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Where to Get Blood Test for HGH Levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL

Where To Get Blood Test For HGH Levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL

Just hearing the word “test” does something to cause a reaction in many people; maybe it’s a holdover from our school days or perhaps it is just that no one looks at testing of any kind as a stress-free experience. However, there are actually instances when testing can be stress-free and we are here to tell you where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL with no stress or inconvenience to you involved.

The IGF-1 blood test that Kingsberg Medical has performed on patients might sound unfamiliar to you but once we explain to you what it is and the role it plays in being issued a prescription to use HGH injections, we are confident that you will understand it completely. IGF-1, which is the acronym used for insulin-like growth factor 1, is a hormone produced by your body that helps facilitate healthy growth and development in each of us.

An IGF-1 blood test is ordered and utilized by many hormone replacement specialists to determine if a growth hormone deficiency has developed in a patient because research has shown that IGF-1 represents a very reliable and stable indication of growth hormone levels, which by themselves are less stable and thus more difficult to accurately measure.

Just as simple to understand once it has been explained to you is where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL. Many adults mistakenly assume that because they are unfamiliar with this specific type of testing that their doctors might also be – and to be fair, not all PCPs and general practitioners have used this test or ever will. However, hormone therapy providers and virtually all endocrinologists know exactly what makes this test so valuable in diagnosing and treating patients for HGH deficiency.

Your HGH Therapy Always Begins by Having a Blood Test

Whether it is through the administration of a GH stimulation test or an IGF-1 levels test, doctors need to determine the current status of your growth hormone production before they can definitively arrive at a confirmed diagnosis of deficiency. So if you have been experiencing unwelcome symptoms that suggest the existence of this condition and want to receive the only known treatment that can eliminate them, you will need to know where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL.

From the medical perspective, these symptoms will often include fatigue; less bone density; adverse changes in a patient’s lipid levels; and a decreased tolerance for physical exercise. However, from a patient’s perspective, the symptoms most commonly associated with HGH deficiency can represent an unacceptable decrease in their quality of life as well as in their health.

The reduced amount of energy it causes often prevent them from participating in their best-loved activities and hobbies; while the excess weight it frequently adds to their frames makes them feel self-conscious and unattractive. Low GH levels usually represent lowered vitality for the adult who has them and no one enjoys losing any of that essential life force.

But it doesn’t have to remain lost; at Kingsberg Medical, we can tell you where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL and if your test results indicate its advisability, how to receive human growth hormone replacement therapy from our locally available doctors. By evaluating your blood test results along with your individual symptoms, we can prescribe the right therapeutic program to substantially benefit you.

Having A Local Human Growth Hormone Blood Test Is Easy

Because a person’s IGF-1 blood levels represents their average GH production (as opposed to the exact quantity of growth hormone in their blood at the time it was drawn), experienced hormone replacement specialists know to consider each patient’s test results in context.

HRT doctors and research scientists have already done the hard work of detecting growth hormone deficiency throughout their many years of combined endocrine and medical expertise; the easy part, which is having the test performed, belongs to prospective therapy patients like you who want to learn where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL.

Yet as theoretically easy as this test is to have performed, Kingsberg Medical decided that we would make it even easier on adults in your local area who want this test. Rather than having to tediously track down local hormone therapy providers who they could make an appointment with to test and treat them for HGH deficiency, we came up with a better and far less stressful option: Simply call us and we will take care of everything for you.

We will not only be able to tell you where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL, we will make the appointment for you whenever you wish – and this is only the beginning of the things that we can and will help you with. We will serve as your trusted source of factual information and individual support on all things related to hormone replacement; guide you through your treatment; and even provide you with your prescription medications at competitive prices. One complete and local source like Kingsberg Medical is all that you will need for successfully conquering your growth hormone deficiency.

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Now that you no longer need to worry about where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL, what are you planning to do? We’ve removed the stress … eliminated the fear of the unknown … and made our exceptional treatment programs conveniently available to you right where you work and live.

That means that getting an IGF-1 blood test is now totally up to you: You can reach out to us as early as today and get our patient-friendly process underway or you can continue to wonder what is actually causing your unwanted HGH deficiency symptoms. However, endlessly wondering about something that concerns your health can be even more stressful than any test you have probably ever taken.

So why not call Kingsberg Medical, your local HGH therapy specialists, and have us schedule your lab appointment and learn where to get blood test for HGH levels (IGF-1) in Miami FL? It will provide you with useful answers instead of troubling questions – and represent the beginning of an entirely revitalized phase in your life.