every day there are millions of people walking around with the latter in their lives. By the time an individual, male or female, enters his or her forties, testosterone levels are ready to begin their slow decline that will continue every year for the rest of one’s lifetime. In fact, by the time a man reaches his seventieth birthday, he could be facing a decrease of 30 to 50 percent less than he had in his twenties.

Kingsberg Medical’s doctors in Fort Lauderdale who treat low testosterone levels see the damage that this decline can do to a person’s body. Testosterone is a hormone that helps promote strong bones and muscles, sharp brain functions, cardiac health, red blood cell production, virility and libido, energy, and a positive mood. The lower the level of this chemical is in the body, the more we will see a reversal in these functions.

With the right treatment, prescribed following in depth blood testing that will show if a deficiency is present, any individual can expect a reversal of the changes that have been noticed. Our Fort Lauderdale doctors who treat low testosterone levels have seen incredible improvements in those who have received this therapy. Careful supervision is required to ensure that levels are not raised higher than what is considered to be in the normal range.

Fort Lauderdale Doctors Specializing in Low Testosterone

There is an increased risk in men with Low T of developing metabolic syndrome, a condition that includes a number of serious concerns including high blood pressure, waistline obesity, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels. The body’s tissues rely on testosterone to help with the uptake of blood sugar in response to insulin production.

Low T causes the need for increased insulin to help keep blood sugar in the normal range. Random testing has shown that nearly half of all diabetics may have low testosterone levels. Fort Lauderdale doctors specializing in low testosterone carefully monitor supplementation dosages to achieve the proper balance in the body.

The lower the level of testosterone that a man has, the greater the risk he has of being obese. One of the interesting processes here is that fat cells are partly responsible for turning testosterone into estrogen, which can help with keeping the arteries clean, as shown in the next section. But, too much of this lowers the level of available testosterone in the body.

Being obese can also interfere with the protein SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) that carries testosterone in the bloodstream. Doctors in Fort Lauderdale Who Treat Low Testosterone Levels use blood analysis to determine who is a candidate for this therapy, and how much is required to bring the level into the safe and normal range.

Fort Lauderdale Doctors Specializing in Testosterone Therapy Explain Heart Health

Testosterone deficiency has been linked to obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes, all problems that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that men diagnosed with low testosterone and diabetes are at a greater risk of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

The benefits of testosterone, in this case, may come from the process where extra testosterone is converted by the body into estrogen, which has been shown to protect the arteries from damage. Of course, anything that occurs too much can have an adverse effect, as mentioned previously, where too much of this conversion process can reduce the level of testosterone in the body.

Fort Lauderdale doctors specializing in testosterone therapy understand the need for this delicate balance. It is important to point out that no direct correlation has yet to be made in the improvement of cardiovascular health for those who are receiving testosterone replacement therapy, unlike with HGH human growth hormone injections that have shown a direct benefit for cardiovascular health.

There is also no direct link between treatment for Low T and further heart complications. If the sole purpose of seeking this medication is for the purpose of improving heart health, and nothing more, then that is not reason enough for a doctor to provide a prescription to an individual.

Doctors specializing in testosterone therapy point out that aside from low levels of testosterone being seen in the blood test results, there must also be other symptoms contributing to the need for this medication that will be able to see overall benefits and improvements.

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Fort Lauderdale Doctors Who Specialize in Low Testosterone

Perhaps nothing is as telling for a warning sign of Low T than problems in the bedroom. This is an area that often receives the most inquiries when men contact our clinic. Decreased sexual desire is typically the number one complaint that we hear. A man who once had no issues with arousal may now be finding it increasingly difficult to achieve a strong erection.

The prized morning erection that could be counted on without fail may now be a thing of the past. It is understood that no male wants to face these issues, much less speak about them openly, but that is precisely what must happen when contacting Fort Lauderdale doctors who specialize in low testosterone.

It is essential to be prepared to have a frank discussion about what is transpiring in this area. Have orgasms become more difficult to achieve or are they less intense than in the past? Is the amount of fluid that has been ejaculated less in volume? Are there any feelings of numbness in the penis or scrotum? These are questions that need to be answered in order to understand what is being experienced. Since a person is often also dealing with a decline in energy and stamina, this can transition over to love-making, as well.

Decreased endurance can also interfere with a partner’s ability for pleasure. Doctors in Fort Lauderdale who treat low testosterone levels know that this can increase the stress a man is already feeling, which will then only help to make the entire situation worse. When testosterone levels are normalized, these symptoms will begin to reverse.

Endocrinologist Specializing in Low Testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL Provides Results

There are many positive results that can be achieved when Low T is corrected by a doctor in the field of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Overall bone density is improved which will then help to reduce the risk of a person developing osteoporosis in later years. This will also reduce the risk of fractures that can rob an individual of his or her independence.

Lean muscle mass is also increased in order to provide added strength and support to the structural integrity of the body. These are two extremely crucial benefits that will be provided once testosterone levels are balanced out. An HRT doctor or endocrinologist specializing in low testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL will provide a prescription for the proper dosage for each person based on blood test analysis.

It can also be expected that a bit of that excess weight will disappear as a result of this treatment. Depression will begin to depart as the overall mood of the individual is improved. Mental acuity and memory see significant benefits, as well. Increased focus and better cognitive performance have been noted as a result of Low T therapy.

Of course, increased energy and better sleep are two areas that most people are extremely thankful for when receiving this treatment. Fort Lauderdale FL endocrinologists specializing in low testosterone warn that the odds of having low testosterone for men over 45 increased significantly in those who were obese (2.4 times), diabetics (2.1 times), and high blood pressure (1.8 times). There is a thought that these issues contribute to the drop in testosterone. Receiving treatment when symptoms appear can help to improve overall health and vitality.

Doctors in Fort Lauderdale Who Prescribe Testosterone Cypionate Injections Answer Why

Why are injections the number one choice of most hormone replacement specialists when there are so many other options for therapy? This is an excellent question and one that we are happy to answer. In the first case, testosterone injections are relatively inexpensive, making them affordable for most people seeking this treatment.

They are extremely effective, and the frequency and dosage can be customized for the individual. The next item is the scrotal testosterone patch. One patch is applied to the scrotum each day, and the area must be shaved in order for it to adhere. This is often inconvenient and uncomfortable for men, and there may be some skin irritation present. Our doctors in Fort Lauderdale who prescribe testosterone cypionate injections also explain that nonscrotal patches have an increased risk of skin irritation, and an individual may even need to apply two per day.

Testosterone pills are not recommended under any circumstances. They can cause liver toxicity, which can result in serious issues. Buccal testosterone is a tablet that is applied to the gums twice a day. It can cause irritation in the mouth or on the gums, tenderness, pain, and has a bitter taste. Although it is considered to be more effective than skin patches, it is not recommended by our doctors as a viable option.

Gel versions of this medication are not as irritating to the skin, but there is a risk of cross-contamination with others who come into contact with the area too soon. This can also be more expensive than injections over time. By discussing the options with local doctors in Fort Lauderdale who treat low testosterone levels, each person can receive the customized treatment plan that is right for his or her needs. Yes, women can also benefit from this therapy, although there is a cream with a much lower dosage that is typically provided for their use.

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How to Find Testosterone Specialist Doctors Near Me

The most important thing is to find the right health care practitioner to prescribe this therapy. Hormone replacement is always best left to experts to handle. General practitioners are not often as knowledgeable about this field as specialists, and experience is what can make the difference between superior results and no benefits at all, or even undesirable side effects. An internet search, such as the one that lead here is always a good starting point.

If the website is not informative, or if there are numerous grammar mistakes meaning that the information was written in another language and then translated into a computer program, it might be best to look elsewhere. When searching for where can I find testosterone specialist doctors near me, do not discount our clinic, Kingsberg Medical. We are a nationally based hormone replacement center that offers superior care to people throughout the US.

Our doctors are some of the most experienced practitioners in the HRT field that you will ever find. The care and compassion of our entire staff are at your disposal. Commitment to the highest level of customer service is behind everything we do. We offer affordable options for those who require hormone therapy to help get their bodies and their lives back into proper balance. Testosterone and HGH human growth hormone treatments are available with a prescription following blood test analysis. Contact our doctors in Fort Lauderdale Who Treat Low Testosterone Levels and choose robust health and vitality as part of your daily life.