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You Can Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy in Tampa FL

Hormone Replacement Therapy In Tampa FL

Open up any health-related or fitness magazine and there is a good chance that there will be an article or advertisement about HGH, testosterone, or hormone replacement treatments in general. Anyone who has ever glanced at any of these pages, or watched a television show that mentioned these topics may have, at one time or another, wondered if this subject applied to him or her.

Here’s what we want every person reading this to know:

You can benefit from hormone replacement therapy in Tampa FL if you are experiencing a deficiency in any of the essential chemical messengers circulating in the body that make up this field of medicine.

HRT is the abbreviation given to this medical field, and the doctors who prescribe these treatments are specialists who work with adults who are past thirty years of age. It is typically after that point in time that certain types of chemicals begin to decrease in the amount that is produced. Most people never notice this change because it happens so gradually, but those who due often experience a broad range of symptoms that can be confused with the natural aging progression.

This article is provided to enlighten men and women about the frequently diagnosed types of hormone replacement therapy in Tampa FL.

Here we will explain the difference between:

  1. HGH injections
  2. Testosterone Therapy

Blood testing is required to determine if any type of treatment is required, and the doctors at Kingsberg Medical can take care of ordering these panels.

Let’s begin:

What Is HGH Hormone Replacement and Who Should Get It?

HGH stands for human growth hormone, and it is used when the pituitary gland no longer produces enough somatotropin (GH) for the body’s daily needs. It is biologically identical to the naturally occurring chemical which means that there is no assimilation needed upon administration; it can go right to work in the same manner as which GH itself performs.

Those who require this type of hormone replacement therapy in Tampa FL will often feel tired, have difficulty sleeping, gain weight (especially in the abdominal region), feel forgetful, notice sagging skin and wrinkles, worry about hair loss or thinning, suffer from joint pains and decreased bone density, lose interest or ability to engage in meaningful intimacy relations, wonder what happened to their muscle tone, and experience depression or mood swings.

Of course, not everyone diagnosed with low GH levels will have all of these symptoms, and there are still more that have not been mentioned here on this overview page.

A good place to go to get further information is:

HGH Injections Results” under the “HGH Injections” heading that can be reached by clicking the sitemap link at the bottom of this page.

The right type of hormone replacement therapy in Tampa FL for your needs can do wonders for how you feel next week, next month, years from now, and well into the future. That is what our specialists are here to provide.

Who Is a Candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Low T, the condition by which a decline in testosterone production is known, can affect women just as easily as it does men. It is typically associated with a decline in male and female sexual desire and performance, fatigue, weight gain, memory loss, decreased bone density and lean muscle mass, hair loss, depression, and mood changes.

Those adults who require this type of hormone replacement therapy in Tampa FL will also be diagnosed through blood testing, just as with GH deficiency.

Women who are going through menopause frequently test positive for Low T when they are exhibiting many of the traditional symptoms, such as hot flashes, weight gain, vaginal dryness, and all of the other uncomfortable changes that they go through. Since some of the excess testosterone in the body undergoes a conversion process to estrogen, this provides a safer alternative to the typical types of HRT that gynecologists prescribe. For those who cannot have added estrogen, a blocker will be prescribed with the testosterone to stop this process from occurring. When required, this medication will be given in the form of a cream for this hormone replacement therapy in Tampa FL.

Men who can benefit from Low T treatment are often dealing with the effects of andropause (the male version for the changes that occur in mid-life) and will usually be given this hormone replacement medication in the form of an injection, as their dosage requirements are naturally much higher than those of a female.

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The Right Type of Hormone Replacement Will Make a Difference

HRT is all about results. That is what our doctors at Kingsberg Medical are here to provide. The main reasons people come to us in the first place are to feel better than they do presently, and to improve their overall appearance.

Getting the right type of hormone replacement therapy in Tampa FL will make all the difference in the world for how a person looks in his or her physical appearance, as well as how he or she feels. There is nothing that can bring the same results as correcting chemical imbalances in the body. No amount of vitamins, protein powders, and dieting can accomplish what properly prescribed HGH and testosterone treatments can do.

What does the future hold?

If you are not excited about what tomorrow will bring because joint pains and stiffness have taken away the ability to enjoy life, it is time to take action to put things right again.

If the fear of dementia is constantly present due to memory lapses in regards to where the keys, phone, wallet, eyeglasses, or other items were placed, or it is becoming harder to remember people’s names, words, or past events, then it is time to contact our HGH clinics.

There is nothing to fear about hormone replacement therapy in Tampa FL. Quite to the contrary, receiving treatment that is prescribed for one’s own needs is actually a freeing occurrence. It will open your eyes to the future and all that is possible.