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Why Get a Blood Test for Testosterone Levels in Tampa FL

Blood Test For Testosterone Levels In Tampa FL

Fatigue, muscle decline, poor sleep, lack of satisfying sex, weight gain, and even hair loss are all undesirable side effects that can occur when testosterone levels are below what is needed by the body for proper performance and functioning to take place. The changes that can occur have a profound impact on a person’s life. It is not unusual to hear about depression weaseling its way into someone’s life who is dealing with these changes.

Why get a blood test for testosterone levels in Tampa FL?

Because you are worth it!

No one deserves to settle for anything less than the best that he or she can be. Yet, that is what occurs every single day for those who are profoundly affected by low testosterone (Low T) levels. There may be an overwhelming desire to stay in bed with the covers pulled over one’s head all day. This is, unfortunately, natural given the effects that Low T can have.

The doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) at Kingsberg Medical have a better solution:

Get a blood test for testosterone levels in Tampa FL!

This is the way to diagnose this chemical decline and provide a course of treatment that will reinstate the passion, vitality, well-being, healthfulness, and drive that have gone missing since this condition took hold.

How Can a Testosterone Blood Test Benefit Me?

If you are like many other people reading this page, you are probably wondering, how can a testosterone blood test provide me with benefits?

First of all – it will provide the answer as to why there are so many different symptoms interfering with daily activities.

Second – it will enable our doctors to prescribe a program of treatment that will reverse the symptoms and bring positive results.

Getting a blood test for testosterone levels in Tampa FL is the only way to determine if Low T is the cause of the changes that a person is dealing with and going through in his or her life.

That is correct – we did mention her, as well. Women are just as prone to succumbing to a decline in this hormone as are men, and it typically takes place during menopause.

Mid-life is the time when most adults start to notice changes in their appearance:

  • Weight gain
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Hair loss, turning gray, and thinning

It is also a time when other issues start to arise:

  • Memory loss
  • Poor sleep
  • Decreased focus
  • Reduced bone density
  • Joint pains and muscle stiffness
  • Weakened immunity
  • Declining eyesight
  • Loss of sexual drive and prowess

Engaging in a blood test for testosterone levels in Tampa FL can explain why these changes are happening. Many of them may be caused by a decline in the production of this vital hormone. Growth hormone deficiency is another reason for these numerous adverse signs.

Only by getting a blood test that measures testosterone and growth hormone levels can it be determined what the real cause of these symptoms may be.

What Happens After the Testosterone Blood Test?

Once your mind has been made up to get a blood test that will measure free and total testosterone levels, our doctors will be able to determine if Low T is the reason for the symptoms that have become a staple of everyday life.

What happens after that is where the magic of medical science comes into play!

After the results from the blood test for testosterone levels in Tampa FL have been received by our clinic, our specialists can then review these results, along with those that will be submitted by any local doctor who has performed a recent physical exam on the client, and the responses made on the health history questionnaire to determine the best plan of action to take.

This may include providing a course of treatment with bioidentical testosterone. Unlike synthetic hormone replacement options that require the body converting the medication into a useable substance, biologically identical supplementation is immediately able to be utilized as the natural chemical would. There is also less risk associated with these therapies.

This is why getting a blood test for testosterone levels in Tampa FL is so important. Only then can a doctor determine the proper course of action to take that will provide safe and superior benefits. That is the ultimate goal of treatment for Low T.

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How and Where Do I Get a Blood Test for Low T?

Being able to restore energy, sexual desire, memory, and drive to their previous states from before Low T took hold is just part of the reason to learn how and where to get a blood test. It is important to look and feel as great as you did years ago – when life seemed to be at its best.

Here at Kingsberg Medical, our doctors, and clinical advisors work with each person on a one to one basis to ensure that the best results are being achieved. That starts with getting the blood test for testosterone levels in Tampa FL at a conveniently located local laboratory. We even set the appointment ahead of time to reduce any unnecessary waiting time once there.

There are many locations for these labs throughout Central Florida, from the Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean, so we can help anyone, anywhere. As a matter of fact, if you have friends or family also needing our help in other states, we are there for them, as well.

Our nationally known hormone replacement clinics have been helping men and women get the help they need to get their lives back on the right track for many years. Thousands of people have already received the benefits of the testosterone treatments that we provide.

Now it is your turn!

Spending each day tired, worried about memory loss turning into dementia, concerned over weakened bones succumbing to fractures and osteoporosis, and all of the other issues that can arise when low testosterone levels are left untreated for long periods of time is no way to live.

The simple answer is to call us up and ask for a blood test for testosterone levels in Tampa FL.

That is how you get peace of mind and positive results!