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Lab Test for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Orlando Fl

Lab Test For Growth Hormone Deficiency In Orlando FL

As the human life span in the United States keeps being raised, more adults will be searching for how to live their lives with increased vitality in later years, and that search will often lead to diagnostic lab testing for chemical imbalances such as growth hormone (GH) deficiency.

Conditions such as this one can rob a person of his or her energy, passion, appearance, healthfulness, mental acuity, and more. This can become increasingly stressful and scary with the passage of time.

There is a simple solution that is available in the form of a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orlando Fl.

Adults who believe that there are multiple changes taking place in how they feel, look, and act can seek out the help of licensed doctors who specialize in prescribing legal and safe hormone replacement therapy – HRT. These experts have devoted their careers to working with men and women in the later years of life who begin to slow down or feel the effects of the aging long before they are ready to throw in the towel.

The only accurate way of diagnosing GH deficiency is with a blood lab test. This will not only determine who is dealing with this chemical decline, but also to what level it has reached. This information is needed to enable the specialist to ascertain the correct dosage of legal HGH injections to prescribe.

Getting a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orlando Fl begins with contacting our professional staff at Kingsberg Medical to discuss the symptoms that are present. If there is a chance that this condition, or another form of chemical imbalance is present, an appointment will be scheduled at a local laboratory.

Who Can Benefit From Getting a Lab Test for Growth Hormone Deficiency?

We know that it is natural for the body to go through many changes during the course of an individual’s lifetime. It is not natural, however, for debilitating or stressful breakdowns to occur, especially when they can be prevented. By asking who can benefit from getting a blood lab test that will diagnose growth hormone deficiency, we can help reverse these undesirable changes that have already taken place.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind when asking who should get a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orlando Fl:

  • The individual in question should be over thirty years of age.
  • There will be various signs that growth hormone levels in the body are decreasing, including:
    • Fatigue, lack of energy, lethargy, reduced stamina and endurance
    • Cognitive changes such as lack of concentration, poor memory, inability to complete mental tasks, difficulty learning and retaining new information
    • Changes to appearance such as sagging skin, wrinkles, hair loss or thinning
    • Weight gain, slow metabolic functions
    • Loss of lean muscle, decreased bone density, joint pains, bodily stiffness
    • Weakened immunity, long recovery times from injury and illness
    • Mood swings, depression, feelings of isolation, poor outlook for the future
    • Changes to eyesight, nails, temperature sensitivity, sleep
    • Reduced sex drive, arousal, desire, performance, pleasure
  • A desire to initiate positive change should be present.

Getting a lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orlando Fl is only the beginning. This is what will enable a person to get the help needed to put vitality back into his or her everyday life.

What is the Process for the Blood Lab Test for GH Deficiency?

There is always a starting point for everything in life, and getting a blood lab test that will diagnose growth hormone deficiency is not different.

It is not possible to just walk into one’s local laboratory and ask for this to be done. The required blood panels must be ordered by a doctor. During a complimentary telephone consultation with one of our medical advisors, a person can freely discuss the symptoms that are leading to this step.

A lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orlando Fl is actually a quick and easy process. One of our clinical advisors will pre-set an appointment for early in the morning – typically right after the laboratory opens. The reason for this time of day is that we want the specimen collected while the individual is still fasting from midnight forward.

Food and various beverages can alter the growth hormone deficiency lab test results, making it important to follow certain procedures for an accurate reading. There are numerous options in regards to laboratory locations in the Central Florida area, increasing the convenience for those ready to proceed with this step.

Since the appointment has been prearranged, the wait time for the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orlando Fl will be significantly reduced. Once completed, the various panels will be checked and the results forwarded directly to our clinic within a matter of a few days.

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Getting Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency Following a Lab Test

The goal of lab testing for growth hormone deficiency is to provide the best treatment options available to help you look and feel more like your younger self did. In this case, we are talking about legal HGH injection therapy.

HGH – human growth hormone – has been used by thousands of people to restore vitality, energy, excitement, well-being, passion, and healthfulness to their lives. It counteracts the decline that can naturally occur in the body as a person ages.

The lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orlando Fl is what will show who is a candidate for this treatment.

Once this decline has been diagnosed, via the lab test, the doctor who specializes in HRT can then prescribe the proper dosage of legal bioidentical HGH for the person to administer each day. This is what will reverse the symptoms that are present and increase overall wellness at the same time.

At Kingsberg Medical, we believe that each person has the right to enjoy an energetic and passionate life at any age. There is no reason to give up the activities that you enjoy simply because internal physical changes are taking place that are getting in the way of life.

The answer lies in the results from the lab test for growth hormone deficiency in Orlando Fl. If these results clearly show that there are benefits to be achieved from HGH therapy, our doctor will prescribe this course of action and our advisors will assist in the selection of the appropriate brand and injector style of medication that is right for you.

It really is that easy to experience increased vitality in later years.