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Get a Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in Orlando FL!

Blood Test For Testosterone Levels In Orlando FL

Who needs a low testosterone blood test?

Answer these questions:

  • Have you gained weight for no apparent reason?
  • Are you tired all of the time?
  • Has the excitement exited the bedroom? Is there even any sex going on at all?
  • Does a glance in the mirror show decreasing lean muscles and the loss of a once toned physique?

Anyone who is not happy with the answers to these questions may be dealing with Low T – a decline in testosterone production.

This is the time to get a blood test for testosterone levels in Orlando FL!

Life should not have to go on in this type of way. If you have looked around with jealousy at men or women years older than you who still have it together in every way – great jobs, passionate relationships, unending energy, and the vitality to keep going on the tennis court, golf course, basketball court, or anywhere else they desire, isn’t it time to get yourself back in the action once again? We think so. That is why we offer the necessary blood testing for testosterone levels.

Who are we? The professional staff at Kingsberg Medical consists of doctors who are specialists in the field of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), clinical advisors with years of experience working with men and women dealing with low chemical levels, and caring staff associates who understand the frustration that people are going through when they are not aging in a manner that is up to the standards that they desire.

Getting a blood test for testosterone levels in Orlando FL is easy to accomplish once you contact our HRT clinic.

Stop Dreaming About the Past – Get a Low T Blood Test Now!

We are serious, it is time to stop dreaming about the past. What good does it do to look back with longing at days gone by? Low T is not going to get fixed all by itself, and it requires a blood test to be diagnosed. Action must be taken to put you on a new course for the future. Raising your testosterone levels safely is what will get the job done.

Hormone replacement is not something that can be purchased off of store shelves, no matter what the homeopathic and vitamin industries want people to believe.

We have to begin with a blood test for testosterone levels in Orlando FL to determine who is an appropriate candidate for this treatment. Bioidentical hormones are extremely safe to use when they are taken for the right reasons – a deficiency in the corresponding chemical in the body.

When a phone call is made to our HRT clinic, one of our experienced medical advisors will conduct a complimentary consultation with each person to determine if there is a chance that some form of hormonal imbalance or deficiency could be present. When that suspicion is there, a testosterone levels blood test will be ordered. This will be prearranged to reduce unnecessary wait time at the laboratory. A person who is already stressed about how he or she feels and looks does not want the added stress of sitting around in a waiting room.

The results of the blood test for testosterone levels in Orlando FL can provide a clear insight into what is causing the changes taking place, and the proper treatment that is required to reverse these undesirable symptoms once and for all.

Who Should Get a Testosterone Blood Test?

Who should get a blood test that checks testosterone levels?

Any man or woman over thirty who is dealing with adverse or unexpected changes in the following areas should take this step:

  • Energy
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Muscle size and tone
  • Bone density
  • Exercise ability
  • Stiffness and joint pains
  • Memory
  • Cognitive functions
  • Hair structure
  • Skin tone
  • Sleep
  • Immunity
  • Mood and outlook
  • Drive and performance

If changes have been noted in any of these areas, it is time for a blood test for testosterone levels in Orlando FL.

Men dealing with any form of erectile dysfunction should contact our clinic as soon as possible, as this is a prime example of Low T.

Women in the midst of menopausal symptoms are also often diagnosed with low testosterone levels following their blood test results.

Although a woman produces much less of this essential hormone in the first place, a deficiency can still occur, and is often the culprit behind the hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, weight gain, memory loss, and night sweats that occur during this time of life.

Once a blood test for testosterone levels in Orlando FL is completed, our doctors specializing in hormone replacement can prescribe the appropriate course of treatment for each person.

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Where to Get a Low Testosterone Blood Test

Since receiving the proper treatment for Low T relies on getting a blood test that measures testosterone levels accurately, finding the right place to get this done is essential.

You cannot walk into a lab and just nonchalantly ask for this test. There are a number of determining factors that must be checked, and that is where the HRT specialist excels. Years of experience and training provide these doctors with the knowledge needed to order the other appropriate panels in addition to the blood test for testosterone levels in Orlando FL.

The reason that other markers are run is to allow the physician to rule out any other medical issues or concerns that could be the cause of the symptoms that are present. Since each of the items mentioned above can also be associated with growth hormone deficiency, along with other problems, it is essential that the doctor check out all of these areas to make the proper diagnosis.

Getting the right treatment for Low T is what will occur only after the testosterone levels are checked in this series of blood tests that will be ordered. Only one needle prick is required to draw the specimen needed to run all these checks. We offer a variety of convenient lab locations throughout the Central Florida area.

Once the results have been received at our clinic, our doctor can then determine what the best plan of action is that will enable a person to stop dwelling on the past and proceed with determination and excitement into the future.

All of this is possible when you contact Kingsberg Medical for a blood test for testosterone levels in Orlando FL. Our professional experts are here to help you find your way to a brighter future.