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Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctors in Orlando FL

Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctors in Orlando FL

Any type of hormone replacement therapy, particularly those that use injectable medications like HGH and testosterone, can be costly. The treatment cycles run for months at a time, further increasing the cost. The biggest financial benefit of hormone replacement therapy is on the back end of treatment; the symptoms and conditions caused by low hormone levels become very expensive and can incur further costs if they are not treated. Symptoms that are left untreated too long can develop into debilitating conditions that can interfere with a person’s ability to work, thus lessening their ability to earn income. When a patient asks our low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Orlando FL how much do low T injections cost per month, he will be told of the different types of treatment at Kingsberg Medical provides (each with their own separate cost) but that it is not possible to tell ahead of time which form of treatment will be best until the physician makes the diagnosis, after the patient submits to a blood test. The doctor needs to be aware of all of the personal information about the patient, starting with his blood test results and including any other medical conditions (whether or not they are being treated), any medications the patient is on, allergies, and age and gender of the patient. The cost of testosterone therapy per month depends on the prescription dose and form of the medicine used, which depends on the individual patient.

Questions About Risks And Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy

Whenever a person needs to take any type of medication, there is always a worry about the medication causing side effects (side effects are unwanted responses to medications. They can range from mild to severe, and can in some cases be permanent). Because of this, there are many questions about risks and benefits of testosterone therapy. With proper use, the risk of treatment is low with only about 1% of users reporting having problems such as:

  • dizziness
  • enlarged prostate
  • headache
  • mood changes, particularly aggressive behavior
  • acne
  • sleep apnea

Many of these issues can be managed; some of them go away on their own in time. These side effects are not experienced by all patients. The one who is concerned about side effects should discuss with the physician all of his questions concerning the risks and benefits of therapy. Obviously, any symptoms noticed while on medication should be brought to the doctor’s attention.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Covered By Insurance?

A testosterone therapy regimen is an investment in better health and a happier lifestyle. Any type of investment is not necessarily a cheap proposition, but the benefits reaped have a value more than money. The true worth is in the overall health and life enthusiasm that is felt when the body feels good; in the contentment of a job well performed; in the confidence and sense of true partnership a healthy (and sexually active) relationship provides. Many people in hopes of offsetting the cost of therapy want to know … is testosterone replacement therapy covered by insurance? The only person who will be able to answer that is the individual patient’s insurance company representative. Each insurance company has their own policies regarding HRT therapy, whether or not it is a medical need, what medications they will cover, the length of time they cover treatment (if at all) and the ones that do cover therapy have their own standards of what hormone levels they consider to be deficient; some even require testing by their own affiliated physicians. To get the answer about whether or not insurance will cover these costs, call your own company and ask the agent about their medical coverage policies.

How To Get Low Testosterone Treatment in Orlando FL

Replenishment treatment can have an amazing effect on a man’s life. Making sure it is gone about the right way is key. Some clinics give out high dosages, not tailoring the dose to the individual. In the case of HRT treatment, more is definitely not better. The goal of our low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Orlando FL is individual balance, elevating the hormone levels to what is optimal for each person, not overloading them with hormones. Too high a dosage amount is more dangerous than a deficiency; the side effects caused by excess can be irreparable and irreversible. Learning the right way of how to get low testosterone treatment in Orlando FL means going to a legitimate medical facility where all treatment programs are prescribed and supervised by a physician who will customize each patient’s dosing according to the analysis of the blood tests and personal and medical history on a case by case basis, supervising the treatment for as long as it continues. This is how proper dosing is achieved and over-dosing is prevented. This is what ensures body restoration. Kingsberg Medical doctors are fully trained in hormonal deficiencies and know the correct method of treatment in our local clinics.

How To Find a Doctor That Will Prescribe Testosterone Therapy in Orlando FL

Because hormone therapy treatment medications can only be authorized by licensed physicians, getting in touch with an expert at an HRT clinic like Kingsberg Medical will show you how to find a doctor that will prescribe testosterone therapy in Orlando FL. Our process is simple:

  • Call us directly at the toll-free number listed on this page, or complete the online questionnaire.
  • Speak to one of our advisors. Discuss all symptoms and health goals.
  • The advisor will help schedule an appointment at one of our nearby clinics for the blood test and physical examination.
  • Fill out the online medical history form.
  • When the blood test results are back and our physician has received all of your personal information, he will first diagnose if the condition of low T is verifiable and will tailor a prescription based on your own chemical makeup.
  • The prescription will be forwarded to our pharmacy for compounding or filling and be shipped directly to you in a six-month supply.

This is the most straightforward way to find a doctor who will prescribe testosterone therapy in Orlando FL, and to avoid the pitfalls and traps set by the con artists looking to profit on the new popularity of these therapy programs.

How Quickly Does Testosterone Therapy Work?

Any hormonal deficiency takes time to develop and progress, and can sometimes go on for a long time behind the scenes—not noticed until outside symptoms appear—because it is the nature of the decline to happen gradually over a period of time. It is understandable that a person who has not been feeling well wants to feel better immediately asking, how quickly does testosterone therapy work? Direct injections increase hormone levels immediately, but it will take a few months before any outward signs are visible—it is the same as the deficiency. The symptoms of weight gain, hair loss and loss of muscle happen after the deficiency has gone into full swing; repairing the damage and reversing the outward signs will take a little time, however the time period involved after replenishment therapy has begun is definitely shorter than the years it took the body to start showing the deficiency. Testosterone replacement therapy works quickly by comparison because replenishment happens all at once, and a deficiency has a more gradual progression. What makes the time seem shorter, too, is the improvement in physical and mental energy that occurs first. Our low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Orlando FL always have patients who rave that the amount of added energy they get within weeks of treatment surprises them, that they never fully realized how low their energy levels dropped.  

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Orlando Doctors Specializing In Testosterone Therapy

The amount of this necessary hormone in a man’s body in his early 20s is more than that of an adult in his 40s, and the difference is noticeable when fatigue becomes a constant, energy is lower than it used to be, sex drive and performance isn’t the same, stamina is gone, hair is growing in thin, muscles get flabby and extra weight settles around the waist. Using bio-identical testosterone injections can reverse these problems once the hormone levels are elevated back up to that level that was had at age 20. With the help of Orlando doctors specializing in testosterone therapy, this is possible. Fatigue is erased, energy restored, hair grows in thicker (with the potential for re-growth), the waistline recedes and the muscles get leaner (even without any diet or exercise changes), and a healthy sex life in performance and interest is restored. Doctor prescribed injectable therapy programs even help with the stabilization of temperament; depression is lifted, confidence is restored and youthful enthusiasm returns. These gains only occur with proper treatment and dosage, and this is only managed by Orlando doctors who specialize in testosterone therapy. These doctors can be found at Kingsberg Medical, the leading hormone replacement treatment center.

How to Get a Doctor to Prescribe Testosterone Therapy in Orlando FL

Symptoms like low energy and fatigue are not enough to determine a hormone deficit, because these symptoms can be caused by other medical conditions, treatment medications, and even a sedentary lifestyle. Certain medications can also cause weight gain and mood swings. A list of general symptoms is not what will get a doctor to prescribe testosterone therapy in Orlando FL; the only thing that will cause a doctor to authorize hormone replacement therapy is a blood test that measures a hormone count of less than what he or she deems healthy for an individual patient. If the blood count is not considered deficient, the medication cannot be prescribed. Testosterone levels correlate with a person’s overall health status and sexual function, and keeping them up in the normal range maintains that degree of health. There is no special method for finding out how to get a doctor to prescribe testosterone therapy in Orlando FL; it takes a blood test that proves a medical condition. Use of this powerful medication when it is not needed or for purposes of sexual enhancement, a sporting edge, or muscle-building (off-label or recreational use) alone is illegal.

What Kind of Doctor Prescribes Testosterone Therapy?

Because it cannot be purchased without a prescription, this medication is only available through a doctor or medical facility. Media outlets advertise many different places to find relief, which causes people to ask what kind of doctor prescribes testosterone therapy? Technically, any licensed physician is authorized to issue a prescription for injections or cream, but there will be a difference in treatment between a general practitioner and a hormone replacement expert. The study of HRT therapy goes beyond the information taught in medical school; primary care doctors and general physicians do not have the full scope of training that hormone replacement specialists have (there is no way their practice would allow them that kind of time needed to be caught up in this area of specialty—or any other specialty). Because of the nature of the general physician’s appointment scheduling procedures, treatment would involve multiple face-to-face doctor visits which can become very time consuming and inconvenient. The majority of times that a patient needs specialized care, a primary care physician will most often refer the patient to an expert such as our low testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Orlando FL. For timely appointments, easy phone consultations and internet document transactions, the best kinds of physicians who prescribe injectable therapy are found at hormone replenishment therapy facilities like Kingsberg Medical.

How to Get Doctor to Prescribe Testosterone Treatment in Orlando FL

Some signs that might indicate a testosterone deficiency are:

  • Hair loss
  • Flabby muscles (no muscle mass)
  • Increased girth
  • Loss of energy
  • No stamina or endurance
  • Sleeping problems
  • Lack of motivation and concentration
  • Depression
  • Lack of sexual interest
  • Erectile dysfunction

Just mentioning these symptoms to a doctor is not how to get doctor to prescribe testosterone treatment in Orlando FL; there are a multitude of other conditions that share this symptomology. A person’s hormone levels must be balanced to a set measurement defined by that person’s chemistry; adding addition hormones without knowing if the natural levels are low is a dangerous proposition that could cause side effects that are unwelcome and not treatable. It is all about individual balance and proper dosing; proper dosing cannot be evaluated without knowledge of what is already present in the blood. Submitting to a blood test that validates blood hormone levels lower than what is considered to be normal is the way to get a doctor to prescribe testosterone treatment in Orlando FL. This is the only way that treatment can be prescribed in the right amount (at the right dosage strength) that will help the patient regain the overall state of health that balanced hormone levels create.