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Where Can I Get a Blood Test for Testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL?

Where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL

A decrease in testosterone levels is a valid medical condition that affects thousands, if not millions of men and women throughout the US who are entering or already in the later years of life.  Blood testing is used to diagnose this change, as well as to determine the appropriate treatment. Now, what many consider to be the later years are certainly different from how things looked a century ago. When the age expectancy was fifty, people were considered old by forty.

Although forty is by no means old in today’s standards, the body still begins to go through changes around this time. Asking where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL to determine if one is already dealing with hormonal decline is the right thing to do when symptoms begin to get in the way of daily activities. Kingsberg Medical offers this test at local laboratories throughout the South Florida area, as well as the rest of the country.

Our national hormone replacement therapy (HRT) centers provide the finest level of care to men and women who are plagued by changes that are interfering with their abilities to lead productive and pleasurable lives. No one should ever have to succumb or settle for anything less than what he or she wants and deserves. That is why we make it easy to get a blood test for testosterone deficiency in Florida.

This is the only way of determining who can receive this treatment safely to raise their testosterone levels back to their natural state. Careful calculations must go into determining this dosage and therapy. It is best handled by HRT specialists who focus their careers and practice in this field of medicine.

How to Test Testosterone Levels in Fort Lauderdale FL to Combat Unwanted Symptoms

It can be considered a part of life to have an occasional off day, and no one needs to run for testosterone testing when this is the case. You know the type we mean, when waking up brings a feeling that something just isn’t up to par, but the feeling passes by the next day. This is not the same as the unwanted symptoms of Low T – decreased testosterone levels that seem to be present every single day.

Detailed blood analysis that measures particular hormone levels, as well as other blood markers is used to determine if the changes and symptoms present are being brought about by this type of decline. When an individual decides that it is time to ask how to test testosterone levels in Fort Lauderdale FL, he or she is typically fed up with feeling out of sorts. Perhaps the excess weight that has been gained is making it hard to find anything that fits anymore.

When even baggy pants are tight, you know something is wrong. If a spouse is complaining about a decline in the level of intimacy in the relationship, it is definitely time to take action if this change has been caused by decreased desire or erectile dysfunction. If muscle wasting, a reduction in bone density, or memory loss has become an issue, then these signs are all pointing to Low T and the need for testosterone replacement therapy.

When you contact our office to find out how Fort Lauderdale FL hormone clinics test testosterone levels, you will speak with a knowledgeable and experienced medical advisor who will help be the guide through the diagnostic phase of this process. Being able to have a person to confide in and trust to maintain your confidentiality is important. That is one of the reasons why many people choose a national clinic over one that is local and requires office visits.

Today, people want to maintain their privacy in matters such as these. Our clients are happy with the answer to their question of where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL when we tell them that the appointment for this sample to be collected is set in advance to reduce any waiting time to the minimum possible.

How Do I Get a Blood Test for Testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL?

The first thing we want to do is isolate the symptoms that are being noticed.

It is best to take stock of the entire body and situation from head to toe. Look in the mirror and make a list of physical changes that can be seen, then think about the ones deep inside that can be felt. Getting sent for a blood test relies upon changes being present that would bring the thought of Low T to one’s mind.

  • Do you find yourself feeling or getting tired frequently? Is stamina an issue at work, play, and in romance?
  • Have weight gain, wrinkles, hair loss, and decreased muscle size transformed your appearance in an adverse way?

These are some of the questions to think about before asking how do I get a blood test for testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL.

  • Is there a noticeable change in the area of romance?

For women, this means looking at whether the same level of desire and passion is present.

  • Have vaginal dryness, hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, and mood swings gotten in the way of feeling amorous?
  • Does the thought of being intimate turn to thoughts of pain and discomfort because of these changes?

If you are afraid your love life has reached its end, think again. The simple act of asking where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL is all that it will take to get you the answers that you need to start feeling amorous again.

Men are asked to examine whether there are issues with erections, arousal, or performance.

  • Are achy joints and fears over broken bones holding you back from physical exertion?

Our doctors will send people to a local lab for a blood test if a number of these issues are present.

  • Have concentration levels waned, and are memories becoming harder to access?

It will become increasingly more important to get a blood test for testosterone deficiency if more of these issues are present. The sooner that a person acts on these changes, the quicker they can achieve possible results. That does not mean that an individual in his or her seventies cannot see an improvement from therapy, it just means that we like to help people as soon as possible in order to assist them in leading fulfilling lives.

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How Long Does a Testosterone Blood Test Take to Administer?

Many of the people who come to us are busy professionals who have very little time to spare in their personal lives. They may have children at home who require attention, elderly parents who need some extra care, networking or business meetings to attend, and home life responsibilities that must be met. The last thing anyone wants to do is sit in a waiting room full of strangers, some who may be dealing with contagious conditions, for an hour (or more).

In fact, this is what often keeps people from asking where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL and seeking out the help they need for fear of this very scenario taking place. There are many different reasons why people go to labs for these samples of blood to be drawn. Some are there for pre-employment screenings, others for court appointed drug testing, some as part of their yearly physical exams, and others because they have undiagnosed illnesses or conditions, including hormone deficiencies such as Low T.

It is this last group of people that many fear when they visit a local lab. No one wants to catch anything that could be going around, yet we are exposed to that very scenario the second we leave our homes each day. Germs are all around us, and if we feared them to that extent we would become hermits. If you are worried about long wait times, that is not what needs to be expected when asking Kingsberg Medical advisors how long does a testosterone blood test take. We make this entire process convenient for our clients by pre-scheduling this appointment in advance.

Hormone testing is best done first thing in the morning, and since it is essential to be fasting for the panels we must run, we always arrange for the blood specimen to be drawn early in the day. Another positive aspect of this is that most labs open by eight o’clock in the morning, some even earlier. This makes it possible to be finished long before work even begins, with time to spare for breakfast.

Once you are taken into the room, to have your sample drawn, the testosterone blood test takes only a few minutes to complete. Once a few tubes have been filled, the needle will be removed, a piece of gauze and bandage will be placed over the hole, and in a few hours this can be removed.

How Long Does it Take to Get Testosterone Blood Test Results After the Lab Appointment?

We know that once your mind is made up to get answers about the physical changes that have taken place, you do not want to wait long to find out the truth. There is no reason to have to wait for an appointment at a clinic to get these results. Our doctors want to get the necessary treatment to our clients’ hands as soon as possible.

After all, the quicker a person gets started with testosterone therapy, the quicker he or she will begin to reap the benefits. That is just one of the many reasons why you do not have to wait for an appointment to come in to the clinic to hear whether or not there is going to be a need for testosterone therapy. How long does it take to get testosterone blood test results? As soon as the lab forwards the findings to our clinic they go straight into the file created especially for each individual. There are two other things that are needed to make this file complete – the physical examination report and the finished medical history questionnaire that will be completed online.

As soon as all of this is entered into the file the doctor can then review all of the information to determine if Low T or another type of hormone deficiency is the cause for all of the concern. There are times that someone who thought that their problem was low levels of testosterone has been found to be deficient in growth hormone instead, or even both chemicals may be lacking.

Once the doctor decides on the treatment protocol, the medical advisor will immediately contact the client to discuss the findings. It typically takes only a few days for us to get testosterone blood test results sent to our clinic, so we recommend that everyone proceed with the examination and completing the questionnaire as soon as possible in order to not hold up the process.

How Much Does a Blood Test for Testosterone Cost in Fort Lauderdale?

In an effort to help keep the costs to our clients as low as possible, Kingsberg Medical has secured pricing through a national laboratory chain for the blood panels that will be run. There are a few different options, and these are determined during the initial consultation with one of the advisors based on the symptoms that a person is exhibiting. We will not know until this time which tests must be ordered, and that will ultimately determine the price. It is certainly not fair for us to list a price that could be inaccurate when asked generically, how much does a blood test for testosterone cost. We prefer to give actual figures to each person based on what they require.

Those of you living here in Fort Lauderdale will have no trouble getting to a lab, as there are numerous ones to choose from. If it is more convenient to choose one closer to work than home, our advisor will help with that selection. The most important thing to remember is that low testosterone is a serious medical condition that can cause many other issues in a person’s life. It can interfere with sleep, productivity, passion, mood, enjoyment, and drive.

It can cause memory issues, weak bones and muscles, hair loss, wrinkles, and possibly even contribute to diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Securing an affordable testosterone blood test cost and treatment plan from the doctors at Kingsberg Medical is what will help to ensure that vitality and passion can last well beyond any age.

If the thought of having stronger bones, well-toned muscles, and a thinner waistline sounds like something you want, don’t you owe it to yourself to get this test scheduled as soon as you can? Isn’t it time to enjoy the pleasures of a robust sex life, freedom of movement without pain, and better sleep at night? Instead of wondering any longer where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL, make the call to our clinic today to get your appointment scheduled. When you want affordable prices, high-quality care, and superior customer service and support, look no further than our HRT clinic for help and guidance.