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What Doctor Should I See for Low Testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL?

What Doctor Should I See for Low Testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL

Experts are always the ones that people should turn to for anything in life that requires a particular level of knowledge or training, even the prescribing of testosterone therapy. If a car is not running properly, it is natural to take it to a mechanic, not a store clerk. Would you want a seamstress to fix your computer?

While these thoughts might seem absurd, there are people who go around self-diagnosing, or asking others for medical advice every day, when it is a doctor who should be contacted in the first place. It is one thing to ask someone about the results that he or she is getting from a certain type of treatment, such as testosterone injections, but that does not mean that this individual is capable of correctly diagnosing the same condition in another person.

What doctor should I see for low testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL if I suspect that this is what I am dealing with in my own life? We get this question frequently from people who have spoken to others with the same issues. They automatically think that because they are tired, overweight, foggy headed, and lacking passion in their lives that they should receive the same therapy as their friend who was recently diagnosed with Low T.

The problem here is that the symptoms of testosterone decline are very similar to those of growth hormone (GH) deficiency. There is no way of knowing for sure which condition if either, is present without a doctor running the proper types of blood test panels. A hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialist is the doctor to see for low testosterone testing and injections. These physicians focus their work on this area of medicine in order to provide people with the best chance of enjoying fulfilling lives until the end of their days. That is, after all, what we all want.

Why You Should Not Ask How to Get Testosterone Injections from Your Doctor

Since not everyone knows the ins and outs of hormone replacement, nor is familiar enough about the subject to ask what doctor should I see for low testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL, there is often another action that comes to mind right away. The first thing people think about when not feeling up to par is contacting their own family practitioner. In many cases, this is a good thing. After all, no one traditionally knows your medical condition the way that this person does.

He or she should be able to rule out other health-related issues right off the bat when presented with a list of symptoms that is typically quite long in those dealing with decreasing hormone levels. If this physician cannot provide an answer or passes the problem off as signs of aging, then it is time to seek out the guidance of a specialist.

The reason you should not ask how to get testosterone injections from your doctor is that he or she does not have the adequate training necessary to engage in this diagnosis and treatment. If he or she did, then the symptoms would have immediately sent up flags that this could be what is wrong. Just as you would not want an orthopedic surgeon performing heart surgery, unless there was no one else to do it during an emergency, you would not want a doctor unfamiliar with testosterone therapy to prescribe this treatment.

Women dealing with issues that may be due to changing hormone levels often contact their gynecologists first, since estrogen therapy is a form of hormone replacement, as well. But the use of estrogen is not often beneficial as a viable answer for HRT (see next section). There is a delicate balance that must be maintained among various chemicals in the body. If you try to get testosterone injections from your doctor in Fort Lauderdale, who is not well versed in this area of medicine, you might receive a dosage that is too high or low for your needs. That could end up with unwanted adverse effects, or not receiving any benefits from this therapy, at all.

What Type of Doctor Treats Low Testosterone in Women?

We have mentioned here that women are also prone to seeing a deficiency in this chemical, especially around the time of menopause. This should not be surprising in the least since hormone levels are known to change substantially during this stage of life, just as they do when males are coping with andropause (the male version). It is rare that a gynecologist, the first person most women will turn to for help, will offer this medication, as they have been taught to use synthetic versions of estrogen and progestin for their patients. It is also possible for a woman to ask what type of doctor treats low testosterone in females at this time.

We know that there are inherent risks associated with estrogen replacement. This keeps many women from seeking help for the unpleasant symptoms that they are dealing with. An increased risk of developing potential deadly blood clots is certainly enough to scare anyone into suffering with hot flashes until they become unbearable. But, did you know that the actual culprit could be a testosterone deficiency that is behind these changes? This is what research findings have been showing. Since there is a process in the body that turns excess testosterone into estrogen, this is a safe way to treat these problems. The type of doctor that treats low testosterone in women is also a hormone replacement specialist.

In fact, many men join their wives in getting tested for Low T at the same time if they are also dealing with associated symptoms. Why should one spouse feel fantastic while the other continues to suffer? In addition to the blood testing that will be ordered, all individuals, men and women alike, will need to undergo a physical examination with the doctor of their choosing, as well as completing the medical forms that we have posted on our website.

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How to Get Prescribed Testosterone Cypionate in Fort Lauderdale FL from Our Doctors

We know that men often shy away from doctor’s offices. That is why we simplify the requirements so that there is very little time spent away from one’s own busy life. Once everything in the previous section has been handled, and all of the information and results have been received at our clinic, the focus moves away from what doctor should I see for low testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL to what will happen next. The completed medical file will be given to one of the hormone replacement specialists for a thorough review.

This careful attention to detail will ensure that there are no other conditions that could be causing symptoms or interfering with the individual’s overall health or vitality. If a diagnosis of Low T or even growth hormone deficiency is found to be the case, the doctor will then proceed with calculating the necessary dosage and frequency of treatment to be used. By discovering how to get prescribed testosterone cypionate in Fort Lauderdale FL in this manner, a person can expect that the therapy that is prescribed will be just what is needed to improve wellness and energy across the board.

Once the doctor has determined the correct protocol to be used, this information will be provided to the medical advisor to put together treatment options for the client based on the recommendations of the hormone replacement specialist. A follow-up consultation over the phone at a convenient time will lead to this discussion and the selection of the appropriate medications. When you get prescribed testosterone cypionate in this way, you can feel confident in knowing that what is begin received is exactly what is needed by your body.  

How is the Price of Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Injections Determined?

It is certainly understandable to want to know how much money one has to set aside to cover these medications, and the supplies that go with them. So many other companies only provide the actual medication, and then the individual is left to go running all over town to find the necessary needles, Sharps container for the disposal of used needles, and alcohol prep wipes. Not only is this time-consuming, but there is an added cost for these items that was not previously expected and explained.

At Kingsberg Medical, the price of doctor prescribed testosterone injections is determined all at one time. This includes the cost of the needles, disposal container, and wipes. In fact, we ensure that everything that is needed is sent together all at one time so that there are no extra hidden fees. The primary determining factor when it comes to price is the dosage of medications that is needed, as well as the length of time, or duration, of treatment. The frequency of the injections will also help to ascertain how much overall medication must be purchased.

All of this will lead to the advisor being able to provide the individual with an exact price of testosterone injections prescribed by a doctor. Our simplified steps and process help to make this therapy affordable for those who need it. Low T is not pleasant to live with, by any means. It can adversely affect the quality and quantity of the sleep a person can get, the energy available for use during the day, and the stamina to meet and complete all required tasks. Testosterone deficiency can reduce bone density and muscle size and strength. It can interfere with memory, focus, and the performance of cognitive functions.

One of the most important facets of this condition for some people is that a reduction in testosterone can eliminate the ability to enjoy intimacy and sexual relations with a partner. In essence, it can ruin a person’s life. You have asked what doctor should I see for low testosterone in Fort Lauderdale FL, and we have provided you with the contact information that you need, right here on this page to get the needed help that will restore balance, vitality, and well-being to your life.