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Doctors in Orlando who Treat Low Testosterone Levels

Doctors in Orlando who Treat Low Testosterone Levels

Hormone replacement therapy in Florida is relatively easy to find, due to the large population of mature adults who reside here. They are the main demographic for HRT therapy. This is also the reason that more is generally known about hormone replacement therapy in the state compared to many of the other states. Because doctors in Orlando who treat low testosterone levels are common, it is important to choose the right one. How does one go about this? A licensed physician is authorized to prescribe these injections to patients, but is a primary care physician the best choice for this type of treatment? Has he been extensively trained in hormone replacement therapy? That is unlikely; the knowledge a general practitioner needs to accommodate the extremely varied medical conditions patients come in with prevents his ability to delve too deeply in the specialty fields. In most cases, PCPs will refer their own patients to specialty doctors who treat low testosterone levels in Orlando, knowing that they know the ins and outs of comprehensive treatment, including all possible alternatives if the patient is somehow medically unqualified for the average forms of treatment. Whichever doctor is chosen, he can only provide a prescription after a blood test proves the patient is a candidate for treatment.

How to Find Orlando Doctors Specializing in Testosterone Therapy

All hormone therapeutic programs are specialty arenas of medicine, and should be governed by the physicians who have the most training in hormone replacement therapy. HGH and testosterone deficiencies can have the same symptomology, and in some cases a patient may be low in both of these vital components, requiring a treatment program that combines both. Doctors specializing in these programs at Kingsberg Medical have extensive knowledge of all the hormone rejuvenation therapeutic programs and are qualified to make that determination if necessary, as well as provide treatment of each in the proper doses.  These are the types of doctors that can provide full hormone replacement therapy, who know the ins and outs of each program in detail. Adult males over the age of 30 who are recognizing signs that their bodies may not be functioning as well as they used to, who are experiencing fatigue, hair loss, softer muscles with less strength, weaker bones, problems sleeping and low sexual vitality should visit the Kingsberg Medical’s Orlando doctors who specialize in testosterone therapy, or call the number on this webpage to speak to a representative who can make arrangements for the diagnostic testing at a local clinic.

Orlando Doctors Specializing in Low Testosterone Treatment Programs

When an adult male is having problems performing sexually or has noticed a decided lack of interest in sex, he could be deficient in important areas of male chemistry. Testosterone is considered to be the male sex hormone and (barring severe illness or other chronic condition) the first signs of sexual problems are usually indicative of low levels. Orlando doctors specializing in low T are aware of this, yet will not prescribe any form of treatment until a blood test validates deficiency. There are other symptoms of low T, like a lack of vitality and energy, added midsection weight, thinning hair, severe symptoms of andropause (the male menopause) that include mood swings and night sweats, depression, lack of muscle tone and bone strength. Local specialists can prescribe the right measure of compounded or brand-name medication to bring the hormone levels up to balanced normal so that all of these problems can be reversed. Once his levels are balanced, the patient will enjoy a restoration of his sexual vigor, have more energy and an even temperament, and his body composition will improve when the extra weight begins to drop off and the muscles regain their mass and strength (even before any nutritional and exercise changes are made).

Endocrinologist Specializing in Low Testosterone Orlando FL

Endocrinology is a specialty area of medicine that deals with hormonally related disease treatment. While the main goal of the endocrinologist is the restoration of normal hormonal balance, they also treat specific glandular diseases that cause the imbalance of hormones. The focus is the endocrine glands and tissues that secrete hormones. Endocrinology also covers other functions, like the coordination of metabolism, reproduction, respiration and more. They diagnose diseases that are related to the glands, even when these diseases affect more than the glands in the body, like cancer. Endocrinologists specializing in low testosterone in Orlando FL also treat some of the common conditions, over or under production of hormones, menopause, thyroid disease, infertility, hypertension, cholesterol disorders, osteoporosis and metabolic disorders. Hormone replenishment therapy centers focus solely on under production of hormones, and the physicians are well-trained in endocrinology.  By focusing on one sub-category of endocrinology, HRT centers can provide treatment that is a little more economical of time over the full-scope endocrinologists. What hormone therapy centers do not do is provide any type of prescription medicine to people who do not have the medical condition that is the basis for treatment; the doctors in Orlando who treat low testosterone levels will not prescribe medicine for bodybuilders or professional athletes.

Orlando Doctors who Specialize in Low Testosterone

Low testosterone affects millions of men, most of whom go undiagnosed and untreated because they do not realize that hormonal imbalances are real medical conditions, and not just suffered by women. A man with low levels will see gradual changes happening to his body and how it functions. Orlando doctors who specialize in low testosterone can help them see what symptoms are caused when this vital hormone is produced less and the average level diminishes. Most men wouldn’t think that tiredness and lethargy was the result of a treatable medical condition, and instead would feel it is just because they work hard. Yes, a stressful, busy life can rob a person of energy and vigor, but when that person is able to get some rest and still doesn’t feel rejuvenated, there could be more going on than just a busy lifestyle. Testosterone helps foster the production of red blood cells, it is responsible for the development and maintenance of male sex characteristics (including the secondary traits like facial and chest hair, a deeper voice, and broader shoulders), the maintenance of muscle bulk and strength in bones, and provides the sense of well-being that comes with even moods. When this compound is low, a man could experience changes in sexual desire and function (erectile dysfunction and infertility included), emotional changes like a decrease in motivation, trouble with focus and concentration, problems sleeping, and physical changes (weight gain, softer muscle tone, and hair loss). With the help of doctors in Orlando who treat low testosterone levels, a man with low T can enjoy the reversal of these troublesome symptoms.

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How Can I Find Testosterone Specialist Doctors Near Me?

How have you been feeling lately? Are you over 30 years old? Is getting up each morning getting harder and harder? Do you seem to be tired all of the time, even though you go to bed early? How would you say your body feels generally? Is it as easy to do certain things you used to do when you were younger, or has times changed? If the answers to these questions prove that things are different you now, you may want to consider calling our 800 number on this page and ask the expert on the other end of the line, “are there any testosterone specialist doctors near me?” If you’re calling Kingsberg Medical, we can answer that with an easy yes. We maximize our use of the telephone and internet to reduce necessary doctor visits. With a simple phone call you can receive all of the hormone replacement therapy information you need, including the making of an appointment for a physical examination and blood test without leaving the comfort of your home.  Kingsberg Medical can provide treatment for you, anywhere you live in this country; we even have testosterone specialist doctors near you that can give you the treatment you need to restore better function to your body.

Doctors in Orlando who Prescribe Testosterone Cypionate Injections

Compounded testosterone cypionate, or the brand name Depo, are medications that are created in a laboratory with the same chemical makeup as natural hormone. It is the best form of treatment for low T in men. Women with imbalances will not get this form of treatment because the dose is too high; in some cases, the prescription will be compounded as a cream and in a milder dose. The doctors in Orlando who prescribe testosterone cypionate injections use it for the treatment in men with the condition of low T that shows up symptomatically in a reduced sexual desire, less spontaneous erections, erectile dysfunction and infertility. This is the main symptom in men; other changes include:

  • Trouble concentrating
  • Loss of self-confidence and motivation
  • Increased body fat
  • Insomnia and/or sleep disturbances
  • Depression
  • Hair loss
  • Decreased bone density
  • Less muscle bulk

Before our doctors in Orlando who treat low testosterone levels issues a prescription to his patient, he must be assured that the symptoms are caused by a deficiency in this area and nothing else. If something else is causing the problems, then testosterone therapy is not the answer. Thyroid problems, clinical depression, diabetes, sleep apnea, other medical conditions and medications taken for those conditions can also create hormonal imbalance. The doctor will know for sure only after he tests the hormone levels in the patient’s blood.