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Low Testosterone Treatment Clinics In Miami FL Support Men’s Health

Low Testosterone Treatment Clinics in Miami FL

It is wise for a potential patient of any kind of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to learn all the details about what treatment can do for them and what it cannot do. People should understand that there is no such thing as the Fountain of Youth; however, many men and women get the great benefits of this mythological idea by working with low testosterone treatment clinics in Miami FL who work tirelessly to support men’s health and well being.

This kind of innovative medical practice promises a safe and legal way to turn around negative symptomatology from low T when done correctly with professionals who practice on the right side of the law. All humans need this hormone in their bodies and yes, women need it too in order to function optimally in all ways:

  • physically
  • sexually
  • emotionally
  • mentally

When one has a depletion, they will surely feel ills that can range in levels of severity from mild to extremely life altering. Some people cannot function as they used to and have a very tough time finding any quality to life. This is when therapy can help to eliminate what ails them with safe and high quality injections that have been prescribed by a human growth hormone (HGH) doctor.

One must be tested in order to see if they qualify for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).  What is involved in the testing process for hormone levels? A person will get a blood test and physicians know what they are looking for in the blood to determine if low T is the culprit for their problems. When the results of this simple procedure come back, the physician will read to see which growth hormone levels are low if any are at all.

Also, a physical examination and medical history are required so that the expert can get a full picture of exactly what is going on with the patient. During that first initial consultation with the advisor from the low testosterone treatment clinics in Miami FL, the patient will share what symptoms they are dealing with and how serious they are. This is also the time to ask their questions and to learn all about TRT and how it works. They need to be realistic about what to expect from the therapeutic process as well.

HRT does not turn back the hands on the clock and it does not make a person younger. It does; however, help to ease the aging symptoms that are caused from a hormone deficiency. Whether is GH that is low or the person has low T, the kinds of injectable medications used are top notch and have transformed the lives of people in dramatic and amazing ways.

A person can suffer with the following symptoms:

  • lethargy
  • low sex drive
  • no energy
  • erectile dysfunction
  • body pain
  • weight gain
  • decrease in muscle mass
  • loss of memory
  • forgetfulness
  • lack of ability to concentrate or focus
  • brittle bones
  • higher cholesterol levels
  • elevated triglyceride levels
  • risk of stroke
  • diabetes and heart failure
  • shrinking organs
  • a weakened immune system
  • slow metabolism
  • inability to sleep well
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • moodiness
  • agitation
  • and other symptoms

This can make living in a beautiful city that is showered in sunshine and beautifully warm weather all year around unpleasant and depressing when it should be just the opposite. Kingsberg Medical has low testosterone treatment clinics in Miami FL that have proven time and again that age does not have to slow a person down. With their consummate professional, licensed doctors and fully trained advisors, one has the best chance of reaching optimal health and wellness through HRT for a wonderful life that is full of quality and excitement for the future.

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Best Clinics In Miami FL For Testosterone Treatment

Professionals have said that testosterone levels will for the most part generally peak during the phase of adolescence into early adulthood and gradually lower into one’s 30’s. Experts from the Mayo Clinic say that it will deplete as much as one percent every year after 30 or 40. Again, this goes for both women and men.

The best clinics in Miami FL for testosterone treatment can help to balance these levels and not let them get so low that nasty symptoms appear. TRT has helped many people throughout the years to improve all aspects of wellness that get difficult to manage when hormones deplete due to natural aging. Men will usually get prescribed injections and women, who need less amounts of this vital chemical compound may get it in another form to keep levels balanced, but at a lower amount than for men.

Kingsberg Medical doctors are all very well trained in this area and are experts in knowing what each unique patient needs in order to feel their best. They are able to determine this by blood test results and knowing about their clients’ personal characteristics and ailments. The US National Library of Medicine shared that several of the issues caused by low T levels are said to be just a normal part of the aging progression. They do not have to be so distressful though when TRT can help them disappear.

As aging continues, the production of the hormone depletion will vary widely, hence affecting people differently. Depending on how low levels get will have a say in the adverse effects that are had. Low testosterone treatment clinics in Miami FL have been seeing men that come in with what is increasingly being called “male menopause.” This is a condition that is caused by the slow depletion of this vital hormone. It is also called andropause.

Doctors need to make sure that symptoms such as erectile dysfunction are caused from low T and not a circulatory problem, according to the National Institute on Aging (NIA). A blood test can give this answer quite quickly and therapy can begin to help a person reverse negative symptoms immediately.