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Testosterone Doctors In Miami FL

When you consider testosterone therapy, do you think it’s just a passing fad or a serious health issue? Would you say that you are a trendsetter, a trend follower, or someone who pays very little attention to cultural trends? While some popular trends do seem frivolous, others deserve more of our attention; and one trend in health care that you might want to pay more attention to concerns the way that doctors, including those who specialize in hormone replacement therapy, are delivering their professional services to patients.

If you feel as though when it comes to your virility and vitality that you are losing it, you can find answers with testosterone doctors in Miami FL. Yet what does this have to do with recent trends that deserve your attention? Well, according to the American Telemedicine Association, this year alone approximately 450,000 American patients will utilize the Internet to see a doctor for their primary healthcare consultation. Yet Kingsberg Medical, one of nation’s recognized leaders in providing HRT (hormone replacement therapy) programs for adults was ahead of the curve on this one – we have used the Internet to facilitate the care of our testosterone and growth hormone therapy patients since the very beginning of our professional practice.

Kingsberg Medical became a leader in HRT by facing a conundrum that is particular to geographically expansive countries: How to deliver our specialized medical services to people living in remote, lightly populated areas as well as to those living in densely populated metropolitan areas like those served by our testosterone doctors in Miami FL? We wanted to make the wellness benefits of our hormone therapy programs to every adult in the US long before the telemedicine trend had begun.

Are You Concerned about Your Testosterone Function?  

Trends aside, you are probably more concerned about the diminished testosterone function that you’ve been experiencing than about what news is happening throughout the digital world. Having Low T can become a preoccupation when you feel like you are losing everything that makes you feel alive and healthily masculine; and because Low T can even be what is behind the sudden flare-ups and troublesome mood swings you’ve been having, this condition can make you feel at times as though you are emotionally losing it.    

Can our testosterone doctors in Miami FL enable you to get it all back – your former fitness, your full libido, your energetic presence and self-confidence? We are positive that we can if they have all been lost to your abnormally low T levels. Testosterone therapy is not some new trend that everyone has decided to follow; medical doctors in the US have been prescribing both injectable and absorbable treatments to their Low T patients for years. Too often, people who were not living in urban locations like Miami were unable to find local doctors who were willing or able to prescribe therapy to correct their symptomatic hormone loss. While even in many major cities, people were finding it to be more difficult than they had expected to identify the medical providers available to them locally who offered their patients expertise in HRT.  

Maybe you have had the same experience in trying to find testosterone doctors in Miami FL that do not view your desire for treatment to be a trendy one. Kingsberg Medical only accepts patients who require treatment for their verified deficiency, which could be precisely what you have acquired.

Is There a Testosterone Doctor in the House?

Those old films showing someone frantically yelling for a doctor in the middle of a live audience might seem silly now; but it illustrates the extent that our popular culture has changed since those times. Today, roughly 15 million US patients will use health delivered in the form of telemedicine, and it is mostly specialists like our testosterone doctors in Miami FL who have incorporated using this expedient delivery method into their practices.

From very early on in our professional practice of testosterone treatment, Kingsberg Medical envisioned a healthcare spigot that would flow effortlessly to everyone in the country who needed help for hormone deficiencies such as Low T and low growth hormone. We did not think of it as telemedicine, but as an innovation in delivery that utilized the ongoing advances in digital technology to connect us directly to US patients wherever they were living. We decided that our process would be focused on providing patients with expediency and ease in receiving their testosterone replacement treatments; patients would still be seeing a local provider and have their requisite testing done locally but they would be able to order their prescribed treatments online and consult with us anytime they needed to by telephone.

Our process has made locating testosterone doctors in Miami FL infinitely easier and faster for you, just as we knew it would years before the term telemedicine entered the popular lexicon.

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Calling Low T Therapy a Trend is Unfair to Patients

It is also unfair to testosterone therapy doctors who do not just write out a prescription for any adult who happens to ask for one as some in the medical community have implied. They cite the statistic for the number of men seeking treatment has been climbing dramatically in recent years; yet they ignore the possibility that greater awareness of this disorder could be directly influencing the greater demand for both diagnosing and treating it.

Our testosterone doctors in Miami FL are ethical and fully licensed medical professionals who do everything “by the book.” Kingsberg Medical’s doctors will not prescribe this treatment for any individual who has not been examined and tested positive for testosterone deficiency, which is correctly determined through the patient’s blood test results and symptoms evaluation. We cannot prescribe a treatment program unless we are able to first review the patient’s medical history and receive a full accounting of any other medications and/or supplements they are taking. Furthermore, there has never been any evidence whatsoever that would indicate in any way that the treatments provided by our licensed clinics and doctors are unsafe or unwarranted.

If a trend exists in the field of men’s healthcare, ort any other type of specialized healthcare, it could be said that as people in the US learn more about their health options, they are demanding to have more access to them – and our testosterone doctors in Miami FL and across the US say to them, “Good for you!”  Supporting the health of all patients is important to us because we know how important it is to all to you.