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Doctors Who Specialize In Low Testosterone Treatment In Orlando FL

Doctors Who Specialize In Low Testosterone Treatment In Orlando FL

When people get older, there is a natural decline in the production of hormones that can affect how a person is able to live his or her life. The decline occurs normally in everyone after the body reaches full adulthood, but the rate of the decline and whether or not the individual will suffer the symptoms of deficiency depends on their own unique biological makeup and body chemistry. Testosterone is one hormone that can have a level drop that can adversely impact a person’s life. Doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment in Orlando FL have an easy time recognizing the symptoms and will know whether or not a person should have their hormone levels tested with diagnostic blood testing. If the blood test reveals a clinical imbalance, he will prescribe testosterone replenishment therapy. The doctor should be informed of any medical conditions or allergies, any medications being taken and any other significant health facts before any treatment begins. These factors can affect whether or not a specific medication should be used or how it can be used. The physicians who specialize in low T treatment in Orlando FL monitor patients carefully during treatment, especially those with diabetes, heart disease, or kidney or liver disease (diabetic patients must monitor blood sugar levels carefully during treatment and patients with heart, kidney or liver disease must keep an eye out for any swelling in the feet and lower legs). Other facts to note are that caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs can affect the action of any medicines. The physician should be notified if any of these are used.

Are there Low Testosterone Treatment Doctors in Orlando FL?

Low testosterone causes changes in sexual function, sleep patterns, physiological and psychological changes. Because the majority of the symptoms involved (low energy, reduced sex drive, low vitality, and weakened muscles) are normally attributed to aging, many men and women are unaware that those symptoms can be traced to a treatable medical condition. Only about 5% of people affected by low testosterone receive treatment, simply because of this lack of awareness. Low testosterone treatment doctors in Orlando FL cannot prescribe testosterone without measuring the levels in a person’s blood, because a blood test the only way to diagnose low testosterone. If Low T is the root cause of the symptomology, the physician will be able to determine what dose and what method of administration is best for each patient. Hormonal imbalances are normal facts of life; they are not exclusive to special cases and they are easily treatable. An older adult who is otherwise healthy yet feeling like his body isn’t working the way it used to (even in seemingly minor ways) should speak to low testosterone treatment doctors in Orlando FL and arrange to have a blood test. Why should anyone suffer needlessly with something that is so easily rectifiable?

Low Testosterone Treatment Centers in Orlando FL

Testosterone plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells (erythropoiesis). When testosterone is low, the body does not produce as many red blood cells which can cause a significant drop in energy. Testosterone helps build muscle and maintain bone density. A man with low testosterone can develop osteoporosis. It also plays a role in mental health. In 1996, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism conducted a study with findings that men treated with testosterone experienced increased energy and a decrease in lower moods such as anger, sadness and nervousness. These findings do not imply that any man suffering from tiredness and depression needs to take testosterone, but to be sure it is a good idea to call or visit one of the low testosterone treatment centers in Orlando FL to try to find out. Hormone imbalances are surprisingly easy to fix even though they are a problem that can affect so much of a person’s life. Our doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment in Orlando FL determine who qualifies for treatment. Just as low testosterone is a problem, too much is also a problem; high testosterone levels can increase the risk of heart disease and has been shown to cause seriously aggressive behavior, increase female sex characteristics in men (such as enlargement of breast) and male characteristics in women (such as development of facial hair). Physicians who specialize in low testosterone treatment at clinics in Orlando FL have the required, in-depth training to help them diagnose Low T and accurately mete out the prescription that is just right for each patient.

How Much Does Low Testosterone Treatment Cost?

Low testosterone can cause physical and emotional changes in a person’s body such as:

  • weight gain
  • decreased bone density
  • reduced muscle bulk and loss of strength
  • less energy
  • loss of confidence
  • depression and low motivation
  • lack of focus or concentration
  • reduced sexual desire
  • infertility
  • changes in sexual function (erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness).

An individual cannot be quoted a straight amount to the question, how much does low testosterone treatment cost? because hormonal balance is unique to each person. Low testosterone poses problems for both men and women. The amounts of testosterone vary first between the genders; men have higher levels produced in their bodies than women do. The differences between what each person needs starts from that base point. The National Institutes of Health in 2009 stated that over 5 million men have low testosterone. The human body begins making less testosterone as it gets older. Certain diseases, medications, lifestyle choices, and genetics can increase the rate of decline. Low testosterone is often associated with insulin resistance (this is when the body uses insulin ineffectively, causing blood sugar and fat levels to rise) making men with diabetes particularly prone to low testosterone. It is easier to diagnose and treat low testosterone in men than women, because the potential is too high to give a woman more than her body requires. Each individual’s personal histories factors into the prescriptions as well as gender, and the type of treatment (injections or cream medication) may be different, making determining how much low testosterone treatment costs an impossibility until the patient’s condition is fully tested and evaluated.

Prescription Drugs to Treat Low Testosterone

When it comes to low testosterone, the only way to treat it is with doctor-prescribed medication. Despite the claims of many fitness experts and even some television doctors, anything sold over the counter will not provide the same benefits as the legitimate prescription medication (note: testosterone cannot be administered in pill form—it would damage the liver). At Kingsberg Medical, we offer three choices of prescription drugs to treat low testosterone. The first are injections that are compounded by our pharmacy (fully licensed and federally regulated). The generic form of depo-testosterone is manufactured by Watson, and the third option is Pfizer’s branded Depo-Testosterone. The compounded option may be chosen if the dosing is particularly unique (if the other medications are not divided into certain dose measurements). Pfizer, of course, is a well-known and long-trusted manufacturer of quality medications (including their Genotropin HGH; another medication we offer for growth hormone replacement therapy), and it can be expected that their branded prescription drug to treat low T is of the highest quality. Whichever medication option is chosen by our doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment in Orlando Florida, it is a guarantee that it will be legal, safe and effective. Kingsberg Medical doesn’t work any other way. Call the toll-free number at the top of this page to get more information from one of our experts.

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Where To Get a Prescription For Low Testosterone Treatment in Orlando FL

Maintaining chemical balance is something that should be left to the specialists. There are too many false claims and phony treatment products for an individual to attempt to wade through them on their own. Testosterone helps maintain men’s muscle strength and lean muscle mass, sperm production, sex drive, bone density, fat distribution and the production of red cells. Since the symptoms that are most easily visible or noticeable have to do with physique and sexual prowess, many people can be led to believe that products advertised on television that promise ‘natural’ male enhancement will do the trick. Low testosterone does more to a man’s body than just affect the workings of the sex organs. Speak to a real doctor and find out where to get a prescription for low testosterone treatment in Orlando FL and avoid the possibility of falling for a product that has not been tested or regulated by any governmental medical agencies with their unsubstantiated claims. The obvious risk is a loss of money if the product is ineffective, but there is also a risk of the danger of adding something toxic to the body. The specialists at Kingsberg Medical dispense only legal medicines that have been tested to be safe for authorized use, and will not prescribe hormone therapy if the blood test does not validate a need. The best place to get a prescription for low testosterone treatment in Orlando FL is a Kingsberg Medical facility.

How To Treat Low Testosterone Levels In Men

Before anyone can receive prescription testosterone therapy, it must be verified by a blood test that a person qualifies for treatment with clinically low levels of testosterone. Low testosterone in men is a condition of testosterone deficiency that affects the distribution of fat, bone density, energy, muscle mass, production of sperm and lessens the sexual drive and performance. The best method of how to treat low testosterone levels in men is with prescription hormone replenishment therapy that uses a bio-identical injection of Depo-testosterone, a laboratory created version of natural testosterone (that is identical to endogenous testosterone) to safely replace the natural testosterone that is no longer being produced. The drop in production of natural testosterone carries the above-mentioned symptoms, and refilling the body’s store of testosterone to optimal levels will reverse these symptoms easily and safely. Hormone specialist know how to figure out the exact amount of testosterone needed for full replenishment with careful studying of the results of the patient’s blood test, medical and personal history and current physical condition. The accurate dosing is crucial to the achievement of maintaining the proper hormonal balance that will provide the most beneficial results; that is why it is best left to the specialists, the ones that know how to treat low testosterone levels in men. They can be found at Kingsberg Medical.

What Is The Best Low Testosterone Treatment?

There are a few different options available for testosterone therapy. Testosterone injections are biosynthetic and work as soon as they are administered into the system. Testosterone cream and gel forms are also available, but what is the best low testosterone treatment? Kingsberg Medical provides all three of these forms of testosterone medicine; our first recommendation is always the injectable medicine as it is the most effective. The creams and gels are nearly as effective as injections, however both can affect other people if they should come into contact with it (testosterone cream has a higher concentration of testosterone than the gel form, which needs to be applied over a considerable portion of the skin—obviously the gel that needs to cover more body area has more possibility of transference. The physician is there to help decide which form would be most advantageous for each patient, and the dosage strength may factor in on his decision, but out of the three the injectable medication is the best low testosterone treatment.  There are testosterone sprays and pills on the market, but at Kingsberg Medical, our doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment in Orlando FL do not provide them. They are not prescription testosterone and have been proven to be ineffective marketing scams.