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How To Get Prescribed Human Growth Hormone Therapy In Orlando FL

How to get prescribed Human Growth Hormone therapy in Orlando FL

Self-treatment of any supposed medical condition such as growth hormone deficiency is a twofold problem, in that it relies on self-diagnosing the specific condition which, if incorrect, results in the use of the wrong treatment – and even if the treatment is correct, proper dosing is in question. The best thing about hormonal deficiency is that with replenishment therapy it is treatable and reversible, thus you see the importance of learning how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in Orlando FL. In addition to the debilitating effects of growth hormone deficiency, many of our clients are tested for Low T levels. Testosterone is a hormone that is found in both men and women’s bodies—although it plays a more important role in male body function. When testosterone drops, it can be treated with help from testosterone and human growth hormone therapy doctors in Orlando FL. Testosterone levels can drop naturally, just like growth hormone and have very similar symptoms:

  • decreased capacity for exercise
  • low energy and constant fatigue
  • feelings of social isolation
  • lack of enthusiasm and general apathy
  • inability to recall and constant bouts of forgetfulness
  • the decrease in cognitive function
  • poor growth of hair, skin and nails
  • loss of lean muscle mass
  • loss of bone density that could lead to an easy fracture
  • loss of libido
  • incapacity to perform sexually (erectile dysfunction/vaginal dryness)
  • sever symptoms of menopause and andropause

For the safest and most effective medications and dosings, one should only work with testosterone and human growth hormone therapy doctors in Orlando FL, rather than randomly making a purchase based on someone else’s recommendations or the sales pitch on a nutrition website. Precious little can be done to counteract the effects of hormonal excess the blood tests that the physicians use determined first if the patient is deficient and then give the doctor the values needed for him to be able to evaluate what’s dosing strength amount is needed for optimal replenishment. That dose amount provided by the doctors who prescribe human growth hormone treatments in Orlando FL without going over the level of replenishment person needs is key, because it is proper balance that is needed for proper health.

Human Growth Hormone Needs A Prescription For Authorized Use

A growth hormone deficiency is diagnosed by local human growth hormone therapy doctors in Orlando FL by measuring the levels of growth hormone in each patient’s body, on an individual basis. The physician has a couple of options of ways to measure hormone levels. GH stimulation tests or GH suppression tests are two types of tests used to measure the production of growth hormone in a person’s body (the GH suppression test is generally used when the imbalance of growth hormone is suspected to be on the side of excess). Both of these tests can take a few hours and involve injecting a substance or medication into the body through an IV and gauging the reaction of the pituitary glands production of growth hormone through multiple blood draws both before and after the IV injection. The downside to these tests – aside from the length of time they take to perform – is that if the patient has certain medical conditions, or is taking medications for medical condition, the outcome of the tests may not be accurate. Because human growth hormone is released sporadically throughout the day in bursts of various amounts and does not remain in the blood stream consistently, is impossible to get an accurate measurement reading from just one blood test. However, when HGH is secreted it goes to the liver and stimulates the production of a hormone called IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1), that is not only produced in mirroring amounts, it remains at a steady consistency in the blood. This makes it a perfect measurement marker for the production level of human growth hormone. The decision of which test is best to use is left to the doctors who prescribe human growth hormone treatments in Orlando FL.

How Do I Get Accurate Pricing for HRT Therapy?

People seeking treatment with HGH are always questioning how much does human growth hormone therapy cost? HGH treatment is an investment in health, and should be looked upon that way. But we can break down the reasons for its cost.  Initially, in the 1950s when growth hormone was first used as replacement therapy to treat deficiencies, it was extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers, because laboratories were unable to create a holy synthetic HGH. HGH therapy was restricted to the treatment of children with idiopathic short stature because cadaver derived HGH was in a limited supply. The treatment appeared to be helpful, encouraging many studies on growth hormone itself, until unusual cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease were found in individuals that had taken this HGH 10 to 15 years previously. It became assumed that the disease was transferred with the HGH taken from cadavers and that type of treatment was shut down. In 1985 scientists found a way to use recombinant DNA technology to create a biosynthetic human growth hormone in a laboratory. This recombinant DNA technology requires significantly more resources than most laboratories have to produce this bio-identical HGH. The engineering process is precise and costly, not only in the technology required but also in the manpower – a team of no less than 8 scientists is needed during production. The cost of human growth hormone therapy medicine is relative to the cost of its production. With only a small number of authorized pharmaceutical manufacturers creating it, there is little difference in price between the name brands. This actually makes the counterfeit brands and illegal versions relatively easy to spot – a significant difference in the price is a direct confirmation of an inferior or illicit product. Before one takes HGH, he or she will want to make sure they are getting real HGH. To avoid getting scammed, the best option is and will always be to get HGH from the physicians at Orlando local clinics where human growth hormone therapy is provided for adults.

Kingsberg Medical Physicians Are Well-Qualified To Provide Effective HGH Therapy

The adult who is suffering the symptoms of a growth hormone disorder would greatly benefit from knowing how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in Orlando FL to fix the following problems:

  • unhealthy pallor to skin, sagging and wrinkly
  • easy susceptibility to outside pathogens
  • a decreased capacity for physical exertion
  • high cholesterol levels
  • slow healing
  • loss of muscle mass
  • poor sleeping patterns
  • reduced bone density
  • joint pain that limit movement
  • thinning hair
  • weakened eyesight
  • frequent bouts of memory loss
  • impaired cognition
  • chronic fatigue
  • low energy
  • lack of enthusiasm leaning towards feelings of social isolation
  • lack of interest in sex.

When human growth hormone therapy in Orlando FL is authorized by the Kingsberg Medical specialists, patients notice the following turn-arounds:

  • improved immunity
  • regulated heart health
  • prevention against osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and dementia
  • revitalized moods and restored enthusiasm
  • increased exercise capacity
  • a faster healing and recovery time
  • new growth and regrowth of thicker hair
  • improved skin tone and texture
  • increased bone density and muscle mass
  • improved vision and hearing
  • improvement in retention and recall
  • better managed weight

All of these gains add up to a better state of overall mental and physical health resulting in an improved way of living and enjoyment of life.

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Pros and Cons Of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

There is an ongoing debate about the benefits and liabilities of human growth hormone therapy. HGH has received a lot of negative press due to abuse and misuse of it. This has given it a bit of a stigma. The biggest factor to consider is that the negative talk stems from the abuse and never focuses on the positive benefits and the fact that it is real treatment for the medical condition of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. If people could close their minds to the negative reports (or at least open their minds to the possibility that the reporting of it under those circumstances is only focusing on one aspect of it), they could be able to take a look at its proven track record of effectiveness when it is used properly. Since this powerful medication is only prescribed for those with a verified deficiency, how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in Orlando FL is a critical question. One other blight on the reputation of human growth hormone therapy is the generalization of hormone replacement therapy. Back in the early 2000’s, a synthetic form of estrogen was created and given to women to help them cope with the symptoms of menopause. Shortly thereafter, that medicine was found to cause breast cancer, and many women suffered, and some lost their lives. (That particular medication was immediately taken off the market.) Yet the residual thoughts and feelings of that situation have lingered, and have become a blanket condemnation of hormone replacement therapy in general. Learn how to get prescribed human growth hormone therapy in Orlando FL and get complete and accurate information about this valuable treatment.

There are different types of hormone replacement therapy, because there are different types of replacement medications; some of them are synthetic, and open to the chance of the user suffering side effects when a foreign substance enters the system. Some of the medications are biosynthetic, or bio-identical. That means they are exogenous hormones (created outside the body) yet structurally and chemically identical to the endogenous (created inside the body) hormones. The biosynthetic hormones are welcomed into the body as if they are natural, because the body cannot tell them apart from their own. When someone is discussing the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy it must be specified which hormone and whether or not the replacement medication is synthetic or bio-identical. It does make a difference. The best thing about biosynthetic hormones is the fact that the body can’t tell the difference between those and natural hormones; that aspect makes them infinitely safer to use. The chance of side effects are little to none when the medicine is dosed properly, and Orlando local clinics where provide human growth hormone therapy for adults created dosing schedule that reflects the amount of hormone that the person has lost. The fuel tank in a car can only hold so much gas, and people take care not to overfill the tank unless they want to create an expensive mess. The physicians that prescribe growth hormone have the equation in front of them in the personal information of each individual to be able to determine the ‘size of their tank’ and ascertain the amount needed only to fill it back up. It is this consideration of exact chemical balance that makes human growth hormone therapy in Orlando FL as safe as it has been proven to be. Kingsberg Medical has an outstanding track record over the years of safely treating patients with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency without incident. Many of our recent clients are referrals from family members, colleagues and friends who have undergone treatment with us and have been very satisfied with their results. Human growth hormone replacement therapy has the potential to make a significant impact on the quality of your life. If you are aware that your body is changing, or your state of mind isn’t as positive as it used to be, and you seem to have a decided lack of energy, you could be experiencing the symptoms of a GH deficiency. The only way to find out is to contact our local human growth hormone therapy doctors in Orlando FL and arrange to be tested. You have nothing to lose.