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Doctors Specializing In Hormone Replacement Therapy In Orlando FL

Doctors Specializing In Hormone Replacement Therapy In Orlando FL

HGH is all over the news of the sporting industry and all over the television in various infomercials and celebrity doctor series. In all the hype between the usage in sports and the celebrity glorification of its use as an anti-aging drug, it is easy to miss one very important fact: HGH is a prescription medicine. Despite its treatment in the media as some type of miracle drug that restores youth and enhances athletic performance, it is a controlled medication that is used to treat specific disorders. Doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Orlando FL can only legally give out a prescription if a person is diagnosed to be clinically deficient, and that diagnosis relies on a blood test. Human growth hormone does improve many aspects of body that the celebrity sectors rave about, however, the improvements that HGH provides are not added enhancements to the body. They actually consist of the renewal of the body’s normal function. A growth hormone deficiency limits cellular metabolism and regeneration which in turn affects how well the body is able to take care of itself. Slower cellular metabolism slows down the body in many ways including its regulation of blood chemistry, how the body processes insulin, sex drive, cognitive function, mental stability, bone density, muscle mass and organ function. Speak to a doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Orlando Florida, discuss all symptomology and submit to a blood test to see if you qualify for hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Because there are different types of hormone replacement therapy, like growth hormone replacement, testosterone replacement and estrogen replacement, a treatment program for men may be different than one created for a woman. In actuality, because dosing is different for each individual based on their own unique body chemistry, that doesn’t mean much. Any type of hormone replenishment treatment is going to be determined on each individual’s diagnosis. Both men and women will suffer the same symptoms of hormonal deficiency. Hormone replacement therapy for men may be advised for a man who’s suffering with low energy and fatigue, muscle loss, weight gain, depression and problems of a sexual nature. These are all symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency. They can also be symptoms of low testosterone. Because certain symptoms can have more than one root cause, a valid diagnosis of the problem must be made by a physician after a blood test has been conducted. In the case of HRT therapy, a blood test that measures the amounts of each hormone must be conducted before any medication is authorized. Hormone replacement treatment for males from Kingsberg Medical has provided real benefits in positively changing the quality of life for men who suffered the symptoms of age-related deficiency, whether the treatment consist of the use of human growth hormone, testosterone, or a stacked treatment of both.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

For women, experiencing the side effects of hormonal imbalances is almost a natural occurrence, being something they have to deal with on a regular basis from puberty on. Estrogen-progesterone levels fluctuate quite often. When she is older, she has to contend then with the changes in her levels of growth hormone, which only adds to menopausal symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy for women becomes considered when a woman is dealing with extreme menopausal issues like hot flashes and night sweats, unexplained weight gain around the midsection, fatigue, memory problems and lack of focus, feelings of social withdrawal and depression, joint pain, lack of sexual interest, and many other symptoms. These symptoms are not reason enough for HRT therapy, as other medical conditions or medications and treatments could be the cause. If hormones are not the cause of the symptoms, adding them will not help anything and could create a bigger problem if the imbalance becomes tipped on the side of excess—too much estrogen, testosterone or growth hormone can cause irreversible damage. A legitimate doctor will only prescribe hormone replacement therapy for a female if her blood is tested and her hormone levels are inadequate. It is in the achievement of properly balance hormones that an individual can receive the full health benefits.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Many people understand the idea of hormone replacement therapy in that synthetic hormones are used to replace the body’s natural hormones when they get too low, which can happen to many people as they advance in age. There is a certain measure of fear at the thought of it, when in the early 2000s it was found that a synthetic version of estrogen was causing cancer. After that, many people believed that that was a common risk associated with HRT therapy, not with all synthetic hormones and particularly not with bio-identical hormones. What is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy? It is the same type of replenishment treatment as with synthetic hormones, only in this case the hormones are bio identical, meaning that even though the hormones are created in a laboratory, they are identical in structure and nature as the hormones that are produced in the body. Bio-identical, or biosynthetic hormones are considered to be natural in that nothing foreign is being put into the body. This makes them infinitely safer than synthetic hormones, which in some cases can be seen by the body as being toxic, and therefore rejected. Doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Orlando FL tell us that bio identical hormone replacement therapy is the equivalent of replacing the body’s hormones with its own.

Are There Different Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is the use of lab-created hormones (exogenous) to replace body-made (endogenous) hormones when the naturally produced hormones are in such a short supply that physiological and psychological functions suffer. The term hormone replacement therapy usually refers to growth hormone, testosterone and estrogen replacement therapies. The types of hormone replacement therapy are further divided into two other categories: synthetic and natural (bio-synthetic). Both synthetic and bio-synthetic hormones are created in laboratories. Synthetic hormones are made up of substances that are not native to the body. Biosynthetic (or bio-identical) are considered to be natural because their makeup is molecularly identical to those that are body-created (the body cannot tell the difference). The biggest benefit of bio-identical hormones is that the risk of side effects is almost nil because what is being put into the body is what the body expects to be there; once injected into the body they are utilized immediately. Synthetic hormones are recognized to be foreign substances, and the body takes longer to work with them because it needs time to process the medication and determine whether or not it is toxic (if the body decides a substance is toxic, it will reject it causing side effects). The type of hormone replacement therapy a patient will need depends on the doctor’s diagnosis of the problem that is causing the symptoms, and that is determined by a hormone level blood count.

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Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy in Orlando FL

Testosterone medication was first synthesized in 1935, and many pharmaceutical forms have been created since then. In 1945 Carl Heller and Gordon Myers, two internists from Detroit proved that some aging men developed specific symptoms attributable to low testosterone levels that included depression, loss of sexual vigor, memory loss and fatigue. Many more studies were conducted in later years leading to the easy availability of testosterone hormone replacement therapy in Orlando FL and across the country. In the body, testosterone is responsible for maintaining the libido and sexual function, energy, weight loss, immunity, muscular maintenance, and the growth and development of the male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics (specific traits that separates the male and female gender that are not directly part of reproductive system i.e. prominent jawline, broad shoulders, and chest and facial hair). When hormone levels drop to below a certain point, body maintenance and function suffers. While this is a condition that affects mostly men, in some cases women will also suffer the condition of low testosterone; since their bodies need significantly less than men, their medication is usually in a cream form that has a milder dose. In Orlando Florida, testosterone hormone replacement therapy is available from doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy at Kingsberg Medical, the leading provider of all forms of hormone replacement therapy.

How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

In the many advertisements for various so-called HGH medications, the one item used as the biggest selling point is the price. They will list all of the benefits of growth hormone replacement therapy (the benefits that are only proven with bio-identical injectable therapy) as benefits to be gained by their products. They will even go so far as to say that bio-identical injections are the best form of treatment; then they bring up the fact that their product is significantly cheaper and use that as the reason that people should buy what they have to offer. This does bring up the question, how much does bio identical hormone replacement therapy cost? While it is true that the cost of real HGH therapy is markedly higher than that of the cheap knock-off products, there is a legitimate reason for it. Bio-identical engineering is a costly endeavor, requiring expensive equipment and teams of scientists. There aren’t many laboratories with the wherewithal to create bio-identical hormones, and these natural hormones are the ones that have been studied and field-tested and proven to be safe and effective. The return on the good health they provide is worth much more than the monetary price. An untreated hormone deficiency would prove to be expensive in its own right, as monies are spent on various treatments, products and services to alleviate the symptoms of deficiency that must be used indefinitely and in greater amounts as the deficiency progresses, and they do not fix any problems. A hormone deficiency that becomes too severe has the potential to limit a person’s physical and mental abilities, which can result in loss of income when a job cannot be performed. In the end, doctors specializing in hormone replacement therapy in Orlando FL suggest that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy costs less than allowing a hormone imbalance to progress untreated.