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Where Can I Get A Blood Test For Testosterone In Miami FL?

Where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Miami FL

Primarily known as the male sex hormone (although women have and need it too in smaller dosages), one needs to have their testosterone hormone levels balanced for optimal health and well being. A test for this chemical compound is imperative before testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be a possibility. Where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Miami FL? What is this test and what does is measure?

These are great questions, and here are the answers:

  1. Only the best, top rated and highly reputable clinics should be used to schedule blood work to be taken in one’s home town. Advisors will be the ones who set up the appointment for the sampling at the patient’s convenience.
  2. The test checks the plasma levels of this specific hormone.
  3. It will measure free and total levels.

Once testing is completed, the results are sent back to the clinic that had scheduled them. A reputable and highly respected center like Kingsberg Medical only sends their clients to the best qualified professionals for these tests. The doctors at the clinic are all fully trained, licensed and have years of successful practice with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) behind them. They are able to do the following:

  1. Read blood work accurately
  2. Make a diagnosis that is precise
  3. Prescribed the correct amount of medication to meet the needs of the patient
  4. Provide full medical supervision throughout the course of therapy changing dosages if necessary

Testosterone truly does play an integral part in many aspects of one’s life. It is absolutely necessary in order to: stay strong, be sexually healthy, have strong bones, acute memory, maintain a healthy weight, preserves strong muscles, keep hair growing, produce red plasma cells, keep sperm count up and more. Knowing where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Miami FL is the first step in beginning a program that will bring about wonderful feelings of vitality, stamina and energy.

It can make for new beginnings in a life that was beginning to fade in its quality due to depression, anxiety, irritability, moodiness, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, and unattractive physique, wrinkles and sagging skin, poor bone density, a slowing metabolism, a weakened immune system and difficulty with concentration and focus. If one is feeling any of these symptoms, it could be due to low T and the good news is that there is treatment to help replenish what is missing in order to find happiness and good health once again.

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What Are The Tests For Testosterone?

Testing for this very vital hormone is the only way to receive a prescription for TRT if a person is showing low T or a decrease in their levels enough to be causing their symptoms. The pituitary gland is a small pea shaped gland located at the base of the brain. It is responsible for secreting other hormones that tell the testes or the ovaries to secrete the necessary formula. What are the tests for testosterone? 

There are two different assessments that professionals may use for testing the amounts of this hormone in the body:

  • Total testosterone is a test that measures all of the chemical compound within the body. This includes the amount that is naturally bound to the body’s proteins that assist in the transportation of the hormone through the bloodstream
  • Free testosterone is a test that measures only the amount that is not attached to proteins

Depending on what a doctor feels is necessary, he or she may test for both or just one. TRT is only viable for those over 30 who have low levels of the hormone because age has caused a slowing of the pituitary that is not making enough of what is needed to stimulate the testes or ovaries to produce testosterone.

It is important to test levels of this important chemical if symptoms start occurring. Low T can equate to sexual and fertility problems such as:

  • sexual dysfunction in males and females
  • erectile dysfunction
  • infertility
  • hot flashes
  • menstrual problems
  • loss of sexual libido
  • lack of ability to fantasize

Sex is a very important part of life and unfortunately, relationships can be put at risk when sexual problems occur. It is wise for a person to know where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Miami FL or in any other city if they are starting to have sexual concerns.

It is also great to understand how simple a blood sampling is to get to avoid any unnecessary anxiety or apprehension about what to expect.

When it is done with a clinic such as Kingsberg Medical, it is the number one priority of advisers to keep patients calm and educated as to how simple a blood test actually is. There is not much that goes into the preparation stage for testing. A person does not need to fast or do anything else special. Doctors usually like to collect plasma samples first thing in the morning because this is when hormonal levels are usually at their peak level.

A highly qualified health professional will use an alcohol pad to clean the surface of the skin once they have placed an elastic band around the upper arm. This band is used to apply pressure to help the veins fill with blood. This makes it simple for a small, thin needle to be inserted into the vein and then the sample is collected into a vial. Taking only minutes to do, it is painless and quick.

Once the needle is removed, the area of insertion will be covered with a cotton and bandage (in most cases) and that is all. Where can I get a blood test for testosterone in Miami FL? This beautiful city has many clinics that can be referred by Kingsberg Medical to get blood sampling taken as well as the mandatory physical examination too. The very first step to determine if one is dealing with low T is to pick up the phone and to call the clinic for a first free consultation with a kind and caring advisor.